I’ve been playing Call of Duty since the first one came out. I’m a big fan of WW2 based games, so naturally I loved the first two Call Of Duty games.

Then came Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and Call of Duty 3. By this time the franchise was starting to become a bit much. I didn’t bother buying either of them. I had had enough of the same old Nazi fighting action.

I didn’t bother with Call of Duty: Roads To Victory. I’ve never really been into handhelds, so the game didn’t really appeal to me.

Then Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out. I thought that it was a nice change of pace. Breaking away from the WW2 flooded game market gave the game a very fresh feel. CoD 4 blew me away. Today it’s still one of my favourite games and I occasionally go back and play it. Excessive use of Noob tubes was annoying, but this was the first time I’d experienced it. This strategy scoffed at me, and my friends would make fun of people adopting that play style. Other than that issue though, I really only have good things to say about CoD.

The level design was top notch; it hosted a very competitive community and had a wide variety of weapons. The game was really a risk. The franchise was finally breaking away from its WW2 roots. This gamble totally paid off for Infinity Ward and I feel that was the last real risk they’ve taken.

Next in the series came Call of Duty World at War. The game’s zombie mode was by far the best part of the game for me. As for the multiplayer, aside from the tanks, I also enjoyed that aspect of the game. ‘A bit of a regression’ I thought. I was hoping for another modern game but the zombies and competitive nature kept me anchored in.

Then came Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This is when I started to get a little annoyed. There are changes to the franchise’s formula but it feels all too similar; like I’ve played the game many times before.( Seeing as I had something ridiculous like a dozen days played on CoD 4, that really isn’t an understatement.) I kept playing it though because everyone I knew was playing it. Spec ops missions were a lot of fun.

Then there was Call of Duty Black Ops. The zombies kept me playing but I grew tired of the same old frustrations carried over from the franchise’s other games. Noob tube is still in the game? Still rage quitting over spawning issues? Every November there’s another game that feels and plays pretty much exactly the same.

Now we’ve got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 coming out. It looks alot like COD 4 with slightly better graphics.

So let’s get into the role of the CoD gods here. There’s no need to be imaginative at all… nope… let’s keep recycling the same old thing. If it works, there’s no need to fix it. Let’s go through our checklist for the next game. Everybody liked spec ops… ok, let’s add that in there. Everyone loves the survival/horde style modes… lets add that. Everybody likes our game.  See, we have ground breaking sale’s numbers yet again. We don’t have to change a damn thing. Let’s keep putting out the same recycled shit over and over again every year.

We’ll change a few minor gameplay elements here and there for the marketing department’s sake and guess what?  We don’t have a problem eating up the same recycled game every year. Let’s not be on the studio for its total and complete lack of innovation. All the CoD gods deserve is praise.

It’s not just Call of Duty that you have to worry about. If you take a look at my other article, there’s a real barrage of first person shooters coming out right now and they are all very similar.

Why? Because of the success of the Call Of Duty franchise.

So you now have a whole bunch of studios producing first person shooters, trying to jump on the band wagon. Here’s a short list:

Medal of Honour



Left for Dead




Operation Flashpoint

Rainbow Six


Seem a little excessive to you?

Granted, not every one is exactly like Call of Duty, but if you pay close attention you can find a little CoD in almost all of those titles. Play online multiplayer in any of these games and try to find something that isn’t similar to the CoD games. Good luck.

Iron Sights – With the exception of LFD the iron sights look a little too similar

Blood effect- it’s present in just about all of them and the game modes are very similar

Similar Control Schemes

Character classes or customizations (load outs)

Perks- Juggernaut, Slight of Hand etc.

I’m not saying there needs to be an ever evolving set of original ideas in gaming, binging unique content over and over again and rolling over classics that people enjoy. What I am saying is that  MW3 will be the eleventh CoD game. We’re buying the same old rcylced CoD game no one seems to have a problem with it. Other studios see this and say, hey we don’t have to work to come up with something original. CoD fans are just buying the same game over and over again and it works. Lets do that too. Let’s come out with a new similar looking game every year to make money.

