Nintendo and Microsoft cut the purchase prices of their respective current-gen consoles today in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Nintendo’s Wii, about to be replaced by the Wii U, saw a $20 dollar cut and the announcement of a new bundle that includes both Wii Sports games on a single disc and a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck.  Microsoft dropped  the price on the Xbox 360 and announced two new holiday bundles for $250 each.

The first, obviously targeting “hardcore” gamers, includes a 250 gig hard drive, a copy of Forza Motor Sport 4, a download voucher for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a headset and controller. The second, clearly geared toward families, includes a 4 gig hard drive, a Kinect sensor, and two games; Kinect Adventures and Kinect Disneyland Adventures.

With a lower purchase price and more included gaming fun, both Nintendo and Microsoft have notably upped the value of their current consoles. So what about Sony and its PalyStation 3?

Sony surprised the world last month by slimming the PS3 for a second time, creating three total “versions” of the console thus far. As reported on CNET, taking the new “Super-Slim” model apart reveals that it is not an upgrade over previous models, but is rather a version of the console that is cheaper for Sony to produce. In other words, aside from two new bundles featuring either Uncharted 3 or Assassin’s Creed III, the only real value to the consumer at all is bigger hard drives coming in at 250 gb and 500 gb, respectively.

Stranger still, Sony has chosen thus far to refrain from lowering the price of the older Slim model. A 320 gb original Slim PS3 with a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 currently retails for $300. So how much will a 500 gb Super-slim with a copy of Assassin’s creed 3 cost you when the bundle releases on October 30th?  Yup, $300. 180 extra gb and a newer game for the same price. Hmm…

Alright, dear reader, I leave the big question in your capable hands. With increased value coming from Microsoft and Nintendo via today’s price drops, coupled with the fact that Sony’s original slim doesn’t seem to offer the same value of the newer model, is it time for Sony to drop the price on the older model?

More importantly, seven years into the current console cycle, is it time to see a PS3 price-drop across the board just like we saw today from Microsoft and Nintendo?

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  1. keys says:

    Wow, i didn’t know that many people hate Sony for some reason

  2. Every time I hear about the PlayStation Super Slim I get sad….

    I just bought a PS3 a few weeks ago!


    Dear sony and its’ fans,

    For the sake of humanity, please stop dreaming like we owe you money by spamming us on the internet with your vita ps3 promises we don’t even care. It’s so annoying like a crook selling snake oils. We understand you’re losing the gaming market pie these days, and it’s not gonna help everyone by putting the blame on people not giving you money.

    You used to be the king but nothing’s last forever, your era is done, it’s gone. People like us are getting wiser and do not need to listen to your fans who are aggressively posting ‘Opinions’ like gospel of salvation. They might have just felt pissed because your brand name is sinking quick like titanic. We understand they would put the blame on ‘Media’ for bias articles, but we also believe the ‘Media’ don’t owe you and your fans anything.

    So please accept the reality that you’re just trying to make profit out of us (including your fans too.) and that you can’t force people to buy your stuff all the time like we’re stupid puppets. NONE of your products can help us (or your fans) getting any money, in fact people are loosing money just for the sake of ‘games’.

    In short, we’re not your blind slaves for taking our money for monopoly. Thank you.

    • kupomogli says:

      Do you have this copied to a text document and just copy/paste whenever you want to bash Sony? You say the exact same thing every time.

    • kayoss says:

      you’re an idiot.
      “So please accept the reality that you’re just trying to make profit out of us (including your fans too.)”
      Last i checked, every company in the world is out to make money… Sony is not a charity company same goes for microsoft and apple. So your comment is really retarded. Do you expect Sony to hand out free consoles to people like you?

      “…that you can’t force people to buy your stuff all the time like we’re stupid puppets.”
      Who the hell is forcing you to buy Sony’s product. Sony make products and its up to the consumers to decide if they want to buy it or not.

      “…NONE of your products can help us (or your fans) getting any money”
      Are you expecting money when you buy a Sony product?? Do you think the PS3 will spit out money if you buy it? you’re an idiot. if you want money maybe you should go get a job.

      With your non-sense in-coherent rant that barely has nothing to do with the article you just pretty much show yourself as a troll who just like to bash Sony with no facts to back up your claim. I dont like Sony either but i do not make dumb claims that are not even true. Why dont you bash Microsoft, Apple, or Nintendo??? they are making a profit off of you and all the consumers who buy their products? you sir is a Douche bag that need to be Tea bagged by everyone on this planet.

    • Walter says:

      Oh please stfu.. I bought my Playstation 3 2 years ago, and I could just play the exclusives only without even touching the multiplats and I wouldn’t be any worse off. The exclusives alone are enough reason for buying my PS3. More specifically: God of War, Killzone, Infamous, LBP, heavy Rain, Resistance, and uncharted all rate in my top games of all time, and guess what: xBox owners can’t play any of them.. I won’t even start to explain how superior the PS3’s multimedia capabilities are when compared to anything else on the market. The only regret that I have when it comes to the PS3, is that I bought a Wii first and not a PS3 right off the bat. Sony don’t need to cut their prices, because after owning one, I would happily pay double what I did. That’s not blind fanboyism, it’s just that good.

  4. oo7porscheMGS says:

    Oh and Dead Space 2 is going to be on sale on the PSN for only $10 :)

  5. oo7porscheMGS says:

    Agreed… SONY would be CRAZY not to reduce the price by at least $20… they need something to make people want to buy the system over the competition. It isn’t going to be exclusives this holiday season (all they have is Playstation All Stars as far as I can remember right now…..), so yea, SONY would definitely be wise to do something if they care about console sales this holiday. A “new” system that isn’t really new isn’t good enough to drive sales, they would have been better off cutting the “bundles” and just releasing the system cheaper all by itself. At least give consumers a cheaper option without the bundled stuff….. Just my opinion. Me, personally, I could care less… I already have my system and so many games coming out :P Unfinished Swan and DOOM 3 tomorrow!!!

  6. Walter says:

    You are 100% correct sir. So please don’t waste your superior intellect on replying to any of our posts. Because we just don’t understand you..

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