PlayStation 3

I’ve been meaning to buy a PS3 for quite awhile now. I’ve played around with Little Big Planet 2 and I’ve spent some time with Uncharted 2 – but then I realized these really are the only two games I want for the system. The only other title that really interests me is Heavy Rain.

I’m not interested in the Resistance franchise, I’m also not interested in playing Gran Turismo 5, Infamous 2, Killzone 3 or any of the other notable big name PS3 titles. Any future PS3 game I might want to play is also (at least for the most part) available on the Xbox 360, a console I already own.

With the whole PlayStation Network credit card theft fiasco, I found yet another reason not to buy a PlayStation 3. The fact that PSN is still down, and may not be back up any time in the foreseeable future, really isn’t making me want to buy one either. I’ve never heard anything good about the PSN other than the simple fact that it is completely free. In a sense, I guess you really do get what you pay for – the lack of cross game voice chat, a persistent party system, matchmaking (I’ve heard some titles like Killzone 3 have matchmaking, but I’ve also heard it isn’t as common for games to have it integrated into their online modes as it is with Xbox Live). As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, the service certainly isn’t as consistent as Xbox Live. Like I said before, it is free, and not paying $59.99 a year to game online would be really be actually pretty great.

I also really like Xbox Live, I’m comfortable with it – I know the ins and outs of the service and my friends also all own Xbox’s. I really don’t see myself hopping on PSN to play by myself. I could try to convince my friends to buy PS3’s, I’m not sure how well that would go over. Playing games online alone really doesn’t sound like a heck-of-a-lot of fun.

In the end though, I feel like I would miss a lot of the features Xbox Live has, (pretty much anything I mentioned above, Xbox Live has directly integrated into it’s online experience). Xbox Live’s party system has been ridiculously useful during the various online leagues and tournaments I’ve played in over the years.

I also really don’t know if I can justify buying a PS3 for two (possibly three) games. Although I do know that I’d buy more games that I don’t really need or actually want to play. These titles would just collect dust on my shelf. I hardly have the time to play the games I currently own for my Xbox 360 and Wii. Still, it would be great to be able to own every current generation home console and I’d like to have a Blu-Ray player even though I download most of the television shows and movies I watch.

I also know down the line there will be a few PS3 released that I’ll want – Sony’s 2011 PS3 line up looks spectacular. The Xbox’s on the other hand, looks pretty subpar. Microsoft’s Kinect casual gamer focus really isn’t something I’m interested in at all.

It all comes back down to that simple argument though, I can’t justify spending $299 on a console for only two or three games. I’d also miss far to many of Xbox Live’s exclusive features. Owning a Sony console would be an interesting new experience though. I’ve never purchased one before and playing around with a new console would definitely be fun.

I realize, since I’m posting this story to N4G, that I will get attacked by the community for mentioning something negative about Sony’s console. I also expect many of you will write comments like this, “I don’t cares aboutz your ipoions PS3 rulez.” And don’t worry I will approve all of your comments, as long as they make at least sort of make sense.

To you lovely PS3 fanboys I simply say, ‘calm down’. It’s just a video game console – a console I think is great, it’s just not worth me buying right now. In a perfect world I’d love to own both consoles, especially considering I often write about video games. Right now it just doesn’t seem like an intelligent option for me as I just graduated from journalism school and I’m pretty poor.

I need to only purchase products I’m actually going to get extended use out of. What products you might ask? Why awesome things like toilet paper (I use a lot of toilet paper to clean up all the terrible shit I write), a new phone and Rockstar’s upcoming LA Noire.

Maybe if an awesome bundle comes out I’d reconsider it – Uncharted 2 and Little Big Planet 2 plus a PS3 console would be a great package.

  1. seo says:

    Together with almost everything that seems to be building inside this particular area, your opinions are actually rather exciting. Nonetheless, I appologize, because I do not give credence to your entire strategy, all be it stimulating none the less. It appears to everybody that your opinions are generally not entirely validated and in reality you are your self not fully certain of your assertion. In any case I did take pleasure in looking at it.

  2. Spade says:

    I’m sorry, but as a former PS3 owner (not being one currently because of my poor betting habbits with my friends) I will admit that while I have these debates with myself on wether I should bust my college student piggy bank and get another PS3, One of your comments disturbed me.
    ” Most of the PS3 games I mentioned in this story I have actually played. Not extensively but I’ve sat down with each of them for 5 or 10 minutes at least.”
    I was required to play a game, “shitty” or not, for no less than 4 hours as part of a previous class for my schooling. Some games started as crap, then I found myself playing them after the assignment was over. 10 minutes is just enough time to find fault in a game, not enought to explore great design and engaging aesthetics.

  3. GTR2012 says:

    I forgot to mention, to say you get what you paid for, is actually a false statement regarding the ps3/psn, it’s acutally you get less than what you paid for. I’m fortunately in a position that the money a ps3 costs does not matter to me the slightest but it does to others. Btw the increase of new players for example in Forza3 who have switch over to the 360 is a rather positive aspect of the psn failure.

  4. GTR2012 says:

    To be honest my ps3 is just sitting there doing nothing for the past few months. I havent even noticed the outage of psn. I loved Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 and wanted to like GT5 (simply not possible) but that’s how far as it goes. All multiplats (approx 100) I play on the 360, because of better controllers, better online and user friendliness. Now I can’t even be arsed to switch on the ps3 again, updating, downloading, installing, downloading, installing, …. it all takes way too much time and is simply just annoying and unnecessary. On the 360 i download and play or i insert disc and play. PLAYING is what I want when it comes to consoles and that’s the weak point of the ps3.

