Fellow writer at GameJudgment Scott Dixon recently wrote an article covering Stephen Tolito and N’Gai Croal’s “Canon Fodder”, a project designed to find:

“The Best Method Of All Time For Selecting The 10 Best Video Games Of All Time.”      – Stephen Tolito, In Search of History’s Best Video Games: Canon Fodder, Season One.

In his article, Scott made the point that “there were too many incredible games and not enough spots on a top 10 list.” Point well taken. Why limit the number of games deserving recognition for introducing innovations copied so many times they have now became norms? And why should it only be game developers who would have a say in the matter of that arbitrary list? I say the hell with all that. If there is to be a canon for video games, then it should decided by popular vote. If there is to be a canon for video games, then it should be made by gamers for gamers. And if there is to be a canon for video games, then hell, what better reasons that those below:

1. Too many top 10 lists.

2. Because sales and subscriptions don’t tell the whole story.

3. Books have one, movies too, why not video games?

4. Because Henry Lowood’s list need an update.

5. Because Toblod is really having a though time defining what a ‘good’ video game is.

6. What else are we going to do while we wait for the Citizen Kane of video games?

7. To recognize innovative and paradigm-shifting video games.

8. Because we’ve come a long way since Spacewar!

9. “I think it would be a very good idea.” Mahatma Gandhi on Western Civilization the Video Game Canon.

10. Because if I read another article on Halo:Reach I’m going to start shooting for real. Not really.


Check out the first potential entry to the Video Game Canon and vote.

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