An advertisement I recently saw on Facebook seems to indicate new information about Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

The add asks the question, “What’s the best new weapon,” and gives you three options, “Incendiary shells, crossbow or Napalm.”

This information would make me assume that these three weapons will be included in the upcoming game. Of course this is just speculation but I imagine that if Activision is posting a survey on Facebook then we can be pretty certain it means something.

I’ve also been informed by a disgruntled reader that these weapons can also be seen in the recently released cinematic trailer for the game.

Update: Apparently there are other advertisements with surveys concerning other features of Call Of Duty: Black Ops floating around Facebook.

  1. Trailers mean nothing, especially cinematic hype filled trailers. The fact that an advertisement was posted to Facebook naming specific weapons is definitely a big deal. You may have seen these weapons in the trailer, but they have not been confirmed.

    That trailer is everywhere these days, I wouldn’t need to do “research” to see it. It is pretty much everywhere, even on my Xbox’s dashboard..

  2. this is not new information. if you look at the trailer, the uncut version, you can clear see a guy get shot with a incendiary round from a shot gun, and you can see the crossbow being used. this along with the fact that napalm has already been spoken of by the developers proves that all three will be in the game. please to so research before you make half-hearted post.

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