I fell in love with the first Army of Two game. A game built for co-op that I could play on the same console with a friend was perfect for my tastes. Making money and upgrading guns while working together to stay alive is a great concept for a video game.

I remember this was my first taste of such a wide range of customization options and I ate it up and asked for more. It was also well written, the funny little one liners back and forth provided a nice splash of comedy and showed the camaraderie as well as the more playful side.

A little trip as they move through a doorway or a smack on the side of the head when one did something stupid was hilarious. I did not in any way condone the reviews that were out there. If you get a chance, go out and purchase it and I promise you won’t be disappointed. It came out in 2008 and I still go back and play it.

The second game Army of Two 40th Day had me so hyped but was  a huge disappointment. The humor wasn’t there, the graphics were bad, and the game modes were boring. I gave up on my hope for another game and was angry at the letdown. But then I hear about The Devils Cartel and I start to get excited again. I do a little bit of research but all it’s doing is making me uneasy. You can see the demo here from Gamescon 2012 compliments of IGN to see what I’m talking about.

The fact that there are new characters, Alpha and Bravo, only makes sense. Rios and Salem started back in 1993 and started their own company T.W.O. so it makes sense they step back and let some new blood into the mix.

I like the setting as well, dealing with drug cartels in Mexico. Reading up what goes on there in real life makes for plenty of interesting opportunities to exploit. Hell, it’s a place where the state is run by powerful drug cartels with a paper government to appease the rest of the world, where freedom is for those who can pay for it, corruption is everywhere and the most powerful determine what is fair. Who can’t love that setting and the possibilities?

There seems to be plenty of returning elements though. Defending yourself against large groups of enemies as well as dragging and picking up your downed partner, makes a return. Then there’s the cover mechanics and weapons. Ok, this is all returning and all familiar territory.

What else have you got for me? There’s a new Overkill mode, that doubles damage for a few seconds. Nope not new, had that one before. But now you can have both guys have it at the same time! I’m still unimpressed. You’ve taken the idea of interdependence and shot it to hell with a more available super power.

I’ll admit the big chopper fight was impressive, as was seeing the damage your weapons could do on the surroundings. However, big cinematic bits with lots of actions and explosions are not enough.

We’ve seen it done by Call of Duty to death and although it may look nice, the focus, I hope, is on adding something new, not polishing or trying to spiff up the same game from 2008.

I want to see some new features. I want to see them take some risks. Sadly I don’t believe that will be the case as the game comes out in March. The same thing happened to me with 40th Day, I did my research, played the demo and held out hope for something new and exciting but to no avail. This all seems familiar. It’s looking like another disappointment unfortunately.


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