Call of Duty is easily the most popular video game franchise around. The series has sold over 55 million copies worldwide. The latest installment, Call of Duty Black Ops, sold 7 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release. There have been seven major Call of Duty games released over the last ten years and almost every single one has received critical praise.

So how can such a critically acclaimed and financially successful game ultimately change the gaming landscape for the worse?

Activision, the company that publishes the Call of Duty franchise, has churned out a new Call of Duty title every year since the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, cycling development of each game between Treyarch and the at one point almost employee-less developer Infinity Ward.

Although each subsequent release is slightly different and introduces, new weapons, locations and plot lines, every game’s single and multiplayer experience is basically the same – a simulation of an explosion-filled romp through an action movie.

The massive financial success of the franchise has inspired other video game developers to attempt to create their own Call of Duty-esque first person shooter games. Medal of Honor, Battlefield Bad Company and the terrible Sniper Ghost warrior are a few of the first person shooters that have been released since Call of Duty 4 became so successful in 2007.

Although Activision didn’t start the industry’s current first person shooter frenzy (games like Halo actually did at the beginning of the decade) the company seems intent on stagnating the genre. Little innovation, creativity or any kind of massive change can be found between each release in the franchise.

The games are still fun to play but each one has gotten progressively worse, a mere rehash of its predecessor. Still, each title in the franchise has become increasingly more popular and has, in turn, made ridiculous amounts of money – the formula is clearly working for Activision. But, will it continue to work?

John West and Vince Zampella, co-founder and president of Call of Duty’s development studio, Infinity Ward, were fired from the company in 2010 for what Activision called insubordination. The rumor was that they were unsatisfied with the way their multimillion dollar franchise was being managed. There are even unsubstantiated reports that they intentionally sabotaged the development of glitch filled Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Activision began this yearly trend of video game releases with the Guitar Hero franchise, inherently over-exposing the once financially and critically successful brand and running it into the ground with almost twice yearly releases. The company recently announced that they are completely discontinuing the series, signaling the untimely death of the music genre.

With the Call of Duty series, Activision seems intent on leading the franchise to a similar fate. Other companies have followed this trend. The creators of Final Fantasy, Square Enix, have released a barrage of Final Fantasy titles and spin-offs on a yearly basis. This causes gamers to lose interest in the brand. Rushing title after title out the door to turn a greater profit doesn’t exactly result in quality games – both Final Fantasy XIII and XIV were terrible games because of this. Call of Duty is slowly going down the same path.

I wrote an angry column about how terrible Final Fantasy XIII was a few months ago.

In contrast to Activision’s approach, Bungie’s Halo series has managed to remain fresh with each release. The franchise has been around almost as long as Call of Duty, but there have been only four major games in the series. Each title has brought a new innovative feature to the first person shooter genre. The first title in the franchise, Halo Combat Evolved, introduced massive environments and vehicles, Halo 2 created an innovative online matchmaking system and the third game, Halo 3, added a slew of new features to the franchise. Some gamers felt that the third title in the franchise was rather underwhelming and far too similar to the first two titles.

Bungie’s most recent release, Halo Reach, according to Bungie the final Halo game they will ever develop, managed to reinvigorate the series. The innovative load outs feature and the game’s return to simplicity, garnered it critical praise from many hardcore gamers. Activision could learn some valuable lessons from this approach.

First person shooters have defined this decade’s video games, just like 2D platforming titles like Super Mario Bros. defined gaming in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. With a slew of shooters on the way (Resistance 3, Brink, Killzone 3 and The Darkness II), first person shooters won’t disappear any time soon. Gamers will continue to buy Call of Duty games regardless of how similar each title is to the last one in the series.

This strategy may work with casual video gamers but hardcore gamers are already noticing how uninventive the franchise has become – soon casual fans will too. If Activision continues on this path, the Call of Duty series may run out of steam. Innovation is a key to long-term success in the video game industry.

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  1. Realist says:

    @Krugg “What has your country done in any field of gaming?” It’s not relevant since my country only has a tiny population hence no huge industry. The question should be, what have the americans done? I’ll tell what they’ve done, introduced DLC, games you can finish in 2 days (and they advertise them in the form of ‘reviews’ all across the WWW (which is so fucking deceitful) littered the industry with mindless generic FPS, and generally turned the industry into a pile of shit.

