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After toning down hockey from six days a week to one or two i've been keeping myself busy with the usual tasks, bank hiests, street racing, killing terrorists and saving my friends and family from the zombie apocolypse. Just everyday stuff really. When i'm not busy doing that i'm spending quality time with my other gf the Xbox 360, reading, writing, watching movies, playing hockey, riding on my dirtbike or rock climbing all the while fostering an unhealthy addiction for chocolate hoping that school would just end already. Care to know what i'm up to or my opinion on things? Follow me on Twitter @NikoMastro

The first thing that you’ll notice about Assassin’s Creed III is the amount of stuff the game actually lets you do. The game is well worth the price of admission. You can capture Templar forts, track and hunt animals, liberate city districts, attack roving convoys, establish a guild of Assassins, build up your homestead on the frontier, trade and craft items, battle the British Navy in your ship the Aquila, and collect Almanac pages from rooftops. And this is only a small selection of the all the things you can do in the game. Then there’s also the online multiplayer. Wolfpack is an awesome new co-op mode that allows you to co-ordinate attacks… (more…)

I was pretty psyched to play Mass Effect 3’s new DLC. The fact that it involved teaming up with Aria, the badass that runs the lawless Omega station, that was enough for me to drop 1200 MS points the day it came out. I really wish it had a more interesting story though. You fight battles, protect a few key points and do a little bit of arguing over strategy and some moralizing. You also meet a past love interest, nothing especially game changing happens. I finished playing and after maybe three hours of exploring, I realized I was actually pretty bored? I liked the idea of the Adjutants but that… (more…)

I fell in love with the first Army of Two game. A game built for co-op that I could play on the same console with a friend was perfect for my tastes. Making money and upgrading guns while working together to stay alive is a great concept for a video game. I remember this was my first taste of such a wide range of customization options and I ate it up and asked for more. It was also well written, the funny little one liners back and forth provided a nice splash of comedy and showed the camaraderie as well as the more playful side. A little trip as they… (more…)

The first thing you need to know about Borderlands 2 is that all of the major weaknesses from first game, have been corrected. This time you can clearly see that there is a plot. Your characters, as well as the ones you interact with, are actually interesting and the game never gets boring or repetitive. If you’ve ever played Diablo you’ll understand the draw and addiction to loot collection. For those of you that haven’t played that sort of game before, let me explain. There are all kinds of different guns, character skins, class mods, relics and grenades to collect. It’s not like the first Borderlands where you had a… (more…)

I’ve been an Age of Empires fan since I came across the second game. I lost interest after all the expansions and moved on to other games like Total War and the Warhammer 40k series. After tumbling upon the free to play game on Steam, I decided to give it another look. 6 hours later the sun was coming up, I hadn’t slept and my buddy and I couldn’t wait to hop back on the next day. A good chunk of the game is free to play. However, if you want more units and weapons you need to purchase them. Still, there is a wealth of free content regardless. I… (more…)

Sleeping Dogs has me hooked. It may not be the prettiest game like Grand Theft Auto IV, but it’s awesome story definitely makes up for it. The fighting is a lot of fun, pairing off against ten guys and watching the main character Wei work his magic is really quite satisfying. Special enemies are mixed into the game that are stronger or grapplers that change up the flavor of the fights. Gun play is also a lot of fun, although not as prominent, it still makes for some great moments. Shooting a car’s tire out and watching it go airborne never gets old. Also racing with it’s arcade feel and huge… (more…)

I’ve been looking for a fighting game for a while. I’d tried one of the other UFC games a little while back but the controls were way to complicated and the creators seemed to assumed I was an expert to begin with. Coming across this new title, it becomes apparent quite quickly that this was corrected. It’s Controls are simpler and make sense, you can decide to choose whether you want them simple for grappling controls when you start. Also, there are tips at the beginning to start you in the right direction. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the level of depth the game offers… (more…)

The thing I enjoy so much about playing video games online is the social aspect it adds to gaming. Being able to get together with online and real-life friends to game, regardless of where they are located, is amazing. We don’t have to worry about setting a date and time, moving furniture, setting up computers or TVs and running wires for a late night – we just game. I used to be a big fan of the Call of Duty series and I spent a great deal of time playing with friends online. It was fun to get everyone together and find a single game we could all play. Sometimes it took a little… (more…)

I’ve been a Total War fan for a very long time. The first game I played in the franchise was Medieval II and then Rome Total War. After those two titles, I was hooked and bought almost every other game in the series. Before Shogun II was announced, I was really hoping to see Rome II, much to my disappointment though, this was not the case. Now, however, it’s a different story. For those of you that don’t know, the Total War franchise is a PC strategy game that combines turn based strategy and resource management, with real time battles. It also portrays a more realistic setting than most strategy… (more…)

The extended cut is raw, desperate and action packed By: Nicholas Mastrodicasa – Writer I was looking forward to seeing what came out of this giant over blown controversy. I’m quite the pessimist, so I saw the refusal option as a nicely veiled snub against the haters of the original ending. So you didn’t like the ending, it didn’t make sense you say? So we’ll give you what you want, but you can still refuse to be part of it. Now that you committed to that, wait for your new interesting ending. Nope! To hell with you, everyone still dies! I laughed a little at that whole situation. Despite that bit, I thought… (more…)

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