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I work in the tech communication development industry and have been an avid gamer for decades. I love weight training, white water rafting, Rober E. Howard's Conan stories, and am a Blu-ray enthusiast.

Nintendo and Microsoft cut the purchase prices of their respective current-gen consoles today in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Nintendo’s Wii, about to be replaced by the Wii U, saw a $20 dollar cut and the announcement of a new bundle that includes both Wii Sports games on a single disc and a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck.  Microsoft dropped  the price on the Xbox 360 and announced two new holiday bundles for $250 each. The first, obviously targeting “hardcore” gamers, includes a 250 gig hard drive, a copy of Forza Motor Sport 4, a download voucher for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a headset and controller. The second, clearly… (more…)

The original 3DS has sold over 18 million units since launch. With the rather unexpected release of the 3DS XL, many find themselves asking a question they weren’t anticipating,”Is the 3DS XL worth upgrading to from my original 3DS?” In this review we aim to help you answer that question. 3DS XL Pros: –  The new screens are 90% larger than on the original 3DS (hence the “XL” in the name) and provide a much better viewing experience overall. –  The 3DS XL feels better in your hands due to a curved-edge design. No more pointy corners digging into your palms. –  The stylus is now located on the right… (more…)

I saw an inspired Tweet from fellow gaming commentator Marcus Beer over at AnnoyedGamer.com a few days ago.  I think it was clever enough that more of the world needs to be exposed to its genius.  Kudos to Marcus for embodying the true spirit of E3 in a single tweet. Permit me to explore in more depth exactly why his observations are so right. 1. Motion Controls Motion controlled gaming was a novel idea introduced en masse via Nintendo’s Wii console in 2006. The concept was embraced by a wide swath of consumers, many of them atypical in the console world, which resulted in a meteoric rise for Nintendo’s little… (more…)

There is a hubbub on forums everywhere decrying the end of the current generation every time a rumor teases details of the next Xbox or PS4. “The current generation isn’t maxed-out,” say fans. Others chime in with the common, “fancy graphics don’t make games better, gameplay does,” argument. Are these assertions true? Absolutely. Do they offer up a reasonable argument to delay the next inevitable generation of consoles? No, and here is why: The Law of Diminishing Returns The idea that a console can be “maxed out” is a fallacy. The fact is, while the console is static, the programs the box runs are not. In other words, the more… (more…)

Killzone 3 (KZ3) came out 14 months ago exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 3. The game received high critical praise, especially in regards to the title’s the top-notch competitive multiplayer.  Unfortunately, like many first person shooters not named Call of Duty or Battlefield, the community dwindled to a steady, but comparatively smaller group of dedicated players. One could always find games online, but rosters weren’t regularly as full as they could be and finding matches took a little longer than in the months first following launch. Sony surprised shooter fans six weeks ago by releasing the Killzone 3 multiplayer experience as a free download on PlayStation Network. Released with little marketing support,… (more…)

There are moments in gaming that live on in your mind long after you have stopped playing. Below are some of the most memorable missions from the current generation that, for good or bad, will stick with many gamers for years to come. Train Ride – Uncharted 2 Somebody needs to stop a crazy warlord from getting his hands on an ancient magic that will make him invincible. Who better than all around bad-boy-with-a-good-heart, Nathan Drake? Unfortunately for Drake, one of his two hotties ends up on a train moving through the Himalayas with the crazy warlord. Drake shows up and, just like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, gets… (more…)

The current generation of consoles has been an ironic one.  Nintendo’s Wii, with its trendy motion controls, dashed to an early and sizeable sales lead over its HD, more powerful cousins, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Consumer demand for the Wii’s motion gaming, as rudimentary as it was, eventually led both Microsoft and Sony to create their own motion-based gaming peripherals. But things changed.  In the last two years, Wii sales have dropped steadily while the PS3 and 360 have gained momentum.  What happened? What were Microsoft and Sony doing that could so forcefully change the tide? While Nintendo’s motion gaming appealed on a novelty level, Xbox Live and… (more…)

The term ‘hardcore’ is often attached to the word gamer.  Use of the term has increased with the rise of what has been oppositely dubbed ‘casual’ gaming.  Most of those who grace websites who use these terms have an intrinsic knowledge of what they mean, but for the uninitiated I have provided (arguably overly) simple definitions: Casual Gamers – People who play games almost exclusively on web browsers, mobile phones, tablets, Facebook, or (in many cases) Nintendo’s Wii and DS product lines. The games are usually visually simple, gameplay is often completely intuitive, prices are regularly cheap, and the titles themselves are generally designed for playing in short spurts, typically… (more…)

The PlayStation Vita looks awesome and I want one. In fact, I’m a Sony fan and I personally think the upcoming handheld is exactly the kind of device the average “hardcore” gamer could love like no other before. Two analog sticks? Yes please. After research and some rather unwanted personal financial honesty, however, I can no longer recommend picking up a launch Vita in good conscience to those on gaming on a budget. I say this for two reasons, number one being the tendency of handheld makers to release improved versions of a device throughout its lifecycle.  We’ll come to number two later. With reason number one, we look at… (more…)

My name is Kory and I’m addicted to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  I can’t stop ‘chasing the purple dragon’…and I literally mean winged monsters from the sky. Skyrim, a single-player epic RPG from Bethesda Softworks, is the fifth and arguably greatest installment in the celebrated Elder Scrolls series. Set in the Viking-inspired Nordic nation of Skyrim, the game is open-world, open-ended and filled with enough content to be virtually inexhaustible to the average gamer. For these reasons, I have been unable to tear myself away from the game since I first received my copy. During those brief times when I have been forced to take a break, I talk… (more…)

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