During a time when Nintendo gamers were satisfied with duking it out in Smash Bros. Melee, or cleaning up an island tarnished by the graffiti of a mysterious dark Mario, the company behind it all turned the tables.

With the release of the Wii, designed to appeal to a much wider audience, it was almost as if Nintendo went under the knife. Ever since then, the word ‘Nintendo’ is synonymous with wanna-be-sleek white channel layouts, motion control, Miis, and that electronic beeping ambiance we hear on the Wii homepage. Their newest handheld, the 3DS, and the upcoming WiiU seem to follow this new face. The question is; is it working? And if not, (after the recent nubageddon nightmare), what will happen to the company?

The Wii’s initial release was a total success. Newcomers made their purchases alongside many hardcore gamers, and while lobbing a tennis ball back and forth or boxing with the nunchuck were exciting experiences at first, it wasn’t long before the dust began to settle for the more dedicated players. Realizing there was no wizard after all, just an awkward bumbling man behind a curtain, the hardcore gamers very quickly lost interest. The Nintendo Wii became “the system your grandmother has,” instead of “the system your older brother won’t let you play,” not necessarily a bad thing given Nintendo’s original goal for the product. They most certainly snatched up tons of new customers, non-gamers everywhere became casual gamers in the blink of an eye.

Not much has changed since then, as far as the Nintendo fan base is concerned. Of course, there are those who will always have a nostalgic soft spot for the company and their franchises, but for the most part –  hardcore gamers tend to laugh at the Wii, while spending their time with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Has Nintendo taken the right steps to change that, and bring back the audience that they’ve lost?

The shorter answer is no. With the disappointing sales, launch titles, and online interaction service of the 3DS, it’s looking like the competition with the Playstation Vita will be far heavier than originally expected. Currently, there is but a single 3DS title worth owning, and it’s a remake; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The recent Starfox 3DS remake had so much potential to be a success, but with Nintendo’s overwhelmingly stupid decision not to include online multiplayer, it just isn’t a game that’ll hold gamer’s interest for longer than a week or two. The future 3DS titles don’t even look particularly promising yet. A new Mario 64-esque game sounds alright, another Animal Crossing is okay, Mario Kart, sure, but where’s the new and exciting releases?

So far, it’s looking like Luigi’s Mansion 2 might be the best shot they have at “new and exciting.” And if you disagree with that, dare I even mention the infamous nub? It’s as if they’re seriously just pulling our leg now. They can’t honestly think we’re supposed to take that little attachment seriously. And if they really do think that, they’re more delusional than we’ve imagined.

Not to mention the massive groans of disappointment that spread like wildfire once the WiiU was announced. Originally built up to sound like a second gamecube, Nintendo very well may have lost their chance to appeal to the hardcore demographic once again. Times like these get people talking. Will the WiiU save Nintendo, or destroy it? Will it even have the opportunity to destroy it after nubageddon? Will we see Nintendo follow the path of Sega, and end up focusing only on software development? The gamers are speaking out, and it doesn’t sound pretty! What will Nintendo’s future hold? Only nubs will tell.

  1. polk tsi400 says:

    good article….definitely has some valid points…right now Nintendo needs the Wii U to have a successful launch. If it doesn’t then they have another gamecube on their hands. The Wii U should have been launced either last year or this year for Xmas…by waiting…. I fear they’re going to lose a ton of money…I hope they’ve been saving up all that wii money.

  2. ryuzaki57 says:

    I don’t think WiiU will have enough third party support to bring core gamers back, and it will be too expensive for casual people who by the way don’t have any reason to upgrade from Wii.

    Nintendo has a shot with 3DS now they have Monster Hunter though…

    • Vince Blando says:

      It’ll be interesting to see what kind of third party support they actually get. It looked like a bunch of developers were jumping at the opportunity when they previewed the WiiU at E3. But who knows, maybe that’s changed.

  3. Agent75 says:

    The last time I loved Nintendo was when the SNES was on the go. Every console after that just didn’t do it for me, even though they did have some top games. Nintendo doesn’t seem to release a lot of games which is their biggest downfall (the Wii is poorly supported). The 3DS was released too early, the DS alone could of kept them going for a few more years, even against the PSP Vita. The Wii U will be over priced which was the same case with the 3DS (it’s now down to £149 from £229 in the UK). I wouldn’t say Nintendo are finished, but it’s becoming king of the cock-ups which reminds me of SEGA years ago.

  4. SteveDOF says:

    Editor; “we need more page clicks, think of something”.

    Hack; “I know, I’ll say something ridiculous about Nintendo/Sony/the Xbox, that’ll get the fanboys posting!”.


  5. Brian says:

    for those who are tired of the magic motion wand,the WiiU will look like a breath of fresh air.The WiiU is a DSi and Wii combined plus more powerful.Its the best of both worlds.I thought this was what we wanted!

