I spent hours as a child watching my father play ToeJam & Earl or, as my mother appropriately called the game, Burp & Fart. When I was five, this Sega Genesis classic made absolutely no sense. Who was Earl and why does he look like a potato crossed with a pear? And what exactly is ToeJam? My mother told me it was the sweat between your toes, so why is this skinny alien looking dude with a chain around his neck named after sweaty feet? Even though I was confused, there was one thing I understood; ToeJam & Earl’s co-op mode was utterly fantastic and away ahead of its time. It allowed… (more…)


I was just two years old when Final Fantasy VII  released in 1997. From what I’ve heard, fans revered the game as one of the best Final Fantasy titles ever. Back then, Japanese role playing games were the genre. Fast forward fifteen years and Japanese role playing games (JRPGs) have lost their charm and appeal, or so people say. I’m quite fond of the genre and I remember playing Final Fantasy VIII on my PlayStation as a child. I was so exhausted from the experience that I slept for 18 hours after I finally finished the game. The title will always hold a special place in my heart, and why shouldn’t it? It’s… (more…)


Remember the Road Rash franchise, EA’s violent motorcycle racing series? Well, I think it’s exactly what the gaming industry needs right now. It’s time for a re-imagining of Electronic Art’s classic franchise. I remember playing the original Road Rash 2 on the Sega Genesis with friends. It was a great mutiplayer game that let you beat each other with baseball bats and chains while driving a motorcycle through traffic at deadly speeds. If any of the early 16-bit Road Rash titles were released on some sort of online store (with new online multiplayer options included of course), I’d definitely purchase the game. Road Rash 64 on the other hand? I didn’t really… (more…)


There’s never been a video game franchise quite like Mass Effect, a series that truly embodies narrative perfection and has laid new ground for all future video games. Sometimes, Gamer Woes isn’t just about something that’s pissing me off in the world of gaming that given week. Occasionally, I try to focus on more positive aspects of my favourite pastime (This brings to question why the column is called Gamer Woes in the first place, so we might change that in the near future). With Mass Effect 3’s launch this week, it’s hard not to rave about BioWare’s vision of a three game epic sci-fi tale, finally coming to fruition. I… (more…)


I was a little confused when Pokemon Black and White 2 was announced this week for the Nintendo DS. Why isn’t the game coming to the 3DS? It might come as a surprise to some people out there, but I’m actually a big fan of the Pokemon franchise and that’s not just nostalgia talking. I’ve grown up playing the series and I do have a sentimental attachment to it, but that’s not the only reason why I still enjoy Pokemon at the age of 23. If you can get passed the cuteness of the series, you’ll discover that it’s a deeply addictive, extremely entertaining franchise. Sure, the newer Pokemon are… (more…)


Now that Sony’s extremely powerful handheld, the PlayStation Vita, has made its way to North America, gamers everywhere are  asking the same question – will the PlayStation Vita be successful? The market has changed drastically since the launch of the PSP. Smartphones didn’t really exist and neither did the robust app store we all have access to today. Consumer expectations are also different and we’re conditioned to expect downloadable games to be priced somewhere between $1 and $10. The 3DS has shown that there’s still a market out there for dedicated gaming handhelds. I was extremely skeptacle about the 3DS’s future a few months ago, but the handheld has rebounded and… (more…)


I’m a huge fan of the Mass Effect franchise. In fact, it was the first game I ever purchased for my Xbox 360 and I fell in love with its vibrant universe instantly. Bioware is one of very few developers that have an extreme attention to detail. They also place a heavy emphasis on creating an engaging story with gripping dialogue. Of course this is to be expected though, they are the creators of Baldur’s Gate and Knights of The Old Republic after all. With Mass Effect 3, Bioware has improved almost every aspect of the Mass Effect franchise and is looking to make the grand finale of the trilogy… (more…)


Final Fantasy XIII is the only video game I have ever returned to a store. Yes, it was that bad, and I absolutely hated it. Square Enix, why are you releasing a sequel to a game that was generally resented by even Final Fantasy’s most hardcore fans? It just doesn’t make sense. When I was younger, the release of a Final Fantasy game always seemed like a special occasion. New entries in the franchise came out every few years and gamers everywhere were certain each Final Fantasy title would offer quality, narrative driven gaming. Now it feels like a new Final Fantasy title comes out every few months and, most… (more…)


I’ve always had a strange attachment to the Halo franchise. For me, Halo: Combat Evolved was the game of high school. Everyone was playing it and cafeteria conversations always somehow ended up being Halo related. But lately, I can’t stand the franchise. I tried getting back into Halo: Reach’s multiplayer last night and got absolutely destroyed. But that wasn’t the only reason I wasn’t having fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s the multiplayer or the single player, I think I just have what I like to call Halo fatigue. I’ve played a lot of Halo: CE in my life and have spent countless hours with friends messing around in local… (more…)


Okay, maybe ‘suck’ is a strong word – because Club Nintendo does have some cool rewards – but the items are highly subjective. Unless you’re twelve or otherwise into stickers, posters, and other Nintendo related swag, there haven’t been many actual games to spend your hard earned Nintendo coins on, aside from a few expensive Game & Watch DS titles. But that all changed in December. Nintendo is now offering Majora’s Mask (Wii) 150 coins, Dr. Mario Rx (Wii) 100 coins, Kirby’s Dreamland (3DS) 100 coins and Dr. Mario Express (3DS) 150 coins. I’ve never been interested in Nintendo’s points club before, but as soon as it started offering free… (more…)

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