    So yeh I have a right to be pissed off since the nintendo/sega/playstation 95% of all the console games I grew up with from a kid were all Japanese…so yeh seeing the Americans getting their greedy paws out this gen was a bit sickening, esp when they put their ‘patriotism’ in their all games (this game you play as a cowboy, that game you play a marine killing ‘terrorists’ this game is about the war of independence. Is it any surprise the USA is the only place where the xbox sold more??… lol!

    Nice move there on microsofts part trying to eliminate used games on their next console- cheap greedy fucks. I guess the buck comes before integrity. I love how the xboxone may be Banned in Australia and Germany for it being a ‘monitoring device’

  2. Krugg says:

    I’m not gonna argue that Call of Duty is utter trash. It is the biggest pile of horse dung I’ve ever seen, and so many people are stepping in and love the smell. But calling Americans “Americunts” is completely uncalled for.
    What has your country done in any field of gaming? Unless you’re living in Japan, you’ve done nothing compared to the US, so shut the fk up and stop being an ignorant prick.
    I get it, most people are gonna think their country is #1. That being said, I’m an American and I don’t, but it still makes me an American, and you shouldn’t blindly insult people you know nothing about. You turned this into an anti-culture comment for no fking reason. Sit and spin buddy, you’re an ass.

  3. Realist says:

    Yes they did! 7 call of duties in a single console generation is disgusting!, along with the other 2 trillion american gaming companies pumping them out onto consoles. The american’s need to get the fuck out of the console world. Their music industry turned to shit long ago, noone cares for their movies anymore either, so what’s left for them? take over the Japanese console world and have complete crooked fraudulent tyrants like IGN praising all their own games giving them 9.5’s etc when they are utter shit. The xbox hasn’t won a single a console war and it’s about to be on it’s 3rd console-

    americunts have ZERO imagination when it comes to video games other than their fanatical gun obsession and explosions

  4. Shanze says:

    To put it simply. Fps games can be fun, they can be creative and they can be original. Lack-luster copy-paste games like COD, take something that was decent a long time ago, and rehash it each year. Why? As stated before it’s obvious it makes money. That’s what alot of gaming companies want today. Money, not fans, money. You can always try to say something along the lines of X game is clearly a better FPS then COD and proves you can do X innovations. Labeling actual games is obviously going to draw the heads of idiots intent on bashing your choice of comparison. Honestly COD’s a terrible and overrated series, it’s not the ONLY ONE, but it’s one of the most annoying and famous. I personally hate the games, but opinion aside, it’s clear it is effecting game companies. Why bother to make an interesting game, when you can slop something horrible together and make it LOOK nice, then sell it off to the larger number of “gamers” (Also known in the actual gaming community as casuals) who will these days pretty much buy anything a friend recommends or that visually looks nice, as a result anything that’s more then meets the eye will or that doesn’t match their attention with stupid random action segments, they’ll reject. So as a result they’ll buy up things like COD and (in other cases) things like angry birds which most flash games ride a higher level of complication and quality to. And as far as opinion goes again, those of you defending COD calling it strategic and intense or realistic. You poor souls need some deep help. But before one of you idiots tries to write this off as a rant or a GRHHH HERP A DEPR I HAUTE COD GAUEMS, Which, you -WILL- try, read carefully, as I have on multiple occasional stated a matter of opinion. That’s my two cents, so, I’ll leave it to the stupid people who’ll end up taking this reply apart and trying to make COD and other bad casual games out as some sort of gods among games.

  5. crob000 says:

    I whole heartedly believe this article hit the nail right on the head. I was furious when they released number two at a higher price because they figured we would pay it anyways. It was not worth anything at all. I despised the game and as a hardcore gamer for over 15 years, i have seen the goods and bads of just about every genre and the few games I didn’t play, I read into extensively.

    This series took on the cooky cut shooter role from day one but was able to mix an interesting action movie feel to the experience. They did exactly that with number two but less involving and the game was EXACTLY the same. It could have been released as a map pack and yet you wanted MORE this time than ever?

