With the sad news about 38 Studios, the developer behind the well-received Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, laying off their entire staff in lieu of their missed $1.2 million loan payment to the state of Rhode Island, I started to wonder why something like this could happen and why some games never seem to achieve immense levels of popularity? So I booted up  my computer and started to hit the books (metaphorically speaking). To really understand why this happens, we need to take a look at gaming as awhole and distil it down to something tangible and manageable; we need to have quantifiable information with a generally large sample size, i.e. Major Nelson’s Live… (more…)

Last week’s Diablo 3 launch was one of joy and heartbreak.  After twelve long years the sequel to one of the most addictive and revered multiplayer games was released into the world, but sadly not in the capacity that longtime fans wanted. For many, launch day was spent battling the game’s login screen as a dialog box displaying the now famous error 37 greeted players. Although many believed this problem would be fixed, it wasn’t, and the error persisted for a couple of days after launch, due to Diablo 3 requiring a constant Internet connection and much to the ire of eager fans. So those looking to play single player were… (more…)

The recent announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online set the gaming world ablaze. My first reaction was to imagine completing quests and hunting dragons in Tamriel with friends, but as news about the game trickles out, my excitement about the game is pretty much gone. I’m a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series; I’ve put over 120 hours into Oblivion and Skyrim and I’ve enjoyed both games extensively. The reason I, like many others, enjoy Elder Scrolls games, is because they present a comprehensive, well-written single player experience that is matched by few games (except maybe other Bethesda titles). The story of each Elder Scrolls game is focused around… (more…)