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In the past, people used to visit brick & motor casinos when they felt the need to gamble, but nowadays, there’s a better alternative in PCs. There are several games available with different degrees of difficulty and graphic display. Before downloading any casino game on your computer, first read and understand the user contract. There’s an age limit to those who can access this game, most sites only allow players above 21yrs old and they must provide relevant identification documents. Online bingo is one of the games that can be played from home. Gamers don’t have to manually place marks on their cards since the computer would automatically perform this… (more…)

Portrait of teenagers playing video games in the living-room

For some time now, console gaming news has been relatively non-existent. The most exciting new games have simply been sequels and titles we’re all used to by now on consoles that are no longer new and exciting. For that reason, gamers have turned to other avenues for exciting releases. For example, the app gaming market has absolutely exploded in recent years, with the latest popular gaming apps being downloaded by literally millions of people worldwide. Whether it’s playing Words With Friends, downloading a popular arcade option, or even trying to simulate a console experience through an advanced game like Infinity Blade, the app stores are always producing new options. Another… (more…)


As you might have noticed, GameJudgment hasn’t been updated in quite some time. I’m currently working full time covering games and technology for a national Canadian news network called Postmedia (although my content mainly shows up on Canada.com) and I just haven’t had time to keep GameJudgment going. I’m not shutting the site down, but it definitely won’t be run in the same capacity as it’s been in the past. If a contributor happens to put a piece together, I’ll get it up on the site asap. If you’re interested in checking out where I’m working now, check out Canada.com’s Technology section at this link. Thank you for supporting us… (more…)


The first thing that you’ll notice about Assassin’s Creed III is the amount of stuff the game actually lets you do. The game is well worth the price of admission. You can capture Templar forts, track and hunt animals, liberate city districts, attack roving convoys, establish a guild of Assassins, build up your homestead on the frontier, trade and craft items, battle the British Navy in your ship the Aquila, and collect Almanac pages from rooftops. And this is only a small selection of the all the things you can do in the game. Then there’s also the online multiplayer. Wolfpack is an awesome new co-op mode that allows you to co-ordinate attacks… (more…)

Mass Effect 3

I was pretty psyched to play Mass Effect 3’s new DLC. The fact that it involved teaming up with Aria, the badass that runs the lawless Omega station, that was enough for me to drop 1200 MS points the day it came out. I really wish it had a more interesting story though. You fight battles, protect a few key points and do a little bit of arguing over strategy and some moralizing. You also meet a past love interest, nothing especially game changing happens. I finished playing and after maybe three hours of exploring, I realized I was actually pretty bored? I liked the idea of the Adjutants but that… (more…)


I fell in love with the first Army of Two game. A game built for co-op that I could play on the same console with a friend was perfect for my tastes. Making money and upgrading guns while working together to stay alive is a great concept for a video game. I remember this was my first taste of such a wide range of customization options and I ate it up and asked for more. It was also well written, the funny little one liners back and forth provided a nice splash of comedy and showed the camaraderie as well as the more playful side. A little trip as they… (more…)


There was a time when gamers would rave about the games they loved and bought them at launch religiously. Happy to pay full price, if it was the latest instalment in your favourite series there wasn’t a question that you would make a purchase. There was a time when a new Final Fantasy title stirred up sensational arguments across the internet, gamers everywhere debating which instalment was the greatest. There was also a time when you’d see solid RPGs (and JRPGS) hit store shelves bi-monthly. Now it seems that all that’s out there are shooters and sequels in an FPS over-saturated market. I no longer buy games at launch.  The question is what changed? Me or… (more…)


I’ve been a Sony fan for as long as I can remember. From staying up all night to play my PlayStation, to the hoards of games I own for the PS2 – Sony has never disappointed me. They’ve always kept their promises and have always delivered when it comes to gaming. Even after the PlayStation network outrage, they tried to make up for it by offering free games, which satisfied some customers, while most were still outraged at Sony for their lousy security. Now, recently, I bought Battlefield 3. It was rated USK 15+ which translates into PEGI 18. I opened the package, inserted the disc in my PS3 system and… (more…)


Nintendo and Microsoft cut the purchase prices of their respective current-gen consoles today in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Nintendo’s Wii, about to be replaced by the Wii U, saw a $20 dollar cut and the announcement of a new bundle that includes both Wii Sports games on a single disc and a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck.  Microsoft dropped  the price on the Xbox 360 and announced two new holiday bundles for $250 each. The first, obviously targeting “hardcore” gamers, includes a 250 gig hard drive, a copy of Forza Motor Sport 4, a download voucher for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a headset and controller. The second, clearly… (more…)


Professional football (soccer, for most of those in North America) has not changed too much throughout its long history, but its most popular video game representation – EA’s FIFA franchise – has evolved with each passing year. This year, the gameplay changes are subtle but impressive, and the tweaks of various game modes are welcome. The result of improving on already sound previous iterations results in most realistic, fully featured FIFA entry yet. It may be expected, but FIFA 13 plays more like the beautiful game than any football simulation before it. This is certainly one of of those games you’ll sink a lot of time into, often at the… (more…)

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