    I signed off on the day I bought this game, to never ever buy a single BS shooter again until I get a demo or unfortunately am forced to download it free to try it out because I will not be duped in to paying for a lousy experience. There are and have always been too many games that are popular not because they are good, but because they market well and everyone seems to be buying it. Customer satisfaction is often VERY low on those games and rarely are a big seller with their sequels. This series is an odd exception and an unfortunate one since many first person shooters simply build off the principles of another successful shooter and yet the biggest games in the FPS world are really the innovative, new ground games and they take off and then get promptly ruined by greedy corps that think we want to pay 60+ for DLC’s and map packs they try to convince us are full games.

    The basic fact is… if the price doesnt fit the value of entertainment… you feel ripped off and you never look back unless of course… its not your money buying the games each time, maybe its your parents if you still live at home. It wont matter how amazing a game is, if the price doesnt match, it flops. I can’t tell you how many companies I have seen fold in the gaming industry because they pushed for a $60+ release instead of 40 and would have sold HUGE volumes that more than make up for a smaller price.

    Bottom line is, this game was worth a $5 dollar map pack update, nothing more.

    Oh and the multiplayer experience people rave about is like dealing with new versions of the older beta counter strike players. I played CS since beta 2 or 3 and played it all the way up in to the full release. The differences in gamer mentality, skill, and honor is staggering. Where people wanted a fair challenge and a good balanced game at one time, now they want huge guns and auto aim or recoiless semi and fully autos. They think that to make a shooter interesting, you need fancy graphics and bigger explosions. Have they not noticed the HUGE sums of money going in to indie game development and third party developers by the customers directly? These games dont rely on bigger and fancier explosions. Instead, it relies on replayability, dependable AI, excellent map layout, diverse goals, and mixing in some reasonable multiplayer where one person can not just run really fast to where people dont expect them to be at the beginning of a round and exploit the other team by themselves.

    Everything gamers have been asking developers to address has been ignored so the customers are making the games themselves now and the cheesiest lamest games can be the addictively fun experience and one that you suggest to friends. The last time someone ever recommend even a single shooter to me was CS and since then nobody cares cause they are a dime a dozen and so similar in appearance and playability at this time, its like I had said, these games could almost come out as map packs now.

    Someone should make a bass engine called shooter 2.0 that encompasses all the great ai features and advances from most shooters and allow users to make their own shooters and maps with some relative ease through the engine. Could make their money selling updates of the engine to developers which allows developers to focus on the game mechanics within the source coding rather than focus on simply writing a working non buggy code.

    The last thing that HAS to stop in all gaming genres is the pay to beta test BS going on. Companies are not doing proper beta tests and instead have us pre order a beta game and patch it over a year from initial release to get it actually functional. No game should be disfunctional right out of the box unless it was never tested and yet how often are we seeing users across thousands of forums complaining about this issue of buggy software and deciding to patch it later. If you sell me a product that can not function properly within windows or mac and crashes to the desktop or freezes my system, I expect a refund because the product isn’t done.

    In any other business you would be fired or held accountable for lost time and income but because the outcome is towards entertainment, it slides.

  6. justntimebh says:

    yea i have to side with the others above that this type of talk is just for creating buzz for your website. FPS been around longer then google yahoo and msn. why are we acting like cod created them and destroyed them.

  7. In my opinion cod is actually an average game. not original but temporarily time consuming. its not the game i hate but the fans who say “ROFLE! dis g@Me is sh!t cuz it n0t like cod!!! lol lol.” If people would just stop going on about it (this includes complaining) then cod won’t sell as much. The only reason it sells so much is because of publicity gained from sites like this. Not to say i disagree with you! I just beleive that cod won’t sell if no one cares about how average it really is.

  8. Yeshnawzz says:

    My problem with the Call of Duty franchise isn’t because the game is crap, but how it influences other game companies to use the Call of Duty formula (lackluster single-player, higher emphasis on multiplayer) to make the FPS genre into the most cliched genre of games to this day. If Activision is going to make such a below-average campaign, don’t put it in at all. At the same time however, this will influence other companies to stop single-player campaigns, thus bringing the death of the single-player FPS. Buy COD if you so desire, but just to let you know, by doing so, you are all just fucking us over.

  9. Lynchbread says:

    How dare you say battlefield is a rip off of call of duty, Battlefield has been around longer than Call of duty and is better in every way than call of duty.

