The thing I enjoy so much about playing video games online is the social aspect it adds to gaming. Being able to get together with online and real-life friends to game, regardless of where they are located, is amazing. We don’t have to worry about setting a date and time, moving furniture, setting up computers or TVs and running wires for a late night – we just game.

I used to be a big fan of the Call of Duty series and I spent a great deal of time playing with friends online. It was fun to get everyone together and find a single game we could all play. Sometimes it took a little while and sometimes the other team was short players because people would leave. It happens.

The best times would be when we ran up against another group of gaming friends and fought it out like a mini World War III.  I have lot of good memories doing this kind of thing. However, getting a group together and playing games seems to be very difficult with other games my friends and I have tried to play together.  Sometimes it seems that outside of Call of Duty and MMOs you don’t have much chance of sticking with your desired group.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve encountered this problem with Max Payne 3. Every single time I try to start a game with friends we end up getting split up and put on opposing teams. This is similar to what occurs in Battlefield 3 when I try to play with friends (which I’ll mention in a bit), but at least I occasionally end up on the same team as my party.

Battlefield 3 has since corrected the problem and it didn’t happen all the time before, it was still a huge annoyance and one of the reasons why I stopped playing the game. When I used to play Call Of Duty, it didn’t really matter if the party was big or small, we’d still be kept together.

One of the big changes with Battlefield 3 is how many players you can enter matchmaking within your party. I reasoned that it would make things more fair so you wouldn’t have a bunch of really good players making everyone feel stupid. Having countless problems not joining together made the game a rather aggravating experience. Add to the fact that it just so happens that when you get stuck on that other team they’re horrible and you work your ass off to try and win but those couple of players riding the bottom of the roster forgot that the double digits should be under kills not deaths.

The whole online experience is meant to be social, to bring as many players together as possible and encourage others to join as well. If your friends are having fun with a game and you can play it together, all the better. I’ve more than once gone over a friends house and played a game, the most recent UFC Undisputed 3 (review incoming) and had so much fun with it together I went and bought it.

Even though the probem isn’t all that common, it is important to me that creators do all that they can to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

  1. Nicholas Mastrodicasa says:

    Ya i mentioned how it was fixed now. I’ll always love split screen co op, it’s too bad we don’t find too many games with it.

  2. Abhishek Indoria says:

    Nice one mate.
    However, you just have to join the other person’s party if you want to play together in Battlefield 3. Switching doesn’t happen anymore, at least with me.

    I still think playing with your friend next to you on couch as it was in previous generation consoles is still the way to go.

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