  5. CypherGate says:

    I just want to say. im not a fanboy for any console and i enjoy games as a whole. I just really think that the peeps who are like thinking what happened to sony is a great thing and fanboys of the xbox gloating bout all the things happening to sony is quite childish. At the end of the day… do you really want things to get so bad that there wont be another ps console? that would end up even being that there wont be much gamers around anymore and the gaming industry would take quite a hit from all this. sony has great games coming out as well as xbox although there not many for them right now. at the end of the day i just want to play great games from both parties and not end up having to just play on my xbox console and not have the kind of games that comes on ps3, but it seems that how the fanboys go on is almost as if they will benefit from this? I highly doubt it.

  6. yazter says:

    Heh, perhaps my comment was a case of a pot calling the kettle black. How I described the article pretty much described the comment I posted even more accurately.

    I literally tried to cover all aspects in attempting to be fair, I simply started typing, without even so much as proofreading, and then hit “Submit.” I went back and looked, and I was almost taken aback and though “Holy bleep I wrote all that?!”

    But in my defence it WAS this one line that motivated me:

    “You get what you paid for.”

    But in case you don’t know how it came across, here’s how:

    It sounded vindictive. It sounded like PS3 users had it coming. It almost sounded like we “deserved” it. THAT is cheap. Perhaps you meant something else but that’s how it came across. Hope that explains it. The rest of the comment? Addressing every other point in case your goal wasn’t to instigate.

    That’s all there is to it.

    • My goal really wasn’t to instigate a battle between consoles. I guess I sort of had the idea that it would start some sort of discussion in the back of my mind. I didn’t mean it to sound vindictive, when I read it again it does sound like I’m attacking the machine far more than I meant to though.

    • yazter says:

      No no, this is beyond that. That line by itself sounded like it was attacking the PS3 *USERS* (myself included) directly, not the PS3 itself

      “You get what you paid for” is now the expression used by Xbots now who are GLOATING (yes, gloating) and reveling in the recent fiasco that PSN users are going through. Also, they’re pretty much saying we (PS3 USERS) had this coming. THAT is why it felt personal.

      Somehow they take gratification not only in our inability to play online, but also the theft of our personal data. PSN users (many of whom are also children) are stressing over their personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, being stolen, yet some Xbox users are taking this opportunity to add insult to injury, and revel in this misfortune.

      tl;dr – “you get what you paid you” = “you deserved what was coming,” as though we shouldn’t complain that our personal information was stolen and PSN had to go down.

  7. yazter says:

    To be perfectly honest, though (not that I wasn’t earlier, by the way), just reading through the article makes me want to post a “cool story, bro” picture because it would perfectly summarize my feelings towards this piece. At first I skimmed through it, then going back and reading it I felt like I had to give my two (or more) cents.

    It is a sub par piece at best, a convoluted verbal deluge of regurgitated mantras with typical, almost predictable, arguments. Never mind the terrible style and COMPLETE lack of originality. “Why I’m Not Buying A PS3″? Yeah, definitely unique and not overdone at all.

    And by the way as to why I’m that critical (the article, not you), you’ll come to see it has NOTHING to do with my fanboyism (which I openly admit to).

    First off, I know it’s “your” site and you can post whatever, but to be honest I am failing to see the purpose behind this piece. Are you looking for people to prove you wrong and convince you to buy a PS3? Or are you simply casting aspersions, engaging in childish fanboyism, and taking cheap shots at PS3 users by way of derisive gloating over the PSN fiasco?

    If it’s the former, then let me say neither I nor anyone else can tell you what to do with your money or how to spend it. There is a plethora of websites expounding all the positive and negative aspects of the PlayStation 3 in meticulous and almost excruciating detail. If it’s the latter, then I honestly do not know where to begin; it’s one thing if this were a random post on some forum, but to try to present this as a journalistic article is nothing short of poignant. Controversy sells, there is no doubt, but if that is the purpose, at least make it worthwhile.

    But as I said, I do not know the purpose behind this article so I’ll still give it the benefit of the doubt.

    To me, this piece can be summarized in two points: 1) LBP2 and Uncharted 2 are the only PS3-worthy exclusives and 2) Xbox Live is superior to PSN. Rinse and repeat, convolve, twist then publish.

    There are more exclusives to PS3 than meets the eye. Let’s start with the two you mentioned, UC2 and LBP2. Uncharted 2 is not just a game, it’s a gaming standard setter in its own rite that was not only immortalized, exalted or even apotheosized by the gaming industry, but also lavished with myriads of accolades, received glowing reviews and nearly universal positive critical acclaim, a massive fanbase and a plethora of GOTY awards (which, in a way, is a extraordinary because rarely do exclusives become GOTY). It is a game that utterly decimates every other game, redefines the standards and, on top of it all, shows the true potential of PS3 power. Even if ND (the devs) went multiplatform, this game would never, ever be ported simply because it’s technically impossible. And LittleBigPlanet 2 (written as one word, fyi) is a game worth buying the console for simply because of the boundless possibilities and growing myriads of levels online. It is a game where you can create your own game and play others’ as well. Again, both games are not only monumental, but also serve as the quintessence of PS3’s true potential.

    Other exclusives are no less impressive. Other than Killzone and Resistance (not a huge fan of either, by the way), there are games that are almost as noteworthy. Remember Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots? This was the veritable milestone in gaming development that no Xbox 360 game could even live up to, even three years later. Ratchet and Clank series? Some of the most stunning graphics I have ever seen, great puzzles and lots and lots of exploration. And don’t forget to look up Heavy Rain, God of War III, and don’t let my passing mentions diminish their worth – these are almost as impressive as the games I listed above.

    Now comes the icing on the cake – the XBL praise and the PSN criticism. This is the zenith of Xbox 360 fanboyism.