  10. Zach says:

    I love Halo. From the graphics, to the music, to the instantly memorable gameplay, characters, and story, it’s just amazing. I know that it didn’t create the FPS genre, but it sure as hell made it more popular then ever before. And to Jbyrd, how is it overrated? To me, the appraise is well deserved. You seem like the kind of person who played three rounds of matchmaking, quit, and talked shit about it.

    Halo has better graphics ( YOU KNOW ITS TRUE SO STFU), storyline ( YOU KNOW ITS TRUE, AGAIN.), and music.

  11. Kengfa says:

    Ok, you guys want new ways to improve on CoD? I’m bored sitting around right now let me think through this.
    -Larger Maps
    -Destruction to some degree
    -Dedicated Servers
    -New AC System
    -More freedom to move other than nearly being an on-the-rails game
    -Remove shooting revealing you on the map
    -Kill streaks gone
    -Teamwork and strategy being involved
    -find a way to force annoying kids into strategy and teamwork when it’s involved
    -Drop map pack price to 5$ each
    -More buildings that you are allowed to enter. Being every building on the map. Maybe not from blowing a wall up but opening a door.
    -Campaign with unique features in the game for the campaign.
    -New ways to use stealth.
    -Get rid of the game itself being run, run, run, run, run, shoot, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, shoot. I SHOTCHUU FIRST NO YU CHEATED HAX REPOTR.
    -New ranking system
    -Limited time guns which only some players may receive based on (insert idea here) but to balance it more at a later date that only some players may receive
    -One custom class per person and to change anything will cost you money you’ve made in game off of contracts as added in black ops.
    -If map sizes stay the same sniper rifles need to be removed.
    -If map sizes increase sniper rifles need more features and or guns.
    -More realistic maps. The current maps are not maps that there’d be a battle happening in. You can’t really have a war on a rooftop and no moron will fight over a carnival or trailer park.
    -Run speed decreased
    -Reload speed decreased
    -Perks dumbed down or increased with new ones allowing you to do far more.
    -New game modes.

    Well, that’s all I feel the need to come up with. Just pointing it out now and I know most of you will completely disregard what I’m saying in this last paragraph entirely but, most of what I’ve listed won’t make a drastic change in the game play meaning it won’t be much better. But it will be better.

  12. Alex says:

    i wholeheartedly agree with this article, ive been playing CoD since they began on the PC and i must admit its just not fun anymore, i think in the wake up all the money they focused more on “casual gamers” then hardcore guys, ever since MW2 it seems like they stopped trying, i just can forgive them for that horrible game which they made so much money on but never bothered to patch. On another note Halo1 was awesome, halo2 was pretty cool but came with MP which was awesome, halo3 was meh, and reach just seemed like a rehash to, maybe i had higher expectations on the multiplayer considering they didnt invent many new vehicles (a few but not many)

  13. jbyrd says:

    my question to you is…. what else do you want them to do? the game is perfect in my eyes. A little tweaking here and there, improve graphics, new maps, new perks, new customizations…. i just don’t see how else they can really change it.

  14. jbyrd says:

    HALO IS THE MOST OVERRATED GAME EVER… Not even in the same class of quailty of shooter that Call of Duty is. I’ve been playing CoD since the orignal game first came out because it was made by the same head developers of MoH:AA (greatest game ever). What else do you want them to do? They have new perks, new weapons, new maps, new ways to customize, zombies, better ways to play online with friends etc.? What else could be done? Its like an expansion pack every year. I love it.

    • @jbyrd
      You said it your self, “it’s like an expansion pack every year,” I want more than just an expansion pack every year.

    • Logan says:

      Actually, you are wrong. Call of Duty is very overrated, I find every ‘gamer'(I use that term loosely because in this case they only play one game) to be an annoying person who’s life revolves around CoD. You find many more CoD freaks, better known as CoD fanboys, going around trying to bash better games like Crysis (1 and 2), Halo, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and other such titles than what you see coming from the Halo Fans. Most CoD games are stupid, pointless violence revolving around the most boring story ever. Am I mistaken? Aren’t games NOT REAL? And why are they even called realistic when it has horrid graphics, bad non realistic elements like the X that appears when you shoot someone, and very bad Ai on the hardest difficulty. I think Crysis 1-2 set the bar for FPS games, where most FPS games keep up, and CoD falls behind. I didn’t hate the game until all of the fanboys, started shoving it in my face. You should get some experience with these guys everywhere and research something other than ‘Halo is more Overrated than CoD’. Also, try to get some variety in games (I Like First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy, Puzzle games, Action Games, Adventure games(I love Zelda), Fighting Games (SSBB, SSBM, SSB FTW), stealth games (Splinter Cell), Racing Games (WipEout HD/64), and Non-Linear games like Minecraft and Terraria). Finally, CoD games lack the stealth element unlike Crysis (Obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed) which had it in there.

