By: Daniel Beckett

I’ve never owned a PlayStation 3. Not because I think it’s an inferior console or that all games are better on the Xbox 360, but because I just decided on buying an Xbox first. In fact, these days I’ve abandoned consoles and moved onto PC gaming (a move that Microsoft’s conference most certainly justified). For these reasons, I hate to admit that Sony had some great looking games to add to their exclusives list.

There are really only two games that made me yearn for the Sony console. The first of which being the highly anticipated The Last of Us. The trailers were intriguing but to many people’s surprise the gameplay shown off during E3 actually looked rather solid (with the exception of slightly shaky shooting mechanics).

We saw a fluid cover system that could possibly be akin to what was in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The title’ s AI looked quite intelligent and moved in and out of cover and even responded to the sound of an empty gun chamber, knowing that the time to strike was now. In terms of the visuals, The Last of Us looked beautiful. The gameplay we saw at E3 was packed full of  detail, from the flooded streets to a wrecked, crumbling hotel.

Of course, everything we see at E3 should be taken with a grain of salt. I’ll be incredibly amazed if some of what we saw wasn’t scripted specially for the event. I am most certainly interested in The Last of Us and if there was ever a game to make me try a new console, this would be it.

Heavy Rain creators Quantic Dream unveiled their new IP entitled Beyond: Two Souls. There wasn’t too much to go off in terms of what was shown to the crowd at E3 other than some amazing facial animations that put L.A. Noire to shame. From what I can gather, you play as a young woman named Jodie Holmes with special (possibly psychic) powers who is being hunted by a government organisation.

From the look of the gameplay montage that was shown, it seems as though many different abilities will be within the game such as possession, telekinesis and pyrokinesis. A mysterious and apparently invisible companion named Ivan was also mentioned. I’m going to go our on a limb and make a wild guess and say that Ivan is some kind of spirit and the source of Jodie’s powers. I’m intrigued by Beyond, even  more so than I was by Heavy Rain. It will most certainly be interesting to see how the game turns out.

All in all, I wasn’t that interested in the rest of the announcements made at the Sony conference but I understand that mostly comes from not being a part of the Sony crowd. The beginning of the conference made mention of the internet judges everything at E3 and they were right. So, if I were to rank Sony I’d certainly put them second to Ubisoft at the moment.

By: Abhishek Indoria – Writer

A few hours ago, just after Microsoft’s press conference, I thought about taking a nap so that I could be ready for Sony’s E3 conference.

This meant that I had to skip Ubisoft’s conference, but boy, was it worth it!

Sony stole the show in my opinion. They had a fine presentation (Ubisoft’s annoying host ruined theirs) and their lineup of titles was strong. I had a few issues in the first few moments because of a storm and a powercut where I live, but I managed to watch the rest of the show on my phone.

Beyond: Two Souls looks really promising. It’s being developed by Quantic Dream, the creators of Heavy Rain. I loved the Kara demo, and I knew they would announce something new today.

God of War: Ascension seems like an okay game. I’m not a big fan of God Of War franchise so that might be the reason, but what I saw was the same concept repeated over and over again. I sense some Hindus will try to ban the game in a few countries (India, Malaysia) because of Kratos killing the elephant guy which matches with one of their gods (censorship is never good, mind you but I can see it happening).

Here comes the biggest title of the event, The Last of Us. Finally, a game which doesn’t throw hordes of zombies your way. No nonsensical overuse of music and set-pieces. The game looked beautiful. The visuals and the use of sound were excellent. The combat, looked a little dodgy to say the least though. Coming from Naughty Dog, I didn’t expect anything else. Combat in Uncharted franchise has never been that good (yes, I’ve played all three games).

What I didn’t expect, was the Wonderbook project. The Book Of Spells looked downright awesome and it seems like the perfect game for children. I’m afraid it won’t really attract many adults though. J.K.Rowling with Sony? That, I didn’t expect.

Anyway, I can say that the Sony’s press conference was much better than Microsoft’s. Sony actually emphasized games rather than gimmicks. While Microsoft used the five phrases and told the fans, “We want you to watch sports in your homes with your Xbox!” but Sony said, “Hey, we’ve got a few new games. Want to take a look?” The later appeals more to me.

By: Anthony Velez – Writer

I think Sony did a much better job than Microsoft did on their E3 presentation.  They covered more games than Microsoft did and that makes the gamer inside me extremely happy.

Their new project Beyond: Two Souls looks like it’s going to be a great game.  I’m a sucker for anything supernatural and it looks like this game is going to deliver. I hope the main character, Jody Holmes, ends up growing in terms of character development as the game progresses.  The fact that she can communicate with the other side and use special powers, gives a lot of room for character development.

Sony’s announcement of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale being cross-play compatible makes me very happy. Not only does it look like an extremely fun game, the fact that you can play on either the PS3 or the PS Vita makes it even better. I think this is a smart move and will get more players interested in this title.

I also liked how Sony is showing a lot of love towards the PlayStation Vita.  They announced PlayStation One classics coming to the PlayStation Vita, Call of Duty Declassified and Assassins Creed 3: Liberation.  As a PlayStation Vita owner, I really like seeing this.  I would not only love to be able to play those old school PlayStation One games that I might have missed out on the first time around, but I also want to be able to play new PlayStation Vita exclusive games like Call of Duty.

One last big thing that really caught my attention was The Last of Us trailer.  What they showed at E3 was not only action-packed but it was also pretty funny when the girl threw the brick at the enemies head.  These are the sort of things that make a game great.  Not only do we have a great survival game coming out, we have a survival game that’ll also make you laugh.

I congratulate Sony for putting on a great presentation this year.  They showed a lot of great upcoming games and mixed it well with throwing in new additions to their service.

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