I bought a Wii a few weeks ago and I’m sitting here trying to figure out why. I’ve always been primarily an Xbox gamer so needless to say over the last decade I’ve been playing a lot of first person shooters – I’m thinking that had something to do with my decision.

I think the whole shooter formula, pop out from behind a wall, aim, shoot, explosion, cut scene, was just starting to get boring for me – I needed to return to the video games that first got me interested in gaming. As a kid, I spent hours playing. Zelda: Ocarina of time From the first time I put the game in my N64, I knew it was special – that level of exploration in a 3d game had never been achieved before. A lot of my childhood was also spent playing older Final Fantasy titles on the Super Nintendo and old classic Mario titles on the NES. Basically, Nintendo was a large part of my life when I was a kid, I spent countless hours playing games on their consoles.

So I haven’t really explained my reasoning for buying a Wii yet, I’ve just talked about the video games of my childhood – the two are intrinsically linked together. Nintendo games have a level of personality that other companies, at least for me, have never been able to match. It’s linked to that nostalgia factor. When I play the new side scrolling Super Mario Bros, I can’t help but have flashbacks to Super Mario Bros. 3. To me, other than some exceptions on the Gamecube like Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has always kept their franchises fresh.

A perfect example of this is Super Mario Galaxy 2. I haven’t played the first title, but the sequel is the only game I have played in years that has actually surprised me with it’s ingenuity – a feeling I probably haven’t  felt since I played Ocarina of Time as a kid. I’m only part way through the game but the drill ability and planet jumping mechanic is borderline ingenious.

When someone asks me why I own an Xbox and not a PS3 I always have a simple answer… it’s about the games. Yes, I have to pay for Xbox Live (I still think I get what I pay for – the service is great), yes, right now the console’s lineup of exclusives looks pretty dismal and no, I can’t play Little Big Planet 2 on it. But Xbox does have the games I want to play, Halo and Gears are the most notable titles. The same goes for Nintendo’s Wii, I need a change of pace and it’s time for me to go back to the games I used to want to play a decade ago.

I’m not really totally sure what brought me back to Nintendo’s kid friendly land of video games but I think it had something to do with the current kind of games that keep coming out on mainstream consoles. Everything seems to be shooter based, don’t get me wrong, I’m a self professed borderline Halo fanboy, but sometimes I just want to jump up and down on some koopas – basically I’d like to play a game that isn’t a shooter. Just because Nintendo’s games aren’t mature, doesn’t necessarily make them bad games. So far my time with my new Wii has been a blast.

For instance Donkey Kong Country Returns, although insanely challenging at times, still manages to bring back the charm that made the original Donkey Kong Country so endearing. The level design is ridiculously original and the two player game play is probably the best co-op I’ve played in years, although at times the game is way to difficult for its own good.

My experience hasn’t been perfect, I find the graphics of most games pretty underwhelming. I’m amazed that IGN nominated the Goldeneye remake for graphics of the year under the Wii category – I felt it looked pretty bad even for a Wii game. I’ve also noticed that a lot of games seem extremely blurry on my flat-screen TV. Of course, this is probably because I don’t have a high definition cable for my Wii yet, I have a VGA cable on order – I do most of my gaming on my monitor – so that will solve the problem if it ever comes (it’s been almost 3 weeks). I’m also not thrilled with the motion game play, I’m a lazy gamer, I don’t want to move around to play my games. Some of it seems really cool but a lot of it seems gimmicky – like in Donkey Kong Country, I totally don’t want to have to shake my Wiimote to open a treasure chest.

I realize we are a very PS3, Xbox 360 centric site. I’m hoping to change that with some extra coverage on Nintendo’s often overlooked console. I still worship the church of the Masterchief but I’m going to try post more Nintendo related content. I’m not sure how long my love affair with the Wii will last but right now it has the type of games I want to play.

Oh and I had a $280 gift certificate for Future Shop burning a hole in my pocket. You might be wondering how I managed to get that much store credit, I’ll answer that “hoarding” related question in my next post.

