In a surprising but random turn of events, it appears as though Sonic Adventure, the successful launch title for Sega’s failed system, the Sega Dreamcast, will be coming to PSN and XBLA.

Although nowadays 3D sonic games lack the luster, fun and replay value that the older titles continue to have even to this day, Sonic Adventure was a game that blew the doors open into the next gen gaming age. It had some of the coolest, most memorable tracks along with stellar gameplay, controls and some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen on a video game system for its time. It was the Dreamcast’s flagship title and although there was a sequel it’s hard to deny that this game was the better of the two.

Sega has still refused to deny or confirm these rumors, and according to the Korean gaming boards website, they have confirmed it as a title for XBLA alongside Crazy Taxi, another great Dreamcast game. If these rumors are true and classic Dreamcast games are making a return on current gen consoles, the possibility of even more games getting released is very high. Who wouldn’t want to replay classics like Power Stone, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and Shenmue?

You can be sure that we at Game Judgment will most definitely keep you, our readers, up to date on whether or not this exciting rumor is true. Let’s just hope that it is!

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