    Let’s start with my personal reaction to this. This is what truly set the negative tone in my comment because it DID feel personal. Wanna know the reason behind my extremely critical response? There you have it – using the PSN outage to cast aspersions at the PS3 and substantiate XBL’s ostensible “superiority” and then using that outage to say “you get what you paid for” (i.e. “nothing”) is as low as it gets. Anyone knows damn well how frustrating and cumbersome the PSN incident has been, and the toll it took on many people unable to play online with their friends. And for the record, PSN didn’t just go offline, it was HACKED, infiltrated, personal information of millions of users was stolen, and you use this downtime to take cheap shots at PSN and gratification in its outage. And by the way, I’m NOT talking about the PSN’s shortcomings that you listed, just that one line. I get what I paid for? Really?

    And downtime notwithstanding, PSN is nowhere near as bad as you or other people make it out to be. You know the expression “calling someone ugly doesn’t make you pretty” – well, calling PSN shitty doesn’t make XBL awesome. Before it was PULLED OFFLINE, PSN worked flawlessly for me. Even Black Ops didn’t feel significantly different on PSN than on XBL. And you can blame a shitty, laggy PS3 game on the PSN’s supposed inferiority but if you or the host have a shitty connection, the game will suck and lag and there is nothing in the world that could change that except finding a new ISP or moving to another country. The ratio of laggy-to-smooth MP games on BO on both consoles are identical so far. And there ARE things PSN has that Xbox live doesn’t have, namely PlayStation Home (which is a hit-or-miss with PS3 users, to be honest). This is pretty much an online Sims-like interactive virtual hub where you create your own avatar, hang out with other gamers, chat and visit game-specific rooms (not to mention game-launching from there). I could go on about it but a simple Google search or Wikipedia look up will give you a lot of info on it. If you want to meet other gamers without relying on multiplayer, this is the place to do so. Other than that, you know why the identity theft took an extra toll on PS3 users? It’s because of that – the privacy of PSN. In looking up someone, you can only see 1) their trophies and b) a short, 24 letters summary. On XBL there is little privacy. Sure, you can adjust the privacy settings, but for those unfamiliar, these settings are otherwise open by default. And one more thing, if XBL is better online – it’s 99% due to the USER BASE, not the servers themselves, XBL users are more social and MP oriented whereas PS3 users are more SP oriented, though not without exception.

    What edge does XBL have over PSN? Party chat? I will concede that this is quite an awesome feature. While we do have cross-game chatrooms, off-game voice and video chat, the only thing PSN doesn’t have is a “cross-game voice chat.” Once that is added, it’ll be identical to XBL. Other than that, PSN has the same exact features as XBL, including music and video services, online stores plus PS Home. All for free. And speaking of which, just because PSN is free doesn’t mean it doesn’t receive revenue. Having it free was a major selling point for many, and the other services it offers, including PlayStation Plus and subscriptions, allocate the money to PSN. So in a way, when it comes to XBL, I’m playing for cross-game voice chat only. And at 59 USD per annum, it’s not even worth it. I can bet you that PSN users wouldn’t mind paying for a more stable network, but paying that much money for playing online (and using features that require even MORE money i.e. Netflix) is like buying a computer yet having to pay to browse online. PSN might be free, but XBL is way overpriced and overrated.

    And to end this on a personal note: you got featured on N4G, you’ve written far better articles (I wanted to compare and see if they sounded just as cheap, but they weren’t at all), you got an opportunity many writers in the gaming industry only dream of, and you use this article that pretty much adds fuel to the fire? If you wanted 15 minutes of “fame” (i.e. exposure) by way of hitting discordant notes and provoking negative responses, then congratulations. But just know that “fame” does not equal “respect.” Even if that wasn’t your intention, it certainly came off that way. And as to why I’m taking this personally, it’s that one line I quoted earlier. Again, doesn’t matter what it meant, just how others perceive it. But I really do hope you’re better than that, in a way I do want to be proven wrong here.

    Sorry for the long comment, I hope you understand.

    • I literally wrote this thing in a half hour, it’s neither amazingly written or extensively thought out. I never intended it to be this big but I have had to deal with this huge backlash before so it’s something I’m somewhat used to at this point. This wasn’t supposed to be a huge piece, it’s not even a featured post on GameJudgment, but for some reason or another it struck a chord with people. I honestly didn’t even realize the story was featured on N4G, I know it was high ranked for awhile and the admins tweeted it earlier in the week. I had no idea it became that huge. It’s a simple blog post. If you don’t like the, convoluted verbal deluge of regurgitated mantras, then don’t read the story. When you write in a conversational tone these issues tend to splice their way into your writing. I do agree with you though, this is very far from my best work.

      I really don’t feel like I was taking a shot at the PS3 or portraying myself as a 360 fan boy. I genuinely like the PS3, it’s a great machine. Even though many of the system’s major titles don’t interest me I realize that it would be a great addition to my video game collection (especially considering I run a small video game website.) But right now, at this point in my life my finances just don’t permit buying something I’m not going to use a hell-of-a-lot. Reading through the story again though I do seem to be hating on the PS3 a little more than it seemed like I was in my head.

      I agree with you comments about LBP2 and Uncharted 2, those two titles are what makes me want a PS3. They are truly genre defining original titles that every gamer should have the opportunity to play through.

      I still stand by my comment that, “I get what I pay for” with Xbox Live. Perhaps if Sony put more funding behind security measures this personal information could never have been stolen. A lot of people hate Microsoft (just take a quick look at this thread) but I’ve yet to see any mainstream gaming press stories about XBL being hacked. I didn’t even mention lag in my piece because I can’t speak for that aspect of PSN. I actually have no idea whether or not the service has lag issues. However I do know what I mentioned in the story, that PSN does not have a persistent party system or cross game voice chat, 2 features that I rely on and use everyday when I game online. Also the fact that none of my friends own the system isn’t exactly a selling point. I don’t really enjoy gaming online on my own.

