Sega has finally realized what gamers want, a straight-up Sonic game. People don’t want to play as fuzzy little pink balls of fur in Mari0 64-esque rip offs.

It took Sega countless years to finally realize that not every game translates well into 3D, hence this nostalgic trip into Sonic’s Sega Genesis past.

According to Destructoid the game will feature CG pre-rendered graphics, not totally sure what that means but from the screen shots i’ve seen the graphics have a classic yet refined feel to them.

The sweet spin dash, rolling attack and homing attack are returning. One previously unannounced fourth move will be features in the game as well. Lets hope it doesn’t turn sonic into a werewolf.

I liked Sonic 3 on the Gensis, back then there was nothing out there like it. I think i’m probably one of the few people out there that was a bigger fan of Sonic games than Nintendo’s Mario franchise. I hope Sega finally gets it right after 16 years of crap. Sonic 4: Episode 1 will be available on Xbox Live, The Playstation Network and WiiWare with an expected release date of sometime this summer.

  1. Sangi says:

    tell me about it! ah well anything to keep the mrs happy! and i know i’ve got the colocetlrs edition coming so it’s all good! don’t think i’ll be able to resist a quick peek though! played the demo last night, it downloaded via wireless in just over half hour! first impression of an unfinished job: EPIC! this is everything sonic 4 should have been, but in a way i’m kinda glad it isn’t, cos this game looks like it’s going to be difficult to top, and deserves the love and care it’s had put into it to justify as a whole game. had a crack on sonic 4 straight after, and still found problems with the physics and overall speed of the game, and i don’t think they’ll change any of that for part 2, it would make it a completely different game rather than a follow up!so until xmas, i’m gona have to content myself with perfecting the green hill zone as well as the controls!so to those of you who have either edition of the game come november 4th, think of me when you’re trail-blazing with our favourite spiked speed-demon! hopefully there’ll be a decent DLC pack out by then too! good things come to those who wait!

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