  6. Xbox Kingmart says:

    360 FTW, you nintendo drones are just a bunch of G-d-Damn BABIES.
    Just OWN UP, get your balls to drop, and GET A KINECT + 360.


    • Landshark says:

      Dude I have Kinect, unless your playing dance central the Kinect doesn’t work right with any of the games, way to much real time lag

    • Kinect Sports works perfectly on a properly set up Kinect. You need to make sure it’s in a well light room I can’t speak for other titles on the system though.

    • Landshark says:

      Kinect Sports eh, K I think that’s the one I haven’t tried yet I’ll check it out, thx :)

    • No problem. Like I said though, I can’t speak for other Kinect games. The only other title I have is Kinect Adventures and it definately lags a bit.

    • Suck_MikeHock says:

      Yes since we hate Nintendo and our balls have now finally dropped we will waste our money buying more shitty movement based games. PURE GENIOUS

  7. Blackgama says:

    What happen to psp? the same will happen to VITA a multimedia device that play games = FAIL. Wii crap blah blah blah PS3 and XBOX copy the nintendo strategy with the ps move and kinect the same will happen to wii-u after the imminent success they there come copying nintendo again. PS and xbox owe they existence to nintendo!

    3ds and wii-u = success

  8. d0x says:

    Ahh rampant fanboys filling the comments. I feel like I’m 12 again.

    First someone said Nintendo has always been about casual. Uh no. Nes, snes and n64 were for gamers. Back then there was no casual. Even the cube was designed for gamers but Nintendo and their disdain for 3rd parties ruined that.

    The wii was both Savior and destruction. It further pushed the hardcore away. We will always want our Mario Zelda and metroid but that’s it. Rarely do we buy anything else and that’s Nintendos major problem. We don’t buy 3rd party software. Currently casual players buy enough shovelware to keep Nintendo going but without the hardcore sooner or later they will fail.

    Will that happen? Who knows. Its up to Nintendo. I honestly think the wiiu is a mistake. If we are going to invest in new hardware it can’t be another stopgap like the wii.

    As for the 3ds…I think it will do fine but they need a hardware revision and if they don’t do it soon they will piss alot of people off.

  9. jason x says:

    nintendo is not failing stop bashing on them

  10. Peter says:

    Bunch of Nintendo hating weirdos. At the end of the day, software sells units and the 3DS delivers in spades. New mario, mario kart, resident evil revelations, zelda, doa, street fighter, monster hunter, luigi’s mansion, smash brothers, castlevania, metal gear, kid icarus, star fox…are you idiots kidding me.As soon as the Vita launches (which will cost a minimum of $280 given it doesn’t come with a memory stick) the 3DS’ price will drop to $149. History has shown that Nintendo has always beaten technologically superior competitors because of an unsurpassed, stellar lineup, and cheap hardware and software. However, I do think the Wii U is a bad idea, but they Wii is the best selling console of this genenration and the original DS is just a few million units away form being the best selling video game console/handheld in human history. How many of them pundits claimed that the Big N was screwed after the Gamecube? What have they to say now? Yeah, that’s from the Halo 2 teaser, lol.

  11. Suck_MikeHock says:

    Nintendo is fine whether they should be or not is debatable. But the 3DS isn,t even close to dead yet and even though the Vita makes it “obsolete” doesn’t mean it will ever outsell it. Wasn’t the PSP more powerful then the DS? How’d that workout. As for the WiiU Nintendo needs some fresh new IPs and lay off of the Marios, Zeldas, and Metroids for awhile even though I fully expect them to come back eventually and rightfully so I think Nintendo could benefit from(I hate to say it) 1st person shooters that everyone who believes that they are a “core” gamer seems to play. But as long as Nintendo releases a new smash bros Nintendo fans will buy the next system regardless and even if they end up in 3rd in the console wars it wont be as bad as the dreamcast and Nintendo will be in it for years to come if you think otherwise you are a narcississtical retard whos gotta stop hatin just because Nintendo wiped the the floor with your favorite consoles sorry ass this generation even though they have the same power as consoles in the previous gen.

  12. joe says:

    Nintendo has been casual since its inception. I don’t understand why people think they were ever core at any point throughout their history.

    They’ve just been making sequels for the same franchises for the last two decades. The Wii had plenty Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, and other “core” Nintendo games.

    • Vince Blando says:

      They weren’t casual when they first started up. Think about it, back in the day, people would say “playing Nintendo” to refer to playing videogames in general. There wasn’t really much of a core/casual separation back then.