      I’ll agree with you about Home. From what I’ve seen it really looks like an awesome feature. It’s sucks that most PSN users either don’t use it or just think it’s stupid (that’s the impression I get in online communities anyways). Although using Home to meet up with other gamers seems like a silly solution to a lack of cross game voice chat or a persistent party system. I think part of the social aspect of XBL comes from the fact that everyone has a mic. Sure it sucks that you can only use 360 specific mics but at least everyone has one. With PSN it seems to be hit or miss, often people don’t have a mic at all. The same can be said for XBL though as well I guess.

      I’m glad you didn’t think my other writing was that terrible. I didnt do this for hits or for fame (I’ve published much bigger more successful stories on GameJudgment). I’m pleasantly suprised at how well it has done though.

      Perhaps someday in the future I will purchase a PS3.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. LBDz says:

    “I didn’t buy an Xbox 360 at launch, I waited a year and purchased one after the price drop. Most of the PS3 games I mentioned in this story I have actually played. Not extensively but I’ve sat down with each of them for 5 or 10 minutes at least”

    So with Resistance ( just used as example ) how can you tell anything about the game ( In five to ten minutes? ). The story is really good that grips the player from the start of the game to the end ( Opps ) the ending then continues into part Two which makes the story even more gripping than before. ( Same can be said for God Of War trilogy ) So what i’m pointing out is this. You cannot make a REAL judgement on the games unless you have at least played them.

    ” Plus, I realize this is sort of throwing salt on an old wound at this point, I don’t recall XBL ever being hacked or going down for this long. It may suck to pay $69 a year (I actually only pay $35 through a special renewal program) but I seem to get what I pay for ”

    Well i hate to ( rub salt ) on an old wound but XBL did go down for Approx Two Weeks at one time ( ) OR you can look here ( )

    XBL has been down many many times in one way or another. Be that to stop hackers or just too update. This shows ( and proves ) that a paid service or a free service has nothing to do with problems ( be that internal or external )

    Question to OP, What are your type of games ?

    • I’ve played a lot of shooters, actually I’m pretty tired of FPS games in general. If an FPS doesn’t instantly grab my attention I don’t continue playing it. From what I saw of Resistance it looked like just another generic space shooter.

      I’ve spent more than 5-10 minutes with God Of War, I just really really don’t like that game at all.

      I can’t speak for those links. Like I said I’ve had Xbox Live for 5 years and I’ve never had any long lasting issues with it. I remember around Christmas time one year there were matchmaking issues (some connection issues as well) but they were gone in only a few days. The difference between is that when XBL goes down it’s only for a few hours not two weeks.

      My type of game? I used to be big into first person shooters. Halo was my game, I played it night and day for the last 10 years. Lately I guess I have FPS fatigue or something, I seem to avoid shooters at all cost. Right now I’m into anything that provides me a with a unique original experience. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood. It’s definitely not a perfect game but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever played before. That’s why I’m interested in LA Noire, Uncharted 2 and Little Big Planet 2.

  9. It only does offline... says:

    Let’s compare the Xbox360 to the PS3

    Yes yes yes… sony has a long list of exclusives lined up for 2011. How could any Xbox360 owner not know this when every sonfanboy spews double digit numbers for exclusives on the ps3 this year. I have to admit when you compare the numbers side by side you have to think about your loyalties. But hold on… we’re 5 months into 2011 already and for some reason I don’t care at all, in fact I feel Xbxo360 is WINNING 2011… why is this?
    What’s the point of exclusives when they are only poor or merely good games? Killzone3 only has a Metacritic score of 84! It was just a good game… not GREAT… NOT EXCELLENT… just good, I’d rather buy Crysis2. SOCOM4 metacritic score = 64… it’s a poor game, nothing to shout about, I’d rather play Homefront. MotorStorm: Apocalypse = 77… it’s average. LBP2 was a good game… but it’s NOT a platform seller.
    So when we actually look at all these wonderful exclusives that the ps3 fanboy was reeling out on every forum last year… when you look at them in the cold hard light of the day… the ps3 exclusives are not that good, mostly average… nothing to shout about.
    UC3 is the only game the ps3 fanboy should be over the moon about, but it will still be flawed, it will still be ultra linear(something I didn’t like about UC2)… it still NOT WORTH BUYING A PS3 FOR. It’s not worth shelling out money on an inferior console for one good game.
    Gears of War3 and Forza4 and HaloHD are all going to be AAA great exclusives, these titles are worth buying… unlike the poor to good exclusives the ps3 has this year.
    I don’t care about the numbers… it’s not about numbers… it’s about the quality of the exclusives people… not the numbers.
    Xbox360 WINS (In balance, when you look at the actual quality of the exclusives on offer)

    95% of exclusives are BETTER on XBOX360… FACT. Xbox360 games typically DOMINATES and outperforms ps3 games in the following areas… screen resolution, frame rate, anti-aliasing, texture resolution, post-processing, draw distance, pfx and the quality of online play. And let’s not forget timed DLC exclusives for the Xbox360.
    Just look at all the multi’s out this year… Brink/Rage/Elder Scrolls5/LA Noire/Dirt3/Batman: Arkham City/Red Faction: Armageddon… etc etc etc… the list goes on… and most, if not, all will be better than ps3 exclusives.
    If you own both consoles… 95% of the time you choose the Xbox360 version
    Xbox360 WINS (In fact it DOMINATES this area)

    The shocking security breach of the psn proves that the old adage… ’You get what you pay for’ … means exactly that. Sony showed no respect for its customers… NONE. It doesn’t care about its customers, yeah yeah yeah it says it does, but just look at the flow of events with the psn security failure. Sony made sure it’s assets were safe 1st, spent days ensuring its IP was secure before even thinking about its customers. One full week went past before sony notifying its customers about its incompetency… SHOCKING… absolutely SHOCKING. Sony just crapped on its customers from a great height, yet somehow playstationfanboys just love sony doing this to them , are you guys really this dumb?!
    XboxLive, you pay for… and you get what you pay for… a robust, SECURE, PROFESSIONAL service. Actually, even if you don’t pay for the service (Silver)… you still get a robust, SECURE, PROFESSIONAL service.