It’s time to stand up and do something about this before it gets worse. When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 comes out, don’t bother picking it up. There’ll be plenty of other games to play. Show the studios that we’ve had enough of these recycled peices of shit hitting shelves every November. Show them that we’re more than just mindless gamers who are willing to fork over our hard earned cash for something for the same thing. Don’t waste your money, your time, or your sanity on another bullshit death. I’ll be the one standing there laughing and saying, “I told you so.” I won’t be the only one, Patrick and Daniel will be chuckling right along with me.

  1. hi says:

    im pretty sure battlefield doesnt put out the exact same stuff every time because in battlefield 3, they made an entirely new engine. something COD will NEVER do. and you kind of have to have load outs because that gives varity of guns to use.

  2. dakan45 says:

    and i had enough of bf, DIE bf. I HATE YOU.

  3. RelentlessForever says:

    While I agree that COD has been basically the same stupid thing repeated ever since COD2, and I have no intention whatsoever of getting MW3 because IW even stated that it’s still the same physics, same COD style, aka same game with arguably better graphics. Graphics don’t make a game.

    However, some of those games you’ve mentioned at the end have absolutely nothing to do with COD. And Rainbow Six as a whole is nothing like COD- the originals came out before COD was around, and the newer ones are distancing themselves as far away from COD as possible- kudos to them, I just wish another one would come out. And don’t forget that MOH is the series that made WW2 shooters popular- not COD.

    Battlefield again, is its own series and probably considered COD’s biggest rival. I personally enjoy BF better, but EA’s ability to keep up with the hackers is even worse than IW, and that problem carries over into Crysis 2. On that note though, I agree that Crysis 2’s multiplayer is pretty much a direct revision of MW2’s online.

    Far Cry also has little or nothing to do with COD. Ubisoft has no intention and no need to mimic anything that IW or Treyarch shit out because unlike IW and EA and many others, Ubi does a decent job of maintaining their games and making them UNIQUE and much more skill/tactics oriented while anyone with a brain stem can learn COD in a day. The real tactical shooters out there are Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six. COD is an arcade-style game that plain and simple, has almost no learning curve other than the sheer time necessary to unlock junk and discover new camping spots by peeking through their stupid killcams. (Again, another feature that games need to stay away from).

    The only good advancement I’ve seen in COD lately was in Black Ops with the theater mode. Unfortunately, their only reason for including this was hopes that it’ll reinforce the fanbase the way it does for HALO and frankly, they screwed it up but it wasn’t a bad attempt. At least this way you can catch people getting away with bs hacks and upload the proof to the world. Yay…

  4. /signed. :) Not really ever been a fan of the CoD games, realistic war has never interested me. I put quite a bit of time into MW2 though, before selling it for almost as much as I paid for it somehow.

    Although I do agree that the list seems somewhat outdated…

    Medal of Honour (Began the bandwagon, but the latest one is clearly a copy/paste of Modern Warfare’s ideas.)

    Battlefield (3 is targeting MW3 as it’s main enemy. Totally Right)

    Homefront (Nothing to say about this one. I agree.)

    Left for Dead (Not really targeting the same audience, gameplay style or… well… anything at all to do with CoD.)

    Farcry (Really? I thought Farcry was actually quite unique?)

    Crisis (and that Crysis was Futuristic Farcry. I dunno. Didn’t really like either.)

    Fear (Um. Sure?)

    Operation Flashpoint (I recognise the name but it clearly hasn’t left much of an impression on me. Therefore you’re probably right here again.)

    Rainbow Six (The Rainbow Six series as far as I know focuses a little more on squad mechanics. Again, maybe I’m wrong.)

    Resistance (Not sure but I THINK you’re right here again.)

