Bungie, after teasing a treat to Halo PC players many months ago on their “Monthly” podcast, have finally revealed details on how they will be giving Halo loyalists their special item.

“The reward is a small “visual flair”, as was described during the last days of Halo 2 for players of that game. Not armor or anything in the Armory.”

In the coming weeks until Halo: Reach’s release, a page will appear on Bungie.Net allowing users to enter their Halo PC keys. They also confirmed that the Mac version of the game will be eligible.

However, to combat people who try to use Keygens or go out and buy Halo PC in the coming weeks, Bungie are only using keys that were validated from “a month or two ago.”

“To clarify, OLD keys work. If you ever used your key (technically, to enter the multiplayer game lobby, since that’s what validates the key) at any time from 2003 until a couple months ago (May?), you should be ok. We won’t be allowing NEW keys, because we’ll assume they were keygenned.”

While this news may disappoint some, the treat was intended for the absolute hardcore Halo fans. If you didn’t have Halo PC by May 26th of this year, you probably weren’t who they were targeting. It also sounds like it will be the same flair as the people who played Halo 2 on the Xbox at any time.

“You’re not missing out on something like Recon or Flames, it’s just a little indication that people have been part of a certain Halo community for a while, and we wanted to give them a nod.”

In case you have been living under a rock (possibly placed over you in Forge World) for the past few months, Halo:Reach launches on September 14th and September 15th in Japan.


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