  1. james braselton says:

    hi there you miss understand the nintendo 3ds 3d hand held is few days away and nintendo 3ds will beat 90% of all wii graphics i was pointing out that sence march 27 is very close at hand i was pointing out that you might spend anougher $250 for nintendo 3ds today march 6 tomarow is march 7 only 20 days now or 20 sleeps till i get my nintendo 3ds thats only 3 weeks till nintendo 3ds comes out you might change your mind

  2. james braselton says:

    hi there think you made big maskake becuase nintendo will be going 3d in 3ds on march 27 oh by they way retailers will have demo units and a 3ds touring that brings 3ds too your naborhoood oh 5 million 3ds preorders have been confirmed there is a waiting list 3ds more popualar then wii ever was and march 27 is like 30 days away or 30 sleeps untill i get my 3ds and if your a halo fan like me then buy conduit or conduit 2 for wii i have conduit for wii and all halos for xbox 360 i realy can not tell any differance in graphics between conduit on wii or halo on xbox 360

  3. wolfkin says:

    don’t blame the graphics on the Wii. It’s the games. Metroid Prime and DK:JB look fantastic and those are essentially Gamecube games. The only reason every games doesn’t look as good as DK:JB is because the developers don’t try. There are some good looking games out there. Warioland looks good for instance. Epic Yarn looks pretty nice as well. Anyway I’m sure you’ll find some good games.

    • @wolfkin
      The Wii is drastically underpowered compared to the 360 and PS3, some games still look great but we’ll never see a title that’s Halo: Reach caliber running on the console. It just isn’t feasible.

  4. Matt says:

    Bought a Wii for the Mrs – we played it 5 times then sold it, games were shovelware rubbish…if i want to play mario i can play it on pc easily

    • @Matt
      It’s a shame you feel that way, there is a crap load of shovel ware on the system but there are also some really great games.

      Are you talking about Super Mario Galaxy? I don’t think theres a working Wii emulator out there that will run it.

  5. Kezins says:

    Nice article. I’ve bookmarked the site and will check it out often. I’ve owned a Wii from the beginning, but I honestly rarely play it. My PS3 and Xbox 360 keep me too busy I guess.

  6. M&M says:

    No one cares why you bought a wii.

  7. Jimmy says:

    @Patrick O’Rourke

    Would you be so kind as to list the “shit load of great Wii games out there”?

    Apologies if I come off sounding “elitist”, as that is not my intent, nor is that me. I don’t believe, in my comments, that I have implied that in any way either. More likely that you have inferred that. But there I go again! Being all elitist. :-)

    “I’ve played Black Ops and I’ve played Super Mario Galaxy, they both were really great games but also very different experiences. If someone prefers one over the other that doesn’t make them less intelligent or more advanced.”

    What can I see here? You drank the NintenAID and have become one of “them”. If you don’t see the intelligence level difference between those two games, there is no hope. We shall agree that we disagree here, and leave it at that.

    Anyway, nice website, keep up the good work! I’ll be back to argue with you now and then to keep it fresh (and keep you honest).

    May I suggest that you write an article on “Why I Didn’t Buy a PS3″. I would like to read that.

    • @Jimmy

      Glad to see you back, I’m always up for some gaming related discussion.

      I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one, have you ever played Super Mario Galaxy before? It’s truly a remarkable game, the ingenuity of the game mechanics and level design never ceases to amaze me.

      I’m glad you like the site and even more glad that you enjoy my articles (at least I think you do). So please do come back, like I said I’m always up for some gaming related discussion and one of our goals right now here at Gamejudgment is building a community – so spread the word.

      I’ll see if I can come up with a list of great Wii games and turn it into an article. I also write that PS3 story, possibly next weekend – just for you.

  8. Jimmy says:

    @Patrick O’Rourke


    The Wii was released in this generation, but it is not part of this generation, it is last generation. So in essence it was late to the last generation party.

    Since it has no High-Definition output, that makes it last generation. Even the PS2 and original XBOX from last generation could do some games in 720p. The Wii cannot do that now, a full 10 years after the release of the last generation. How sad is that, seriously.

    Most people like me, who work for a living and have money to spend, own both current generation consoles….the 360 and the PS3. You can argue which is better, but it is simpler to own both.

    And let’s not even talk about the reinvention of “Shovelware”, one of the Wii’s primary accomplishments this generation (from the last generation console!).

    What is truly shocking is that with all the awesome AAA-title games on both the PS3 and 360, you went and bought a Wii to play the likes of Mario & Donkey Kong. You could not find any games on the PS3/360 to play. Amazing….