    Sony is Innovative… seriously!!! You are seriously putting forward this argument?! One word… move. Argument over.
    The move has DIED… it’s DEAD. Compare sales with Kinect. Compare game sales with Kinect. The move was DOA.
    Kinect is innovation. Microsoft are the innovators now. Yeah yeah yeah… some of the individual elements of this tech have been done before… but it’s never been packaged all together like this. It’s captured the public imagination extremely well. 10 million in 4-5 months… it’s MASSIVE!!!
    Xbox360 WINS

    What do the devs think?
    I have some friends in the development community. It’s very interesting to get their take on the 360 and ps3… seeing as they deal with the systems on a daily basis and have intimate knowledge of their workings. I found some interesting facts.
    In essence… Devs find it laughable that the ps3 gamer thinks his machine is superior to the Xbox360. In fact most experienced coders and tech guys will say the Xbox360 has the edge in the majority of situations. They might be biased however, most coders HATE coding for the ps3, it’s cumbersome, non-linear and time consuming. Having to spend extra time trying to get the ps3 to do what the Xbox360 does easily doesn’t engender feelings of loyalty in people… it usually brings resentment. Most coders just don’t want anything to do with the ps3… seriously… if you can actually get the truth out of them they will tell you they’d rather not have to work on the ps3. It’s a fact that the Xbox360 is a dream to work on, the tools are excellent it’s a direct swift process.
    My dev friends performed a poll in their work place… ‘Who owns a ps3 and or Xbox360’ … ‘if you have both consoles which machine do you prefer to play on for online’
    Results… 90% own Xbox360’s… 30% own Ps3’s
    Which machine do they play online if you have both… 80% Xbox60… 20% Ps3
    These are the DEVELOPERS… these are the people in the know… the ps3 fanboy is just so deluded about their machine.
    When you speak to the DEVS… Xbox360 WINS hands down.

    Seriously… after this psn cockup… sony should just close shop and give up… they’re an arrogant out of touch company that has no respect for it’s customers.

    • mantas says:

      hmm, demon’s souls, metal gear solid 4 (from 2008, no less), superior version of LA Noire (1 disc not 3, better gfx), god of war trilogy, ico & shadow of the colossus hd, the last guardian, agent, infamous 2. plus hardware that works. put that in your pipe and smoke it. ;) as an aside, sony dont have to drop the price of their system to sell them..they sell on their own merits. come e3 ps3 owners again will have the last laugh and watch what system owns game of the year 2011, as it did since like 2007. cheers!

    • gerryd says:

      You fanboys make me sick. Not only do yous limit the games you play in favour for loyalty to a piece of plastic but yous talk like waiting until september for the next exclusive is acceptable. I own a 360 and MS dropping the ball on us in favour for the Kinect and its games is rediculous. Thats not what I bought the system for. Back in 2007-2008 I bashed on the PS3 along with everyone I met for not having any games. I laughed at the PS3 fanboys who defended and accepted that shit because they were gamers who had no games and they defended that instead of demanding more from Sony.

      Fast forward 3 years and the shoes on the other foot. Its now 360 fanboys who defend that shit instead of demanding more, go figure. Also Metacritics and review scores don’t mean shit. I havn’t read a game review for any system since back in the day when I would buy a gaming magazine and purchase games that scored 80 or higher based on the little a-z of review score section they used to print.

      In todays day and age I look at screen shots, video trailers and play demos to decide if a game looks good. I never go on the opinions of an RPG gamer reviewing a FPS game or a FPS gamer reviewing an RPG. Of course someone who gives Nintendogs a 10/10 will give Socom 4 a 3/10. Its not their type of game and of course a Halo fan or Uncharted fan will give those games a 10/10 because they love those series. I love the key endings most reviews write at the end of there reviews.

      “I didn’t really like this game that much but if your a FPS fan you will love this game”

      What does that tell you?? Because I can’t even count the amount of reviews I read that included wording in simular context at the end of the review.

      Grow the fuck up, stop limiting the amount of games available to you in favour of loyalty to a piece of plastic, stop bashing games because they ain’t available on your system of choice and stop talking about the PSN getting hacked like its a one up for MS against Sony when the situation doesn’t affect you in the slightest bit.

      Talking about PS3 owners defending Sony over the whole security issue. WTF do you want people to do. Take all their games they spent good money on and bring their PS3 along with their games to gamestop and trade them in were they’ll only get 1/5th of the money they originally payed for the whole lot. Man get a life. This situation is nothing. Its only going to make Sony stronger. Apparently the most vocal group of people talking about the PSN hack are the 360 fanboys that ain’t affected by the whole situation. What does that tell you ROFLMAO

    • It only does offline... says:

      You ps3/sony fanboys really are living in the past aren’t you. You realize the Xbox360Slim safely puts the rrod to rest. You realize the failure rate is near to nothing right? You realize that the Xbox360Slim is quieter than the ps3slim? It’s a FACT. When you decide to compare the two consoles… ok yes, if you’re a deluded sonyfanboy, your best bet is to live in the past and bring up the rrod… but for future arguments, if you want to be taken seriously… keep them relevant and in the NOW please. The Xbox360Slim is a very reliable, refined piece of kit (probably more so than the ps3slim).

