It’s been a while since we’ve seen Zach and Trent but from what we’ve learned, our scanner’s been kind of broken. But now they’re back! In this comic they get a tour of the forgotten amphibian house from their guide, Jason. He sure loves frogs and we learn what he’ll do for the creatures. Every Wednesday (we hope) the latest comic from the Fun Havers Club will be right here on If you want to learn more about Fun Havers Club, catch our updates on our official Tumblr for pixel art, posts and our upcoming podcast. – The Fun Havers Club is a web-comic started by GameJudgment  contributor Perry Jackson and… (more…)


By: Tom Tolladay Let’s be honest, video game movies have not made much of an impression with film critics and audiences. While the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was a passable popcorn flick, Super Mario Bros., Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Hitman were awful film adaptations that only managed to upset fans. But with several video game icons making cameos this year in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, I couldn’t help but start thinking about what video games should be converted into movies. Although Hollywood doesn’t have a great track record when handling video game franchises (see also the so-bad-its-good Street Fighter: The Movie), I am confident that they may eventually get… (more…)


The extended cut is raw, desperate and action packed By: Nicholas Mastrodicasa – Writer I was looking forward to seeing what came out of this giant over blown controversy. I’m quite the pessimist, so I saw the refusal option as a nicely veiled snub against the haters of the original ending. So you didn’t like the ending, it didn’t make sense you say? So we’ll give you what you want, but you can still refuse to be part of it. Now that you committed to that, wait for your new interesting ending. Nope! To hell with you, everyone still dies! I laughed a little at that whole situation. Despite that bit, I thought… (more…)


By Daniel Beckett – Writer It’s clear that Nintendo is very focused on getting the hardware lead before Sony and Microsoft can announce any new consoles. Or rather, if they ever finally announce new consoles. Although the Wii U has some interesting features, I can’t bring myself to even remotely think of it as a legitimate console. I find myself going back to a word I’ve had to use so much since the beginning of this year’s E3 – gimmick. Let the Nintendo fans barrage me with hatred, but I really see the Wii U as being an expensive gimmick; nothing more, nothing less. On the game front, twenty three… (more…)


After watching the rather disappointing Microsoft and EA conferences, I had almost given up hope of seeing any truly interesting content during E3. Needless to say, I’m glad I hung in there. Despite the rather annoying hosts that had absolutely zero chemistry and a seemingly endless supply of bad jokes, we saw some quality content during Ubisoft’s time in the spotlight. One of the most talked about and least expected titles announced was Watch Dogs, a world where everything is connected and nothing is private.  The ten minute demo showed the audience some interesting gameplay that ranged from hacking communication devices to being able to learn almost anything about a target or… (more…)


By: Daniel Beckett I’ve never owned a PlayStation 3. Not because I think it’s an inferior console or that all games are better on the Xbox 360, but because I just decided on buying an Xbox first. In fact, these days I’ve abandoned consoles and moved onto PC gaming (a move that Microsoft’s conference most certainly justified). For these reasons, I hate to admit that Sony had some great looking games to add to their exclusives list. There are really only two games that made me yearn for the Sony console. The first of which being the highly anticipated The Last of Us. The trailers were intriguing but to many… (more…)


Following Microsoft’s disappointing conference the bar was certainly set very low. This gave EA an advantage and I expected them to swiftly take advantage of this opportunity. Instead all I saw was sports, more sports and then a whole lot of greed. Battlefield 3 Premium was announced as EA’s answer to Call of Duty Elite. Promising new expansions as they get released; new weapons, new vehicles, other customisation options and new game modes. A whole lot of  new for just shy of $50. Looking over all the features included, I can honestly say that EA is verging on making Battlefield 3 a ‘Pay2Win’ service. Only, people already paid for this game… (more…)


By: Daniel Beckett – Writer I was expecting quite a lot from one of the console giants – maybe too much. All I know for certain is that I was disappointed. Okay, it wasn’t all bad. Splinter Cell Conviction 2.0, ahem, I mean Splinter Cell Blacklist looked like it could be a very promising game. I had a great deal of fun with Splinter Cell Conviction and Blacklist looks like a much more refined version of  what was introduced in the last game. Not exactly revolutionary, but most certainly enjoyable. Halo 4 conjured up similar thoughts with the introduction of the Forerunners; showing new weapons and more importantly, new enemies…. (more…)


Square Enix will show off a ton of titles By: Abhishek Indoria The worlds biggest video game expo is just a few days away. A lot of people have been eagerly anticipating this year’s E3 just because the past year has been rather uneventful in the video game surprise department. Square-Enix, by far, has the best and most varied line up of titles at this year’s E3. The company is showing off an astounding eighteen games. They’ve got Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Heroes of Ruin, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Quantum Conundrum, Sleeping Dogs and Theatrythm Final Fantasy. We also might get to see Final Fantasy Versus XIII renamed as Final Fantasy XV,… (more…)


With the sad news about 38 Studios, the developer behind the well-received Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, laying off their entire staff in lieu of their missed $1.2 million loan payment to the state of Rhode Island, I started to wonder why something like this could happen and why some games never seem to achieve immense levels of popularity? So I booted up  my computer and started to hit the books (metaphorically speaking). To really understand why this happens, we need to take a look at gaming as awhole and distil it down to something tangible and manageable; we need to have quantifiable information with a generally large sample size, i.e. Major Nelson’s Live… (more…)

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