    I know there are some old school gamers who just cannot seem to make the jump to intelligent gaming and instead stick to the oldies where just mashing the one button gets you through it. They don’t like Trophies or Achievements because then friends and others will know exactly what their accomplishments are. Back in the old days you could brag to your friends about beating some game and on Hard, but now, with Achievements and Trophies, everyone can check now. Amazing how many bloggers have such low counts in each of those. But on the Wii, hey, no one will know that you suck and you never finish games, even on easy.

    The Wii is a toy, just like the Pet Rock was. But no one bought Pet Rock v2. The Wii was a novelty and everyone had to have one, though they rarely used it. The Wii 2 will fare about as well as the GameCube, nothing more.

    I have no problem with you enjoying yours though. Please continue to enjoy it. But please don’t try to put it in the same league as either the PS3 or the 360.

    • @Jimmy

      It all depends on your definition of the word generation. If your using it the way people usually do, meaning the Wii was released around the same time as the two other major consoles, then is most certainly part of this generation.

      You also seem hung up on high definition and graphics, I realize they are a very important factor in gaming, but I don’t feel like the Wii’s lack of full HD capability makes it in the same league as the Xbox and PS2. As a counter argument you could consider the Wii’s motion control to define this generation and say that the PS3 and 360 lacking this feature makes them last generation. Yes I do no that Move and Kinect are out now, I’d argue that their release is simply Microsoft and Sony trying to play catch up.

      Going back to your whole generational argument, if the Wii is not part of this generation then what consoles are part of it’s generation. The term usually refers to multiple consoles competing against one another for a period of time.

      Most people that work for a living wouldn’t have the time to play multiple games across two consoles, I know I don’t (that’s a problem I’ve run into with my Wii and 360 already). Funny you should say that though, the two people I know with a 360 and a PS3 are unemployed.

      Shovelware sucks it really does – but there are a shit load of great Wii games out there. Other consoles have Shovelware too., though nothing close to the level the Wii has.

      Maybe I’m one of the bloggers, I’ve never had an interest in achievements – then against I’ve also never been big on bragging about my accomplishments. The entire trophies/achievements thing has never really interested me. I play games to have fun, right now the Wii, I’ve never been interested in ego stroking achievements and neither have any of my friends for the most part.

      If it’s just a toy and a passing fad, then why have Microsoft and Sony made their own motion gaming equivalents? I’m not a fan of motion gaming at all but it definitely seems like it’s here to stay.

      You certainly seem to have a personal vendetta against the Wii as well as a very elitist attitude towered not only gaming but your life in general. Just because someone enjoys something you don’t, it doesn’t make them a lesser person. I’ve played Black Ops and I’ve played Super Mario Galaxy, they both were really great games but also very different experiences. If someone prefers one over the other that doesn’t make them less intelligent or more advanced.

      Maybe you were attacked by Mario as a child?

  9. Jimmy says:


    You are only partially correct. Nintendo did win … they won the last generation. Except we are in the current generation. Where HD matters. People don’t spend $1,000’s to get a big screen HDTV only to connect a last generation SD console to it. If they do, they are NintenTARDS (i.e. fanboys) or just plain stupid.

    The Wii was simply the console version of the Pet Rock fad from the 80’s. Other than NintenTARDS, no one is going to buy the Wii2 when it comes out. In their mind, what’s the difference. They don’t understand because they are casual gamers and “…this Wii is good enough, why do I need to upgrade?”

    Enjoy your Wii, please. This is all about having fun after all. Whereas I read Scientific American, you read NASCAR weekly. Just as I play with my PS3/360, you waggle while giggling in Donkey Kong 17 and Uber Super Duper Mario 8. Shiny beads and shallow flattery, bright colors and lots of beeping sounds (and coins to collect, oh my!) entertain you, I love working my way through Call of Duty 4 on Veteran Mode.

    “There are more things in Kinect and PS Move, than are dreamt of in your Wii-motery” – Mario-let

    @Mario Eater

    I sincerely enjoyed your comment. Kudos to you for enjoying your gaming experience on the Wii. May I also recommend Dirt 2, Madden 11 and Call of Duty Black Ops as well. All are available on the Wii today.

    • @Jimmy
      The Wii is part of this generation of consoles.
      Most people are like me and seem to own both a Wii another system either 360 or PS3. From what I’ve seen of the Wii’s component HD cable, yes I know it’s only 480p, makes images much clearer.

