GameJudgment Review Guidelines

Reviews are given a score out of 10. Half points (.5) can also be awarded. Individual categories like graphics, gameplay, and multiplayer are not averaged together to create a mathematical equation in order to calculate scores.

The score is the reviewer’s overall opinion of the game and their opinion alone. It is not a reflection of our entire staff’s particular opinion on that given game.

Our scoring system is as follows:

10 – Perfect
9 – Almost perfect
8 – Great
7 – Above average
6 – Marginally above average
5 – Simply average
4 – Poor
3 – Bad
2 – Terrible
1 – Atrocious

Commenting Guidelines

All comments are moderated by our editorial staff. Comments containing racist, homophobic and blatantly offensive content will not be approved.

Feel free to be as critical as possible when commenting on our stories, in fact we actually encourage you to do so. But don’t be surprised when our authors and editors defend  their opinions adamantly and respectfully.

We encourage discussion and want your opinions, that’s what GameJudgment is all about.

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