    • w says:

      Stupid cod fanboy…..

  15. Copperpot says:

    @Patrick O’Rourke

    I think you should write an article titled “How Console Gaming Is Killing the FPS Genre”.

    I absolutely hate playing FPS with a console gamepad. After I quit video games like 5 years I told myself I’ll only play one game ever, on my computer. I played Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for 6 damn years. Then I stopped MoH:AA and finally upgraded like 2-3 years ago to CoD4:MW for my Mac when they released it. I’d still be happy as a pig in shit playing that if I didn’t have a my friend move in with me and bring in his evil PS3 and evil CoD:Black. Now I can’t sleep because I’m always playing it, and I can’t stop bitching because the game play drives me insane. (But I play, so shame on me.)

    But, people who argue that FPS games on a console are superior to a PC’s keyboard and mouse setup are, in my humble statement of fact, wrong. You can say that you can use a K&M on a console but it’s not the same. You don’t have the customization you can get on a PC. You can’t really boot out the cheaters, hacks, punks on a console; you can’t auto-kick the high ping players that fuck up everything with their lag; it’s 100 times slower game play.

    I’ve just been a PC/Mac gamer since I started playing Space Quest on my Apple II GS.

    • @Copperpot

      It really depends on what you grew up playing. I’m a console gamer primarily but when I was a kid I did play a few PC shooters, Doom and Counterstrike, among a few others. For me a game pad has always felt comfortable in my hands, especially when it comes to FPS games. A keyboard and mouse just seems foreign to me.

      I’d rather lay back on a couch fragging people then sit hunched over in front of a computer. Of course this is just my opinion, this is how I grew up playing games so it’s what I prefer.

      PC gamers do tend to stick with games longer, I could never play one FPS game for 6 years straight – I would get utterly bored out of my mind.

      I don’t think it’s really console gamings fault, It’s still Activisions business model that is fundamentally flawed. Sure it’s making them money now, but for how long – they continue to drive franchises into the ground. The industries casual gaming focus is more to blame than anything else really.

  16. Killman says:

    I could not have said it better myself. I had no interest in MW2 but I purchased Black Ops (PS3). That was a massive mistake. After a month I sold it. I am never buying an Activision product again, I MIGHT rent Prototype 2 but even it looks like complete trash. I also hate how there are so many companies trying to copy COd as you said. For example, I loved the first Bad Company. It was unique because of its gameplay and it was actually FUNNY. I love the single player for that. Then, MW2 was released and guess what? A few months later and we got Bad Company 2, which was nothing but a bunch of pointless hardcore military crap. Bad Company is supposed to be funny. Nope, it was just Oscar Mike this and Tango Down that. Screw that. I hate Call of Duty and Activision.

    • First of all I’d like to thank everyone for commenting, we always appreciate reader feedback and discussion at Gamejudgment. I also always respond to each and every comment on an individual basis and since there has been so many of you I’ve combined my responses into one post.

      I didn’t directly explain how CoD is ruining gaming, there is no one sentence that says that. But I think my opinion piece describes how the series has created a trend of rehashing games on a yearly basis. That’s the basis for the entire article so I’m not entirely sure how you missed that.

      I really didn’t talk about how perfect Halo was, I used it as an example of a series that has managed to remain fresh, reinventing it’s self (to an extent) with each subsequent release. I know the Halo franchise is extremely flawed in many ways.

      That’s true, I wanted to focus on CoD but that’s not really how the article turned out. It stayed in the headline to give the piece more focus though. I guess that’s your opinion, I feel like Black Ops didn’t really bring anything new to the franchise, you feel like it has.

