There are worse companies out there

By: Anthony Velez

Electronic Arts might suck, but are they the worst company in America?

I can think of plenty of other companies that could have (or should have) won this award, but let’s work with what we have here, OK?

EA is doing a great job at making people angry.  They introduced the infamous Online Pass for their games to virtually universal consumer complaint.  Those that use GameFly (like myself) have been left in the cold now that half of their games are inaccessible without purchasing one of these ridiculous passes.

Another reason people are angry with EA is their habit of closing servers down on games that have been out for only two years.

I’ve read comments around the net asking how an entertainment company can make this many people angry, but the fact of the matter is that they’re just another company.  They’re here to make money and if you don’t want to contribute to them, then you shouldn’t buy their products. It’s as simple as that.

I have not now, nor will I ever, get so mad at a video game company that I would think of them as the worst corporation in America.  I love my video games, there’s absolutely no doubt about that, but I’m never going to let myself get so upset that I’d consider EA evil.  If I don’t like the way they run things, I simply won’t buy their products.

Gamers sure can create a shit storm

By: Kory Baldwin

EA has rightfully earned the wrath of many gamers, but it is hardly the worst company in America. There are not only businesses in the U.S. worse than EA, but perhaps whole industries. Health insurance companies, the tobacco industry, big oil, and certain banks come to mind without breaking a mental sweat.

What we are really seeing in EA’s worst company ‘award’ is the internet savvy of gamers. In other words, there is no group of consumers more ready and able to hop online and create a shit storm than those who game. With a hobby based on electronic gadgets and technical know-how, all hooked up to the internet, no other industry has such an online presence.  When was the last time a disappointing car design inspired millions of angry comments across thousands of websites, online petitions, and boycotts?

The award from was decided upon by visiters to the site placing votes. With the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco fresh in gamer minds, how is it a surprise that EA won?

EA may have terrible people skills, but the “Mass Effects’ of their decisions aren’t giving people cancer like tobacco, ruining America’s economy like health insurance companies and banks, or destroying the environment like big oil.

The worst DLC package ever

By: Abhishek Indoria

EA has been one of my favorite publishers for a long time. I stuck with them through their bad and good times. For example, the Dragon Age 2 fiasco, their online pass controversy and then through the recent Mass Effect 3 ending controversy.

However, to considering EA the worst company in the US is ridiculous. I don’t like their online pass method but that alone doesn’t make them the ‘worst’ company in the US.

I personally love Battlefield 3, Dead Space, Kingdom of Amalur, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge and countless other games from EA. However, there was one thing which put me off and made me begin to wonder if EA was getting progressively more greedy.

It was the recent Battlefield 3 DLC that annoyed me the most. Just a few days ago EA announced Battlefield 3 DLC packs that unlock almost everything in the game (they unlock more than a few weapon upgrades). This comes as an insult to gamers like me who have invested more than 100 hours into Battlefield 3 just to unlock that stuff. I’m still very far from unlocking everything in the game. Sure, it’s newbie-friendly and all, but it still pisses me off nonetheless.

My final thoughts are that EA is far from being the worst company however greedy or arrogant they might continue to get. If you don’t like their games just don’t buy them. Any company would become a monopoly if they had the ability to.

EA’s response to the award was perfect and I loved every word of it. It was basically  a screw you. They don’t need to explain themselves to some arbitrary list.


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  1. Everything has been pretty much said, I was late to the party but do have a few comments. Anthony and Abhishek I want to point out that just boycotting and not buying their games is not as easy as it may seem. EA continues to grow not organically but through acquisition, they grabbed on of my favorites BioWare and they have many others that produce good content. It’s not these companies fault that they now have EA as an overlord. I can’t justify not buying a Bioware game for example because of it. Just not purchasing is to simple of a solution.
    I feel that the outcry is completely justified to raise awareness and for the community to be able to express their discontent, however the title is not. I have to agree with Kory in that there are many other companies that are far worse. I’ve had my own experiences with a few of them and it’s a good lesson in how powerless and insignificant you can be if you don’t have the right influence or enough money.
    Numbers and voices help as well which is a great thing about the gaming community. We can unite and we are able, through out techno savvy to speak out and strive for change.
    I’m certainly wary of a company that’s becoming as big as EA through acquisition and doing these things mentioned out of greed. I think that had it not been for the vote coinciding so closely with the huge uproar about the ME3 ending and the big debate before that about online passes, which only served to enrage more people EA might have had a bit better showing.

  2. teamliftrequired says:

    If someone really thinks that a game producer that they dislike even comes close to some of the terrible, terrible companies America produces then they need their priorities checked in a major way. Game endings < Banks that cause a global economical crisis. Shit like this just continues to make gamers in general look like immature whiney fools.

    • Abhishek Indoria says:

      Same goes for banks, oil companies, multinational firms and about hundreds of more companies which actually deserve the “Worst company” award.

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