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Like most people my age I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, which admittedly isn't half as long as some of the gamers out there. Gaming and writing have been my biggest hobbies for many years now so I enjoy the chance to share my views on the industry or just my opinions on games with anyone that wants to listen. I've recently (and reluctantly) taken to twitter. Feel free to follow me: @TheSleepyGamer

By Daniel Beckett – Writer It’s clear that Nintendo is very focused on getting the hardware lead before Sony and Microsoft can announce any new consoles. Or rather, if they ever finally announce new consoles. Although the Wii U has some interesting features, I can’t bring myself to even remotely think of it as a legitimate console. I find myself going back to a word I’ve had to use so much since the beginning of this year’s E3 – gimmick. Let the Nintendo fans barrage me with hatred, but I really see the Wii U as being an expensive gimmick; nothing more, nothing less. On the game front, twenty three… (more…)

After watching the rather disappointing Microsoft and EA conferences, I had almost given up hope of seeing any truly interesting content during E3. Needless to say, I’m glad I hung in there. Despite the rather annoying hosts that had absolutely zero chemistry and a seemingly endless supply of bad jokes, we saw some quality content during Ubisoft’s time in the spotlight. One of the most talked about and least expected titles announced was Watch Dogs, a world where everything is connected and nothing is private.  The ten minute demo showed the audience some interesting gameplay that ranged from hacking communication devices to being able to learn almost anything about a target or… (more…)

By: Daniel Beckett I’ve never owned a PlayStation 3. Not because I think it’s an inferior console or that all games are better on the Xbox 360, but because I just decided on buying an Xbox first. In fact, these days I’ve abandoned consoles and moved onto PC gaming (a move that Microsoft’s conference most certainly justified). For these reasons, I hate to admit that Sony had some great looking games to add to their exclusives list. There are really only two games that made me yearn for the Sony console. The first of which being the highly anticipated The Last of Us. The trailers were intriguing but to many… (more…)

Following Microsoft’s disappointing conference the bar was certainly set very low. This gave EA an advantage and I expected them to swiftly take advantage of this opportunity. Instead all I saw was sports, more sports and then a whole lot of greed. Battlefield 3 Premium was announced as EA’s answer to Call of Duty Elite. Promising new expansions as they get released; new weapons, new vehicles, other customisation options and new game modes. A whole lot of  new for just shy of $50. Looking over all the features included, I can honestly say that EA is verging on making Battlefield 3 a ‘Pay2Win’ service. Only, people already paid for this game… (more…)

Please beware, this post contains spoilers. It seems that all I’ve done lately is write (bitch) about Mass Effect. Whether it be a DLC rant, or complaints about the third installment’s disappointing ending the game has certainly stirred up a lot of negative feelings in fans and critics alike. There has been a great deal of speculation on the ending (singular) of Mass Effect 3, but the most intriguing bit to poke out its head from the infighting is the Indoctrination Theory. The video below will bring  you up to speed if you aren’t yet familiar. Spoilers below (duh). The idea of Shepard being indoctrinated did cross my mind, especially… (more…)

Bioware’s name is starting to sound like a dirty word in the gaming industry. The once-adored developer’s reputation has taken a double tarnishing: first by the whole From Ashes DLC fiasco and now by what many people feel is a horrible ending to the Mass Effect franchise. In some ways, I actually empathise with BioWare; I also suck at goodbyes. The only difference is that I never had to say goodbye to millions of people at once. For obvious reasons, this piece contains spoilers regarding the ending of Mass Effect 3 (ME3). If you want to experience the disaster on your own, then be sure to read this once you’re finished…. (more…)

Launch day DLC isn’t  new to the games industry, but with the leaked (and later officially announced) From Ashes DLC for Mass Effect 3 (ME3), many gamers have grown annoyed. Some are even calling for a boycott of Mass Effect 3 and other large Bioware titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. Is this outrage  justified? One point used to defend the From Ashes DLC is that consumers happily accepted launch day DLC for other Bioware titles such as Shale in Dragon Age and Zaeed in Mass Effect 2. The counter argument is that those DLCs were free to anybody who bought the games new; a clever way of cutting… (more…)

Most of us are accustomed to publishers promising a release date that developers can’t always meet. In some cases, this doesn’t have too much of an impact on how a game turns out.  In other cases, rushing to meet promised release dates results in games riddled with bugs and lacking promised features. For the most part, gamers overlook a few missing features if the overall core is functional and interesting. Some of the more crafty developers then deliver the previously promised features as downloadable content. So the question is, how much better would the average game be if developers weren’t rushing to meet deadlines? The answer is this: http://youtu.be/AYOFLqItuW4 Skyrim… (more…)

There are more bad movies in existence than you could possibly imagine. But when a movie is made on the back of a successful game franchise and then completely sucks, I get annoyed. Among the surprisingly extensive list of video games inspired movies, there are five really terrible films that stand out to me. If you’ve already been unfortunate enough to see the following movies then feel free to join me in face palming these terrible memories away. 5. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. was released two months before I was even born. Yet I still have somehow found a way to hate it. I’m not quite sure what… (more…)

Today, sites across the Internet are taking a stand in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) – two pieces of proposed legislation in the U.S. Wikipedia, N4G and Reddit are but a few of the big names taking part in a worldwide protest against what many feel is the threat of free and readily available information from across the globe.  This isn’t the first time an online or even offline group has protested the PIPA and SOPA acts, but the way in which it is being done is indeed clever. By showing people what the two pieces of legislation will lead to: the… (more…)

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