  13. dylantalon says:

    nintendo is finished and its well deserved. theyve abandoned their core gamers that has supported them over the years in favour of casual gamers but are now learning that casuals are content with 1 or 2 games. nintendo are now trying to grasp at straws after realising that the casuals dont care anymore and are trying to through buckets of uncooked rice to garner hardcore gamers and their past core fans. nintendos lure wont work because while they are serving buckets of uncooked rice chucked on the floor, sony will be serving cooked rice of all different types with meat and drinks in clean containers around a table.

    ps vita has rendered the 3ds obsolete and is akin to majority of humans abandoning horse and carriage in favour of cars.

  14. Karma says:

    That’s what they deserve! Giving the consumers left-overs and charging everyone for GOURMET! And guess what?! They will do it AGAIN!! WiiU!! I HATE NINTENDO! GOODBYE CRAPTendo.

  15. Meer says:

    you think 2 games wil save it ?!! i do’t think so i have a 3ds and so far it’s really boring most of the games that have been announced are a remake and the graphics aren’t that good not to mention the 3d have to be viewed in a certain way , oh and don’t forget the dates of most upcoming games are unannounced yet , so far i might pick up the new paper mario for it , the wiiu just caught up to the other consoles that have been released many years ago , and now sony/ms are developing the future ps/xbox .

  16. Billy says:

    I feel like you shouldn’t be writing about games because someone might actually take you seriously. As someone who is more than aware of Nintendo’s shortcomings, I still think this article is a joke.

    “Nintendo’s Downfall Is Imminent?” – How desperate are you for attention?

  17. WOMBOCOMBO says:

    Nintendo was always shit

    • Joegrine says:

      hmmmmmm for someone who name is wombocombo which the name actually came from a nintendo game. ur head is up ur ass too

  18. Mr.SEga says:

    3DS is finished, the worst portable that Nintendo already made. VITA is better simple in all fratures..

    Better control
    Better online
    Better graphics
    Better lineup

    MOnster Hunter 4 (lol) someone speak about exclusivity? Oops, Obvious that will be multiplatform, the Capcom fall
    9 percent for show nly on 3DS on TGS, soon the Game will be anounced to VITA etc…

  19. bizzz461 says:

    i used to love nintendo and sega BUT from the start of the n64 i switched to ps1 then the gamecube came out i was still with ps2 then when the wii came out i was with 360 nintendo is failing none of my frindes bought the 3ds they are all waiting for the psp vita like i am nintendo is know failling

  20. Randomon says:

    So even considering we have all of the following and more on the way:
    Super Mario 3D Land
    Mario Kart 7
    Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Monster Hunter 3G
    Monster Hunter 4
    Resident Evil Revelations
    Kingdom Hearts 3DS
    Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
    Dragon Warrior Monsters 3D
    Kid Icarus Uprising

    And all on a console that sits around $100 less than the Vita, and you still think they are destined for failure? Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land alone are enough to solidify their position in the market.

    • Vince Blando says:

      That may be true, but how much longer can a company go on thriving off of the same titles over and over again? You know what I mean? Mario Kart, a new Mario, we love them of course, but they’re unarguably repetitive.

  21. Joegrine says:

    ur head is up sony’s ass man nuff said

  22. Yahya says:

    Wow this dude is smoking something… the 3DS practically almost won Japan with Monster Hunter 4 which sounds like an exclusive. At E3 everyone there was either cheering for WiiU or was too amazed to say anything. WiiU shows a good future for Nintendo. The 3DS’s sales went up 260 percent and all the good games like Super Mario 3DLand(Super Mario Galaxy in 3D), Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Luigi’s Mansion 2,(Possible) BF3,Heroes Of Ruin, FIFA 12, PES 2012, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance,Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter 3G, Sonic Generations and Paper Mario. All before the Vita comes out in around February. The 3DS is supposed to have a 15 million base buy the end of holiday season which will encourage more developers. Activison likes the new add-on so Call of Duty is coming soon

    • TotalRevue says:

      1). After the announcement of Monster Hunter 4 Capcom stock prices immediately fell because it wasn’t announced for the PS Vita
      2) The 3DS sales only went up after a big price slash eating into their margins – sales were so-so beforehand
      3) Are you serious that All those games will be out less than 6 months. The most of those are TBC and most likely see a summer release for several
      4) Analysts predict Nintendo won’t hit the base figure ranging from 500k to 2.5m less than target consumer base
      5) just because one dev likes it doesn’t mean consumers will be happy to use it

  23. Titanz says:

    Are you serious? Did you happen to note that there’s “two” monster Hunter title launching on the 3DS?(MH 3G, MH 4).

    Be prepared for a rude awakening, cause the holiday season is where Nintendo dominates most.

    • Vince Blando says:

      We’ll see about that. I hope you’re right.

    • Godzilla says:

      The reason 3DS is getting “two” Monster Hunter is because Vita hasn’t released yet. You could say that they could have the game as a launch title, but MH4 has recently been announced, so it will miss the launch period. I don’t doubt that Monster Hunter 4 will come out shortly for Vita after the 3DS does, with better graphics, better controls, etc.

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