Usually people think of gaming as just a silly, juvenile hobby. They say that gaming is a waste of time, only okay for blowing off steam or relaxing. When someone mentions gaming, raising money for charity isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Well, I think it’s time for that to change. Starting last year, an Xbox Live friend of mine put together a gaming event that helped raise money for the Child’s Play Charity. Since my XBL friend is a big fan of the FIFA games, he decided to do a 24-hour FIFA marathon to help. The idea came to him when his son had to stay… (more…)


Blockbuster’s financial troubles isn’t really news to anyone. I used to go to the one just a few minutes from my house so often that I got to know the employees that worked there on a first name basis. I even played with a few of them on Xbox Live. So, when I heard that Blockbuster was closing its doors for good, I decided to pay them a visit. They told me that it surprisingly wasn’t Netflix that was hurting their business, which is what I had assumed. One hundred out of the two hundred stores in Canada were going to be sent to the chopping block. That was ok with me, so… (more…)


Over the past week the PlayStation Network has been shut down due to an ‘external intrusion.’ This hack has allowed whoever it was that did it to obtain user data such as passwords, dates of birth and email addresses. Although Sony seems to be saying that your Credit card details should still be secure but keep an eye on your bank account. Who’s fault is this and what should the users of the PSN do? -Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media First off, go and change your password to any site or email account that you’ve used the same password as you did on the PSN. This is… (more…)


Nintendo set up a 3DS testing booth in the middle of Yonge and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto today. All of the launch titles we’re available for testing. If your looking to test out Nintendo’s latest console and your in the downtown Toronto area this definately seems like a good place to start. In the few minutes I used Nintendo’s new 3D console I got a reasonable feel for how the 3D elements of the machine actually work. The only title I had the chance to play was Pilot Wings. With the 3D turned all the way up I found that the screen actually hurt my eyes, with it half way up I actually… (more…)


This article is purely speculative and will be ridiculously short and very Kotaku-like, but after seeing how many 3DSs were sold at work today, I really started to do some thinking. The DS was a cool device but hardcore gamers have always scoffed at the simplicity of most its games, just like most hardcore gamers look down on the Wii as a lesser console. In many respects, these hardcore purists are very correct, Nintendo’s consoles, at least in the last 5 years or so, have only appealed to a very specific kind of gamer, the casual gamer. I own a Wii and I think it’s a great system, I even wrote… (more…)


Ems: Pokemon Black and White is released in the UK today, Chris and I are going to let everyone know what we think of the starters before we even own the game.

Chris: We decided on our choices for starters a few days ago while we started to hype ourselves up over it’s impending release. So without any knowledge of what we’ll actually come across we made snap judgements of which was our best choice to start exploring the Unnova region with.

Also, I apologise for the bad drawings. Just got a new tablet and I’m breaking it in.


My lucky, lucky girlfriend over in Northern Ireland has received her copy of Pokemon White two days early. She kindly recorded a short video of her opinions. Pokemon Black and White are released on Friday in the U.K. and Sunday in the U.S. and Canada.


Last time I talked about this, (back here) I was analysing the new designs of the Pokemon themselves but I didn’t know enough about the world, or even the rest of the game in general to talk about it. Now the info has been released and I’ve wised up – let’s get to it. The land itself is going to be American based, some fans were expecting this. It’s to be set in a place that is New York-esque in the way that characters of many cultures and job descriptions will be wandering around. I say wandering around, but given NPC behavior in past games they’ll probably be walking in… (more…)


Wait, what? When did this happen?

A new pack of three Halo maps has been announced, two competitive and one Firefight map, this time set somewhat later during the Covenant invasion of Reach.

Are you a Canadian that uses the Internet? Do you do more than just check your email while online – maybe like millions of other Canadians you play video games or watch movies on the internet? If you answered yes to any of these questions – you are now fucked.

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