With all the hype surrounding Kinect’s release last Thursday most of the media seems to have forgotten about Sony’s PlayStation Move. It looks like it’s done alright in the sales category. Sony recently released this ‘chest beating’ heavy-in-the-stats department image that boasts how well the Move has preformed world wide.

I’ve never been a Sony gamer but I’ve always respected their consoles and lately with the release of the casual oriented Kinect by Microsoft, Sony’s camp is slowly starting to become more and more appealing. All they need is Halo any maybe some day I’ll consider getting a Sony console.

Some of the statistics are actually pretty interesting and rather surprising. I imagine a lot of it is PR speak, so it would be interesting to see how accurate these statistics actually are. It seems like an attempt at bringing the media’s spotlight away from Kinect.

  • More than 60% of people interested in buying the PlayStation Move already own a Wii
  • 1 million units have shipped in North America (Keep in mind that shipped doesn’t necessarily mean sold, the local department store I work part-time at always has a bunch in stock)
  • Since May purchase intent by PS3 owners doubled more than 2 times
  • 24 PlayStation move games are available this season
  • 15 More expected to be released by the end of the fiscal year
  • 30% of the Move’s audience is female
  • 25% of the Move’s audience is over 35
  • The average Move owners age is 28
  • Over half of Move owners are parents

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