      The God of War series is a mundane, on rails button masher with the most lazy game design I’ve seen in a AAA title this generation. Yes it looks great, it has some superb highly polished scripted sequences… but the core gameplay is boring and repetitive… if you analyse it and scratch beneath the surface you’ll see the design is a complete sham.

      LA Noire on 3 disks… wow, yeah man… you’ve really got a good point… the thought of getting off my couch and walking 2 meters to my Xbox360 after 4 hours of play is really freaking me out… I don’t think I can handle that… I’d better waste $300 on an inferior console machine(ps3) so I can remain on my couch for an entire 12 hours straight (for the sonyfanboys out there… you realize this is sarcasm right?). Seriously… this 1 disk vs 2/3/4 disk argument is super lame guys. If you’ve got a brain to think through the practicalities of swapping a disk, and I suspect you don’t, you might realize there is no real substance to your argument.

      Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are very good games, nice score on that one dude… hope you enjoy them… but still, after the shocking PSN debacle and the way sony treats their customers… there’s no way I’m buying a sony product… these games are simply not worth buying a technically inferior console for.

      E3 will be interesting… with Nintendo showing the Wii2, things will start to get really tough on sony. I’m sure sony and Microsoft will have some nice cards up their respective sleeves :).
      However, I’m sure Microsoft will slash the price of the Xbox360slim and introduce some nice Kinect packages to DOMINATE sales during Xmas 2011(Microsoft have a large profit margin they can play with on the Slim, larger than sony on the ps3. With sony having to follow suit this forced price drop is going to really hurt sony after the cost of the psn security breech).

      Again… Xbox360 is technically superior on 95% of Multi-platforms. It’s Exclusives list this year, though small, is GOLD. Every Xbox360 exclusive I’ll buy. And, when you look at the quality of the multi-platforms out there this year… I simply will not have the money to buy all the games I want. In the end, the gamers win again, doesn’t matter what system you’ve got :)

    • It’s interesting to see a pro360 post, haven’t seen much of those in this thread at all. Apparently the LA Noire 3 DVD thing won’t be an issue, Rockstar stated it will be similar to Mass Effect 2. There as almost no disc changing in that title.

    • It only does offline... says:

      Hi gerryd… can I make a quick point about reviewers, because I know a couple…

      You’re right in one context, with a poor or inexperienced reviewer, his/hers bias can show in their reviewing. So a poor reviewer, who is an FPS lover, will not have the ability to apply objectivity when reviewing a social or family orientated game. This reviewer is going to pan the game, whether it’s good or bad.
      But you’re wrong in another context, an experienced, professional reviewer is adept in reviewing multiple genres in a fair and objective fashion. I know one reviewer who is extremely careful when reviewing games he would not typically choose to play. This reviewer always considers the target audience the game is aimed at and will always placing himself within the shoes/mentality of that audience. I think in this context, you’re argument falls down. Professional reviewers are worth listening to. Personally, how I decide on a game, I tend listen to a handful of reviewers/review-sites that I trust and cross reference these reviews. Typically this gives me enough information to aid me choose a game.
      Bottom line… reviews are useful when it’s a good reviewer.

    • How did this turn into a discussion about the merits of video game reviewers?

    • gerryd says:

      Yeah but unfortunatley the industry lacks enough professional reviewers. One thing your missing is that all these so called games that get a meta score of betwwen 60-80 have at least 5 good reviews that score the game over a 9. So what your saying is that these people should be dismissed and the people scoring it a 5 are the true professionals. Nah mate the whole reviewing process needs to be revamped and changed.

      There is a lot of games getting dismissals for stuff that other games get pulled on and its by these professional reviewers. Take Fallout New Vegas. The game was riddled with bugs, the story was crap and all the differant options for each quest just gave people a headache. Yet that game still got 9s all over the board. Why? Because it was a multiplat title so it wasn’t open to these critisms an Exclusive PS3 title gets.

      Anyway you continue playing your review scores until GeOW 3 gets released and enjoy playing crappy Kinect games. When PSN comes back online I shall be playing Socom 4 online (and yes I DO Like it so who cares what meta it got)until June 10th. Then I shall play Infamous 2 mixed with some Socom 4 until september arrives where I will then be playing both Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3 until Twisted Metal comes out in October and then Uncharted 3, Elder scrolls 5 and hopefully Forza 4 in November. See thats the fun of not limiting myself in favour of loyalty to plastic and a company that doesn’t give a fuck about me.

    • gerryd says:

      @Patrick o Rourke

      It became a review discussion when people use a meta score to say if a game is good or not. Talk about the media owning your mind. People who go by review scores are puttets on a string being pulled by the media. Yes its good to check reviews to see what problems a person had with a game but it should never be used to determin if a game is good or not. Granted if every reviewer is giving a game 3s all across the board then of course something is awrong with the game but when one reviewer gives it a 10 and another reviewer gives it a 2 then you really have to question the reviewers.

      Anyway I noticed you’ve got an Irish name. cOME OVER TO THE ps3 SIDE. pLENTY OF US iRISH Love the PS3.

  10. IS IT NECESSARY says:


  11. djreplay says:

    Well it’s obvious you had made your mind up a long time ago about buying a PS3, you were never going to buy one anyway. You’ve just made an article about it now as you had another excuse to add to your list with PSN being down.

    However I respect your opinion and can use everyone of your ‘excuses’ to reason with you about why I don’t own a 360.

    1, Xbox Live. I’ve just bought my £200 console and CoD Black Ops. I’ve completed the single player and want to play online multiplayer but I can’t because I don’t have Xbox Live. I can’t use part of my game because MS are greedy, I’ve already paid for online multiplayer as part of the game cost but they won’t let me use it. Disgraceful

    2, Games. Halo and Gear’s are good, Alan Wake and Forza are good. The rest aren’t much good.