  10. Jay says:

    The Wii is an awesome console regardless what some morons may think!
    If graphics and processing power matter that much the Wii would have bombed and the other 2 triumphed victoriously….but they didn’t….did they??
    Look at whats happened now, we have the Kinect, which i fear will be no more than a gimmicky fad which will not go far as i see it extremely hard to be able to play such classics as Halo, GoW CoD etc using this device (hope im proven wrong but i doubt it) Having played it i see it nomore than a glorified eye toy, good bit of kit don’t get me wrong but i can’t see me buying it for my 360 unless i am proven wrong!!
    Then we have the Move…could Sony possibly rip off the Wiimote any more?! Sony know they messed up and thought they would win this battle on name power alone….they were wrong!! They have now taken the motion gaming route themselves and i’ll be interested to see how well they implement this new technology or if it will fall into the cracks of developers and controls be tacked on as an after thought like so many 3rd party developers for the Wii.
    As for stupid points raised earlier, i have a Wii & 360 and a 47″ full HDTV complete with 5.1 surround sound set up but bought the Wii on launch day as i have owned every Nintendo (with the exception of the Virtual Boy) since the NES and have 4 Nintendo handhelds as they have the games i want to play. So being poor is not at all in the equation, it’s all about what I, as the gamning individual wants, i am not deluded in thinking GoW is better than Zelda coz it has better graphics, thats just utter pubescent B.S!!
    Bottom line is Sony fanboys will be crying over there multi-colored Wiimote wannabe controllers as they think they should have won this generation battle on the PS name alone, Nintendo have effectively won due to giving the public what they want, we now have new gamers, young, old, casual, hardcore buying games which means more to developers, more to the primary companies which equals more money to play with to give back more enjoyment to us the consumer.
    The 3DS will wipe the floor with anything handheld coming our way but will also set the standard for future generations and if they don’t make the 1st one a success then the 3DS lite will be perfection!!

  11. Mario Eater says:

    Sorry about all of the grammatical errors in my initial comment, I have been up all night and I am a little weary now.

  12. Mario Eater says:

    According to the modern gamers I would be labeled (which seems to be essential nowadays) as a ‘Nintendo Fanboy’. I am 31 and still own every Nintendo console which I had purchased at each release, since the the NES was first released. However, I HATE Mario haha.

    I am unable to give any comments on Sony or Microsoft, as I have never owned any of there console, including the PS2.

    I think that it is great that you are trying your hand at Nintendos’ current offering but I would highly recommend that you do not stop with the obvious releases. Basically, I would like to stress the importance of playing a select few games on the Wii which taken an enormous amount of hours out of my live:
    – Tatsunoko vs Capcom (single and multiplayer only, madcatz fightstick is essential)
    – Monster Hunter Tri (single then online play with classic controller)
    – Sin and Punishment (online leaderboards, use wiimote & nunchuck without zapper)
    – Tiger woods PGA Tour 11 (single and online play with WiiMote Plus)

    By the way, it is refreshing to read comments for an American gamer that are not saturated with hatred and bitter wining, well done.

  13. Jimmy says:

    @Patrick O’Rourke

    Nice article, but I have some concerns. You stated “I’ve always been primarily an Xbox gamer so needless to say over the last decade I’ve been playing a lot of first person shooters…” to which I must reply:

    1) You played FPS games by your choice, not because of your choice of console.
    2) You later state “When someone asks me why I own a PS3 and not an Xbox I always have a simple answer, it’s about the games.” Essentially stating that you do not own an Xbox.

    Please note that your comment about the graphics was somewhat misinformed. The basic Wii, outputs at 480i. Adding the component cables ups that to a whopping 480p only. Nothing more. The Wii is a last generation gaming console that came out a generation too late.

    The Wii is fine for:

    1) Kids
    2) Elderly/Senior Citizens
    3) The Poor (who cannot afford an HDTV and Surround Sound)
    4) Individuals who delude themselves into believing graphics do not matter.
    5) Nintendo Fanboys who refuse to grow up
    6) People that want to be part of the latest fad (remember the Pet Rock?)

    If the Xbox 720 or PS4 came out tomorrow, it would sell millions. But the Wii was a fad and sold to primarily to those who do little gaming. The Wii HD will NEVER reach the sales levels that the current Wii has.

