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Klei Entertainment has done a great job with the Shank series in creating a deep action system through a 2D plane. We’ve seen it a lot in the past years with recent hits like Dust to Ska Studios’ Dishwasher series. But they’ve all got one thing in common – mashing the attack buttons and evading to build up your combo. So Klei decided to flip the table and go in an entirely different direction with stealth in Mark of the Ninja for XBLA. You play as a ninja when an evil corporation attacks his clan. It’s up to you to stalk your prey in the shadows. 2D stealth isn’t something you… (more…)

The Summer of Arcade this year has been a bit of a bummer compared to last year. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD was a serviceable throwback, Wreckateer showed that Kinect can work but it was only really fun with a group of friends, Deadlight had a lot of cool ideas but ended up being mediocre game and Hybrid was simply alright, but the server issues plaguing it in its first week might have hurt any chance at greatness. Microsoft’s final Summer of Arcade title, Dust: An Elysian Tail, shows a lot of promise and definitely delivers. Dust won the 2009 Dream.Build.Play competition, allowing the indie game to receive full publishing by Microsoft. What better… (more…)

The year is 1986 and Seattle is a wasteland surrounded by zombie-like creatures called Shadows. The army instated a new law and the city lays a crumbling monument of what it used to be. As Randall Wayne, you need to rescue your friends and your family from the Shadows while traveling through Seattle. This is how Tequila Works’ Deadlight begins. Even though it has such an involved and deep story, at first glance, you might think that Deadlight might looks like your run-of-the-mill boring shooter. Nope, it plays like a combination of Limbo and Shadow Complex. How so? The entire game is played from a 2D perspective but the game’s… (more…)

This generation Tony Hawk hasn’t been very to kind to his games. With the last couple of Tony Hawk games, Project 8 and Proving Ground, as well as the experimental motion controlled game, Ride, and its god-awful peripheral, all sucking, it seemed like the skateboarding video game genre was done for. Fortunately, Robomodo has decided to give the fans what they want – A throwback to the Tony Hawk franchise’s roots. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD combines the first two games in the series into an HD remake. You’ll find a lot of your favorite levels back in the game such as warehouse from the original Tony Hawk and School II from Tony… (more…)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Zach and Trent but from what we’ve learned, our scanner’s been kind of broken. But now they’re back! In this comic they get a tour of the forgotten amphibian house from their guide, Jason. He sure loves frogs and we learn what he’ll do for the creatures. Every Wednesday (we hope) the latest comic from the Fun Havers Club will be right here on If you want to learn more about Fun Havers Club, catch our updates on our official Tumblr for pixel art, posts and our upcoming podcast. – The Fun Havers Club is a web-comic started by GameJudgment  contributor Perry Jackson and… (more…)

Spelunky is a wonderful masterpiece of platforming design, but it will also find ways to kill you at almost every turn.  Is it still fun? Of course it is. Spelunky has been touted around since the freeware version came out in 2008. Journalists and indie developers revered the original game, developed by Derek Yu, so much that Microsoft got him to make an Xbox Live Arcade version. After an IGF win and four years of development, this new version is finally brought upon us. For those who don’t know what type of game it is: Spelunky is a platformer that combines elements seen in roguelike games. What this means is everytime you die,… (more…)

The Walking Dead Episode 1 surprised a lot of gamers. A million-seller based on only one episode, TellTale Games had a hit on their hands that was going to be hard to follow-up. Can they manage to top the stress and difficult choices from the previous episode? They did in so, so many ways and by the end of the game, I felt bad for some of the things I said and the actions I made. The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 2 Starved For Help starts off three months after the first one. Lee, Clementine and the group of survivors (including newcomer Mark) are all bunkered up around… (more…)

Lollipop Chainsaw came to PAX East in style on a large, zombified school bus. The entire décor was done up with zombie parts, school binders and trophies totally embodied the game’s feeling. Even the popular cosplay model Jessica Nigri was there in full Juliet Starling cheerleading garb. Suda 51’s new game with Grasshopper Manufacture combines the fighting of No More Heroes with crazy chainsaws and zombie students. You have three chain saw assaults, a light and heavy chainsaw attack and a normal pom-pom attack. This also allows you to do leg sweeps. The presentation embodies Grasshopper’s usual violent style, and zombies explode in a cloud of blood and hearts. The game’s writing,… (more…)

I made it a point to try out a different 3DS game every day at PAX East. One of the following titles made me really want to buy a 3DS and the others just made it look like an awesome handheld. Here’s a quick recap of the 3DS games that were new at PAX East. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy While Final Fantasy might no longer be in its heyday, one thing that’s never changed is how awesome the music is in the series. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy anthologizes many classic Final Fantasy tunes into one rhythm fueled experience. While I didn’t get to play all the songs I wanted to, I did get a chance to try out Final Fantasy… (more…)

Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t strike me as a game that would have a compelling multiplayer mode, so when I dropped by the booth at PAX East it was to specifically check out the single player demo. I enjoyed the campaign action, but nothing prepared me for what the multiplayer offered. It might be the best co-op I’ve played since Firefight in Halo: ODST or Left 4 Dead. Let’s start with the single-player first, which Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford walked us through with commentary. You begin right after Aliens and play as a marine searching the U.S.S. Sulaco for Ellen Ripley. The atmosphere looks straight out of the Alien films, and could almost pass for… (more…)

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