    3, Price. Sell 360 and get a PS3, I’ve already saved £160 with the four years I’ve had PS3. You wouldn’t be quite so poor if you didn’t pay $50 a year.

    • I don’t know anyone dumb enough to pay full price on Xbox Live. If you buy the time cards from anyone but Micro$oft you tend to be able to get it for a significant price drop.

      The strange fact is that alot of the features that make Xbox Live great have been copypasta’d into the PSN Plus subscription. Group chat across games, discounts on DLC and software that change every week or so, I’ll be interested to see what it really offers me when the PSN does come back online.

      Games wise, Yeah Halo and Gears, not that I enjoyed any of the Gears games so far, Forza is insanely deep and much easier to get into than the closest PS3 alternative, GT5. I’d actually say looking back that these are good games and that there hasn’t been a truly great game on either system in a long time. Or even ever.

      I however, haven’t yet found a game to settle in with on the PS3 like I have with the Halo franchise. Except maybe Wipeout HD. Which is actually one of the reasons I bought the console.

  12. Andy says:

    It’s an excellent machine, we recently bought a 2nd one for the den, mind you both of ours are used extensively as blu-ray players and media streamers as well as gaming. Reconsider, you’ll be glad you did. :)

  13. HeavY says:

    Someone asked you what games you play, since you must like X360 games so much that PS3 games suck compared to them, but you only said Halo, and some other games like ME2. I’m not going to go over the “if you play 10 mins of a game you cannot have an opinion” because it was already mentioned, but what it seems to me is that you either use your X360 10 minutes a day and own 2 games (plus whatever Halo there is), or you just play Halo/COD online all the time

    • Thanks, I knew most of that already though…I’m not disputing that the PS3 is a great machine – not at all. The article on innovation was pretty interesting though.

      Thanks for commenting and for sending me those links.

  14. C Nunes says:

    Actually the Xbox 360 can’t do true 1080p it just upscales, if you don’t believe me check out this video:

  15. Im an xbox owner all the way but this is pretty much nonsense. As someone stated above PSN just got hacked after years of perfect service. And it probably could have happened to Microsoft. Both consoles have their uses and strong points, and both have games that most fanboys would kill to play. You either have an xbox or a playstation, there shouldnt be a battle between console users. Get off the net and go play something……

  16. yazter says:

    I’m a PS3 fanboy who owns both systems, and I just wanna say one thing: the author is really cute.

    That is all.


  17. darksied says:

    I won’t bash his article because he’s a 360 fanboy, a ps3 hater, or because he has the grammar skills of an 8th grader. But I will say again that that is one of the stupidest articles I have read. This all smacks of someone looking for excuses to hate the system, not someone who is seriously deciding if the $300 is worth the money. The PSN excuses are just laughable; after 4 or 5 years, after all that time, NOW a hacking problem is a reason to make you not buy this system? What a joke.

    The actual PSN complaints that he makes are things people with low IQ’s believe because they have heard it all before many times. Yeah, it’s free, so it must suck. Yeah, it’s free, so it can’t have some features that xbox live has. It’s free, so it will be hacked like this and go down all the time. Actually, your experience online in a game is, outside of extreme circumstances like this hacking business, COMPLETELY dependent on the game you’re playing. Killzone 3 has bad matchmaking? Yeah, and it has other problems, but those are the fault of the game, not PSN. I honestly thought that Gear of War 2 was the laggiest, buggiest game I have ever played online, including PC games, but I don’t hold that against xbox live. That’s the fault of Epic for making a shoddy online experience. And the PSN is down often, where xbox live is not? How many times has the PSN gone down like this? Go over the entire life of the PSN, and see how many outliers there are. 1. Even factoring that in there, which is not how you would take the mean average (you would remove the outlier) then you still have a very reliable system.

    About the ps3 titles: if he honestly only want those 2 or 3 titles to play, then fine. But this rings so pathetically false. He did not name even one game on the 360 that he likes, he only states that the ps3 titles don’t impress him. Sure, if he’s a casual gamer, maybe they won’t. But I won’t go into that; maybe he doesn’t like ANY of the ps3’s really good exclusives. But without naming even one game on the 360 that he DOES like, I’m calling B.S. on this. If he HAD mentioned at least one game, then you can find at least 1 exclusive on the ps3 that are similar and highly recommended and fun (i.e. Gears of War, Halo, Fortza, etc. all have similar games on the ps3).

    Besides, this line right here tells you something:

    “Still, it would be great to be able to own every current generation home console and I’d like to have a Blu-Ray player even though I download most of the television shows and movies I watch.”

    Right there you know a few things. He didn’t say stream, he said download. So I’m guessing along with illegally downloading those tv shows and movies, he also pirates his games. I’m guessing that’s why he has a 360 and a Wii, and can’t mention any single game he likes, because he has downloaded most of them. If I had to, I would further guess that he has limited internet, and illegally downloading ps3 games would destroy his download limit.

    And for the whole “extended use” thing, oh boy. Pick up a dictionary, seriously, the wording in your articles kinda sucks. L.A. Noire is a single player, maybe 1 play through game like Red Dead Redemption. While RDR was exceptional, and I’m sure L.A. will be too, most people I would assume won’t play through it a second time. RDR was like a good movie, but you don’t want to watch a good movie multiple times, it ruins it. And I don’t even want to know what he means by getting “extended use” out of toilet paper. That whole paragraph made no sense.

    All in all, terrible article, and we’re all dumber for having read it. If you didn’t, then congrats to you, DON’T.

    • I’m really not a ‘fanboy’ of any console, I’ve owned a variety of different consoles over the years. I’ve never felt a particular attachment to one particular machine, that’s something I really can’t say about you. I’ll do my best to respond to most of the major points you’ve made in your comment.

