Mass Effect 3

I was pretty psyched to play Mass Effect 3’s new DLC. The fact that it involved teaming up with Aria, the badass that runs the lawless Omega station, that was enough for me to drop 1200 MS points the day it came out.

I really wish it had a more interesting story though. You fight battles, protect a few key points and do a little bit of arguing over strategy and some moralizing. You also meet a past love interest, nothing especially game changing happens.

I finished playing and after maybe three hours of exploring, I realized I was actually pretty bored? I liked the idea of the Adjutants but that didn’t really go anywhere.

Although the story and interaction was lacking, the DLC wasn’t completely terrible. It didn’t have everything that I wanted or expected it to, but for the most part, I had a good time with the DLC.

There’s also some new weapon parts, a few new enemies to fight and a nice bit of battle with varying locations. It took me a couple of tries to get back into the swing of things but once I did, I rather enjoyed tearing through Cerberus forces, there was no shortage. The pacing was fast, moving from one area to the next there was always a fight just around the corner to keep you busy.

The other thing that was nice to see was more of Omega. I always thought before that the place had a rough charm to it, going through now I stopped at many of the new locations just to look around and enjoy the sights.

The levels and game are quite nice looking even if they are rather linear. It shows a new side of Omega, the guts and sustaining parts of the station like the tunnels, generators, halls and mines. It showed a new functioning side of Omega with a few familiar sites such as the skyline and Afterlife club to provide some nostalgia. Oh and Aria gets pissed and goes a little crazy. The reason she snaps doesn’t make much sense though.

Still, these features aren’t enough to make the money I spent on this DLC really worth it. You don’t get to bring your squad mates along either. You’re also stuck with the predictable and not all that interesting Aria and another underdeveloped character Nyreen, who is the good one and doesn’t want you to kill everyone.

You’re working to take back Omega for Aria so you can get some important resources and more soldiers. You already know she’s going to win because she’s in the game. You’ve also already got the support of the three main gangs, thanks to her from the first mission you got from her.

Why even bother? And the big moment in the game, talking up Aria or not and having to decide whether to kill some civilians or not, but either way it doesn’t make any kind of discernible impact in the end.

  1. What past relationships? I played through twice and it eluded me. I could rationalize when she lost Nyreen possibly due to her past relationship. However given how Aria talks about Nyreen and works to manipulate her it puts her off as more the cold and calculating type.

  2. Jonatron says:

    The reason for the Aria anger at that point is due to her past relationships, which you can learn more about if you prod her appropriately.

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