Emily Clarke

I'm an Xbox and Mac gamer, I play for the storytelling and stay for the laughs. I’m largely a First Person Shooter person and my favorite games are the Halo series for Multiplayer and most anything by Valve for everything else. I very often write about how much fun I was having at the time, though I have a tendency to get up on my soapbox about such things like ladies in the gaming world. My often nonsensical misadventures in gaming led me to create the comic Accidental Headshot for GameJudgent.

My Games Design Course, History of Games, inspired me to play the original Super Mario Bros again.  My play-through reminded me of exactly why it still is such a good game. Super Mario Bros was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. Knowing my family’s track record with technology, they probably didn’t buy one right away. Even so, we’ve owned one for as long as I can remember, and Super Mario Bros was probably my first experience with a video game. I imagine my way of ‘playing’ it back then involved running forward and plummeting to my death, and admittedly I can’t remember that much about it (I was… (more…)

I started Minecraft with the hope of becoming the greatest wizard of all wizards in Minecraft history. I had it all planned out; I would make a little wizard house, fill it with books, find diamonds and make an enchantment table, go to the nether, get the means to make potions and finally go to The End to defeat the Ender dragon. It was a wonderful plan. But of course, Minecraft is a magical land filled with distraction, and therefore I accidentally became a witch – in the Terry Pratchett sense I mean. That is to say, I became a farmer/hunter-gatherer. I don’t know how it is that I always… (more…)

A lot of information concerning Batman: Arkham City has been announced and hinted at over the last year, so much that I was afraid I’d know everything about the game by the time it was released. Thankfully, the game turned out to still be a brilliant experience and just as enjoyable as if we had been told nothing. Every feature of the game makes it feel like a new toy; the visuals were amazing and ultimately the game was a perfect and natural progression from Arkham Asylum. The painful minutes spent downloading Catwoman and Robin finally ended with the game’s first level featuring none other than the titular femme fatale. The… (more…)

Accidental Headshot manages to live up to its name as I show you in over dramatized comic format, the events of a recent swat matchmaking game in Halo: Reach. The unexpected certainly occurred.

We all know that Minecraft doesn’t have an actual story, but what if it did? This is my vision of how it would play out. Once upon a time, there were all these incredibly normal people living all over an incredibly normal world (made of blocks). They really liked mining, even though they had absolutely no sense of economic value because they just used the materials to make more tools. That was all fine and good until one day, one of the oh so peaceful people of cube land (lets call him Blocky) found a book that told him about a land of magical stones and money. Blocky’s newfound greed led him to create… (more…)

Minecraft Adventure update has really brought the game together. It feels more substantial now; the world itself seems more like a world and less like a box of sand. It was always a creativity tool over an adventure/exploration/survival type game and now it’s truly both, having embraced both kinds of gameplay. Now there actually is a choice between ‘creativity’ and ‘survival’ modes. The animals and monsters have more substance, (not much more) they now panic and run away if you attack and then calm down again if you leave them alone. Then there are also the terrifying Endermen. Creative mode looks a lot like a user friendly version of modded 1.7. Instead of an inventory,… (more…)

I’ve been on a sci-fi binge lately, so when Christopher Goodchild sent me a 21-day Eve Online trial, I dived right in… only to be confronted with my computer informing me that the download would take approximately forever. Chris discovered that Steam downloaded it too, but just when steam had finally sorted it all out, I had another three hours of updates to download. I eventually did get the game up and running on my computer though. Now, I am not a big player of any game that has a subscription fee because it really doesn’t ever end up being worth it for me. Usually my attention span doesn’t allow me to… (more…)

Halo was my first, First Person Shooter; Halo 2 if you want to be technical. Halo 3, when I finally got round to getting an Xbox 360 of my own. I played through on normal with absolutely no idea of the previous plotlines and then of course had to play all the others right away. Halo took me through the awkward stages of one’s first FPS (unless you were brought up on them, this is something some of you might be familiar with). The ‘How-Do-I-Not-Fall-Off-This-Tiny-Ledge-When-I-Can’t-See-My-Feet?’ phase and the ‘What-Do-You-Mean-I-Have-To-Aim-Myself?’ phase. After playing pretty much nothing in the way of gun-related games besides PS2 James Bond titles, Halo was a rather… (more…)

Back in Halo:Reach’s matchmaking after our last comic’s broken disk escapade, Chris Bunny-hops a bunny-hopper with the most poetic long assassination animation ever.

The easiest way to summarize the concept of this game is this: you play as the victim of Tetris. More like if some crazed Batman villain locked you in a little open top room at a dock and thought it would be funny to drop packing containers on your head. Blocks fall from the sky and you have to climb up while dodging them because if they land on you, you get more than a little squashed. Also, you can shoot and break blocks but I’ve found out that they tend to fall on you when you do that under pressure. It’s all done in a mock arcade style with… (more…)

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