I’m not really sure how I feel about the digital distribution of video games. On one hand, I absolutely love the convienence of simply pressing a controller button or clicking my mouse and getting a new game. When I sit back and think about it, the idea of downloading full games that easily is utterly amazing. Imagine trying to explain that concept to someone 10 or 15 years ago – you would absolutely blow their mind. But then there’s another part of me that hates the concept. You can’t really have a collection of video games when they’re all stored on your harddrive. You sort of can, but it really… (more…)


Toy Soldiers is a tower defense game created by Signal Studios, available for download on Xbox Live as well as on PC’s. One of the first things that drew me to Toy Soldiers was the fact that it was set in WW1. I have never played a game set in that era before and I thought it would be cool to wield some older weapons. For those of you that played with little toy soldiers as a kid, creating vast battles of good vs evil, now is your chance to relive this experience in a video game. Although this game falls under the tower defense genre, it’s much more than… (more…)


This week, I will be giving my thoughts on  Microsoft Points and how utterly useless they are… Microsoft’s point system is strange, useless and down right annoying. Images courtesy of: www.uwo.ca www.activewin.com www.techtalkforfamilies.com www.destructoid.com www.g4tv.com www.dreamstime.com esthermorono.blogspot.com www.flickr.com www.modhalo.net lounge.moviecodec.com

Penny Arcade. For gamers, it’s comedy and game reviews; for advertising execs, it’s gaming’s hard-to-impress gatekeeper. For indie developers, it’s groceries. There’s no question that an endorsement from Mike Krahulik (Gabe) and Jerry Holkins (Tycho) will have a noticeable effect: I can’t be the only one who first tried Minecraft after the “Mine All Mine” strips. Can the Penny Arcade Effect™ be quantified, though?

Bungie have posted the trailer for the new map pack up on Youtube. The pack will be released on the 30th November for 800 MSP. Not much more I can say but take a look.

Phantasy Star Online 2? Really? And I thought nothing could drag me from Halo: Reach. Sega has announced that PSO2, a proper sequel to the old Phantasy Star Online unlike Universe, will be launching next year. It will be for PC only. The disappointing news is that Sega will not confirm any release outside of Japan. Typical Sega. Give them another 6 months and we might hear something. While the old formula of PSO has pulled me in a few times lately, I’m not sure it’ll get a subscription out of me without innovating a little with this one. Every game has felt the same to me, which might sound a bit… (more…)

By: Daniel Beckett I’ve never been one for Indie games, or arcade games for that matter but recently I’ve branched out slightly from the big releases that most gamers purchase and have begun to experience the indie world. So far it seems alright. In smiley smasher you, guess what, smash some smileys. As simple as that sounds it actually proved to be a challenging game at times. You start as a small yellow ‘cool’ smiley (the one that wears sunglasses) and your goal is to explode and hit the other smileys that are flying around the level. Once exploded smaller smileys fly out in different directions in an attempt to… (more…)

At least this gives us a final install size, 7 Gigs. Microsoft appear to have released Halo Reach for download for 99999 Microsoft Points. Don’t think about trying to buy that many points though. The limit is way below that per account so you’ll be out of luck.

For those who don’t know “Summer of Arcade” is a promotion Microsoft runs on the 360 every summer. A panel of judges sort through finished and unfinished arcade games and after a lengthy elimination period they are left with five top games. These games are then given free promotion on the system and a better slot on the Xbox Dashboard, pretty much guaranteeing good sales.

In a surprising but random turn of events, it appears as though Sonic Adventure, the successful launch title for Sega’s failed system, the Sega Dreamcast, will be coming to PSN and XBLA.

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