      I tend to agree, when I was writing the opinion piece I couldn’t decide whether Halo or Goldeneye really popularized the FPS genre. I went with Halo because I felt it catapulted the current industry FPS frenzy. But your right, Goldeneye really brought it it’s initial popularity. I can’t really agree with your FPS pc argument, I’ve always felt like first person shooters on the computer (where the genre was born) were never as popular as console FPS games – less main stream really I guess.

      Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really hate Final Fantasy XII, it is quite an absolutely terrible game. I wrote a column a long time ago on Gamejudgment explaining how terrible it really was

      You sound pretty noob:P Now that we got that out of the way I can respond to your comment. I wasn’t talking about games that founded the genre I’m talking about the titles that popularized the genre. FPS games on the PC, especially the ones you mentioned, didn’t bring the genre to its current level of popularity but like you said they did pioneer first person shooters.

      @The Outsider
      I explained it in the article, Activision releases a new title every year, they use the same engine every year and their are minimal changes between titles every year. Bungie takes their time between releases, doesn’t use the same engine every year and for the most part reinvents the franchise time and time again.

      I realize Halo has it’s issues, but it is a perfect example of a franchise that isn’t just simply rehashed on a yearly basis – that’s the only point I was getting at.

      Thanks, it’s refreshing to hear someone agree with me for a change. I like CoD, I honestly don’t think it’s a bad game, I was playing Zombies last night with my girlfriend. I just think it’s going down hill and that it’s created a terrible rehashing trend in the industry.

  17. the outsider says:

    ‘In contrast to Activision’s approach, Bungie’s Halo series has managed to remain fresh with each release.’ lol

  18. Chris says:

    This article sounds noob. You talk like Halo started the FPS genere and came to the table with fresh ideas. Halo is the most overated peace of crap ever. I was doing what you can do in halo years before release on PC games. I think its safe to say that when it comes to first person shooters, Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem started it all. “Deathmatch” actually came from Doom. So yeah, noob article that sounds like a halo fanboy published it.

    • Tyler says:

      So you’re calling a game overrated because you don’t like it? You people make me laugh. Halo popularized FPS games and brought them more up to speed on consoles. Since you don’t own a console, why do you care anyways? By whining about it like this, you make yourself look like a ‘n00b’.

  19. Copperpot says:

    If you want to really look at the FPS genre, then you have to look at PC gaming, since that’s where FPS originated and the style of gameplay really shines. Quake I believe sent the trend of mainstream gamers going nuts for FPS games. Before that you had Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, but I think Quake really made those games even more popular.

    But the real modern frenzy, do to the widespread usage of console games, didn’t come yet.
    The game that transitioned FPS into the console world in a super major way is, hands down, GoldenEye. Bond brought multiplayer FPS gaming into the living rooms of every household and it was all over after that.

  20. Maester says:

    Very well written article – I agree with almost everything you said, yet I still have to see whether FFXIII is as terrible as you make out. Expect tween CoD fans to berate you, but I believe you have highlighted the many of the problems in the game industry today and mature, intelligent and dedicated gamers should come to realise this.

  21. Desmond says:

    The points you raise seem to relate more to how Activision is ruining another franchise, rather than how Call of Duty is ruining gaming.
    The single player campaign of Black ops, was a significant step up from the past Call of Duty games, aside from Sam Worthingtons voice acting. And the tweeks to multiplayer, be it the level design, player movement (diving) or the currency system have reinvented the multiplayer, from what i’ve read, to the pleasure of the majority.
    I’d say arguably the newest installment in the Cod series is the most innovative since CoD 4, and the most impressive of the entire series.
    Activision milking everything they can from the series will only lead to the destruction the series, it will hardly ruin gaming for everyone.

  22. Cameron says:

    I’m sorry, but where in this article does it mention the reasons why Call of Duty is ruining gaming? This reads more like an anti-Activision post than anything. Call of Duty is not ruining anything other than some people’s taste in video games. Activision ran Guitar Hero into the ground (which you stated), which did not ruin gaming. You allege that they are doing the same to the CoD franchise and THIS will ruin gaming?

    All this article talks about is how stagnant CoD has become and how perfect Halo is. You fail to mention the affect any of these games have on the gaming landscape.

    I’m sorry for the negative comment but this incoherent hate rant, you’ve labelled an article, has little to do with the title other than the fact they both contain the words “Call of Duty”.

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