    PS: There is no high definition cable for the Wii. Because it cannot produce HD output, you should know this. The fact that you don’t is quite scary indeed.

    • @Jimmy
      First thanks for reading my post we always appreciate new visitors especially critical ones.
      1) Very true, but you also must admit there is a very disproportionate number of FPS games on Microsoft’s console – that’s all I was getting at

      2) Complete error on my part, I editing the story on the bus on my way home but I’m not making excuses it shouldn’t have happened. Although it was pretty obvious I was talking about the Xbox through out the story but I’m sure you figured that out yourself.

      I’m also well aware that the Wii does not support HD, the basic cable you get with the Wii only supports 480i just like you expertly stated. However, most people refer to the cable, that you must buy separately, as an HD cable. No need to be afraid. The VGA cable I bought works the same, it allows 480p output. It also works with that PS3 you thought I had but don’t actually have.

      The Wii is also considered part of this generation of consoles even though it’s basically 2 Gamecubes strapped together with some plastic and waggle controls.

      I think the Wii is for much more than what you listed but I guess your entitled your somewhat narrow minded opinion.
      the Wii is fine for:

      1) Kids

      (agreed, the Wii is a very child friendly system but there is nothing really wrong with that)

      2)Elderly/Senior Citizens
      (Also agreed, the simple controls suit non-gamers very well, there is little to no learning curve.)

      3) The Poor (who cannot afford an HDTV and Surround Sound)

      (This is a rather condescending comment, I think the poor have a little more to worry about than a new HDTV or surround sound system. Regardless both the PS3 and Xbox 360 will play on older non HD televisions, I`m shocked that you didn`t know this. In fact I used to play my 360 for years on an old 1986 Commodore 64 monitor. I wasn`t poor, I was just a student that needed to be smart with my money. I`m not sure how the surround sound plays into any of this, it`s not really a necessary component to gaming.)

      4) Individuals who delude themselves into believing graphics do not matter.

      I don`t think graphics are everything in games but I definitely agree that they play a big part in modern gaming. Don`t underestimate the importance of game play – that gaming element is the Wii`s strong point)

      5) Nintendo Fanboys who refuse to grow up

      (This I somewhat agree with there are a devout few that would follow Nintendo to the ends of the earth but there are also adults like my self who can still appreciate Nintendo games today. Just because they aren`t mature that doesn`t mean they can`t be fun.)

      6) People that want to be part of the latest fad (remember the Pet Rock?)

      (Although I`m not a fan of motion gaming I think its pretty easy to see that it`s more than just a fad, Kinect and the Playstation Move are clear indicators that this form of gaming is here to stay. The fact that the Wii is still the number one console and has been around for about 5 years now is another clear example.)

  14. derryX says:

    This is a great post. I couldn’t agree with you more on just about every point!

    I just actually finished Super Mario Galaxy 1 this past weekend (after taking a break from Wii to dedicate time to Xbox for the past 3 years), and I’m really looking forward to getting into SMG 2!

    • @Derryx
      Thanks for your comment. To me the Wii is really a much needed breath of fresh air, I needed to start playing different kinds of games. One person can only take so many first person shooters. I’m thinking about picking up the first Super Mario Galaxy after I finish the second one.

  15. Coff says:

    Welcome BACK to Nintendo’s gaming world.
    I used the Xbox last generation more than the GameCube and PS2, even though I purchased the Xbox last…

    This generation it’s been pretty much mostly Wii, with a little PS3, but no Xbox 360 as I don’t even own one yet.

    The co-op experiences in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns(so far) are awesome.

    As for GoldenEye…if you are still playing it, and want to hop online…my friend code(Gotta LOVE Nintendo!) is 2043-7355-3797 and user name is Coffee.

    Also, what control style were you using in GoldenEye? Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Classic Controller Pro?

    • @Coff
      Hey, I’ll add your code when I get home from wok. I’ve been using the basic default control scheme, I read that that’s how the game was meant to be played, it just seems more immersive. It is really tough to get used to and makes my arms insanely tires (like I said I’m a lazy gamer). The classic controller seems like the more practical option.

      I’m thinking about getting the Wii Zapper plastic gun thing, it looks like it would make the motion based control scheme easier. But I did tell my self that when I bought a Wii I would never buy one of those stupid over priced plastic things.

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