  5. vancel (& Editor) says:

    ur sooo rigth iv been saying tht since mw, cuss iv been playing shooters games since first doom first duke nukem, serious samms, and lots more, tht i cant remenber the names cuss were games tht no 1 knows, and old games, any way, all shooters game ends up been the same, and all has the same mofos, ruining it whit a turbo controller, or modified controller, making a sniper rifle a full automatic rifle, and making the 6 bullets revolver a submachine gun, pasing the rifle between walls, and such, ….. oh and the respound killer asshole, any way, all ends up been ruined by same glitches, same assholes, so yeah , this document, or wht ever is soo rigth!

    “You are so right. I’ve been saying that since Modern Warfare. I’ve been playing shooters since Doom and Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, ect. All shooters end up being the same and all have the same morons playing multiplayer with modded controllers making Sniper Rifles and Pistols into Fully Automatic Rifles and SMGs… Oh and Spawn Campers. Assholes. Anyway, it all ends up being ruined by the same glitches, players. So yeah. This article is soo right!”

    -This comment was edited for clarity by Christopher Goodchild

  6. Mohat maghandi says:

    Are you retarded or just trolling?

    Your report is barely written with any in depth knowledge other than personal feelings – and worst of all, you know shit about video games; battlefield, resistance, fear, farcry and left 4 dead are all completely separate from activision’s money campaign.

    And even then they all have their own uniquely added content, using engines updated constantly. Sure fear took a change with 3, but overall it kept its decency as part of the series.

    So why don’t you take this article down, change it and I’ll even tell you what to type if you want.

  7. Drex says:

    Real shame Battlefield 1942 came out a year before the first CoD, kinda defeats the “but you can see the CoD influence” arguement. That arguement only stands with the other titles you listed. If anything CoD borrowed from Battlefield…OR Infinity Ward had come up with similar game mechanics during development already. CoD seems to have a social stigma of being “the origional modern FPS” (not origional fps, Doom/Quake first of course) and it needs to stop. Yes, a lot of developers since then have used influences from CoD, but Battlefield has remaind it’s own game…no killstreaks…and using actual classes with class specific unlocks, ect.

    Activision and the developers they hire to work on CoD titles really need to stop rehashing the same shit every year, agreed. It’s getting old, and the same damn story will only carry a franchise so far. Sorry, but I stoped giving a shit about Cpt. Soap after MW, move the fuck on.

  8. Vincent says:

    Serious you compared L4D to COD?!?

  9. beLIEve says:

    By the way, I think every CoD player should try to buy another, innovative game to help the industry get out of this stagnation. The problem begins with people that ONLY play CoD.

  10. beLIEve says:

    I agree but I still need my arcadey FPS with split screen and free for all. I really hope Infinity Ward reads all these articles (because there are dozens of them) about CoD becoming stale and do something about it. It’s time for innovation! Also a lot of awesome non-COD games are coming (Deus Ex, Overstrike, Skyrim, From Dust, the rumored Timesplitters 4, Anarchy Reigns, Bioshock Infinite, etc…). So, if MW3 redeems itself, I will buy it (split screen multiplayer and free for all are becoming a rare commodity these days). Only time will say…

  11. The Voice of Reason says:

    To be fair, its impossible to make a military/”realistic” style shooter without using some of the gameplay elements that are present in CoD. CoD didn’t even start some of that stuff. MoH, BF, and Rainbow Six all came out before Call of Duty 1, so don’t put them in there…

    I agree though. Series must die.

  12. Lol says:

    Medal of Honour

    Were both before call of duty’s time lol no bandwagon jumping there. \

    Iron Sights – With the exception of LFD the iron sights look a little too similar

    They are making 3D Model Guns. An M4 Carbines Iron sights are going to look the same in any shooter… its an M4 Carbine “replica” lol.

  13. Logistics says:

    Pretty much what so many other people are saying. Will the masses listen? Probably not, will I? Probably not (even though I feel the exact same way it has a trick of dragging you back in).

    Something that has ticked me off is how the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is looking rather COD-ish. Only time will tell for that though.

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