      I didn’t cite hacking as the primary reason for not wanting a PS3, it was one of the reasons though. Like I said in the story, I’m really just not interested in most of the PS3’s exclusive titles. I didn’t say PSN sucked because it was free. Quite to the contrary, I love the fact that it is free. Not paying $69.99 a year to game online would be great. In-regards to matchmaking, it’s my understanding that Microsoft pushes developers to include matchmaking in the majority of the 360s titles. Enjoying matchmaking may make me a casual gamer from your perspective but to me it’s simply a time saver. I don’t have the time anymore to sift through servers looking for games. Nor do I want to call up my friend or send him a message, I simple want to jump online and game as quickly as possible – that’s why I think Xbox Live’s party system is great.

      I also don’t think liking XBL more than PSN gives you a low IQ…. my argument was simple that PSN is missing a lot of the features I’ve come to rely on when I game online with my Xbox.

      It may ring false to you but it’s true. There really are only 2 or 3 titles that I really really want to play on a PlayStation 3. You have a point about naming the 360 titles I enjoy in the actual article, perhaps I’ll write another short opinion piece sometime that lists them. I just felt it really wasn’t that important when writing the story, it’s more about why I don’t want a PlayStation 3 than why I enjoy my 360.

      For the most part I don’t pirate my games. I have never played a pirated 360 or Wii title or even owned a modded console. I did at one time have jailbroken iPhone though. I don’t see how pirating a game would give me the inability to mention a titles I like for the console. Streaming content is also illegal in most countries, unless your using a legit paid service.

      Your right about my internet though, up here in Canada we do have ridiculous internet caps. I get the feeling you’ve read some of my past articles on the subject.

      I don’t really understand what your getting at with your last point and I’m not quite sure how a dictionary would improve my writing. This is video game blog, blogs are meant to be casual. If you want high brow intellectual writing I suggest you look somewhere else. GameJudgment is an opinions based gaming blog, don’t take us for more than what we actually are.

      That paragraph was simply a jab at my self. I often write this somewhat silly 500 word opinion pieces and get absolutely attacked by the N4G community. I’ve been called a hack, an asshole, a retard and my ability to string a coherent sentence has constantly been brought into question. And just today by you, I’ve been told to pick up a dictionary to expand my vocabulary.

      I was simply saying that I need to spend my money on products I’m going to frequently use. I decided that If I were to purchase a PS3 I would not use it that often.

      To you final comment I simply say, it’s just my opinion – a short 500 word opinion. You really really don’t have to agree with it. Heck, I don’t even care if you agree with it as long as you read it. And read it you did :)

      I’m also slightly older than an 8th grader.

  18. OnTheFence says:

    I’ve loved SONY for the longest while…since I purchased PS1.

    The thing that gives me a “bile taste” in my mouth these days are the developers that hype their games saying PS3 is “maxed out”. In reality the damn thing is just a regergitated port from the 360!!

    Eg: The only thing in Crysis 2 that lifted my eyebrow was the gunfire sound effects. Everything else was GARBAGE!!

  19. NIKO says:

    LA NOIR 3 Discs for Xbox360????? << this will happen more and more, soon all your games will have like 3-4 discs per game!! If your a gamer you need to get a PS3 end of story, Xbox is rapidly becoming obsolete. soon Microsoft will release a new console, and when they do, I will buy it defiantly. it's not brand loyalty, I simply want the best Games on the market and for that PS3 is a MUST HAVE… How can you deny that??
    if you don't have a Ps3 you are not a true gamer LOLZ

  20. gerryd says:

    Well mate your opinion is fine but its your loss really. I never get people who say they hate Gears of War but always talk about how great Uncharted 2 is, or people who say they are not interested in Infamous 2 and you see them talk about how great Prototype and crackdown are. Fact is most games are good on all systems but its just down to peoples tastes.

    If you played and like Crackdown then why wouldn’t you like Infamous 2 which is a superhero sandbox game aswel and if your bashing away in the Gears of War 3 beta then why wouldn’t you like Socom 4 or Uncharted 3 which offers the same type of gameplay with differant stories and artstyle. Its beyond me. Of course I’m not talking about the Writer of this article. I don’t know what games he plays or not. I’m just talking in general about these whole fanboy debates.

    Same for the whole Xbox live is better than PSN debate. We all know Xbox offers more services compared to PSN like Cross game chat, 30 second voice messages, a good party system and how you can join anyones game on the fly. All four of those features have their good points and their bad points. Like how I was followed into every game on call of duty by some dude who was pissed off with me for owning him in a game of Deathmatch and how my voice message box mostly contains messages from people giving me abuse or asking me to boost in games. You can live with those things but even you can admit they get annoying sometimes.

    But when it comes to playing games online they both offer the same thing. Some games on the 360 have dedicated servers and some games on the PSN have dedicated servers. The whole PSN Lags is bullshit because any game that uses P2P connection on either system is open to lag.Both PSN and Xbox live suffers with that.

    PSN may not offer Cross game chat or a party system but you can still talk to people playing the same game as you using a mic which is the most important thing in an online game and most PS3 games have Party systems built into them so you can still have parties. The whole you get what you pay for arguement is bullshit because for 50 euros a year you should be getting more than just cross game chat and a party system.

  21. Tom Ato says:

    I’m not going to flame you, nor am I going to tell you that you’re completely ignorant of the gaming industry, nor am I going to call you a 360 fanboy. However I AM going to ask you to justfiy yourself when you say the PS3 only has 2 – 3 exclusive games that interest you.

    It’s common knowledge that the PS3 boasts the biggest and the highest quality selection of exclusive titles. There’s literally something for everyone with games like Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous, Resistance, God Of War, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid 4, Demon’s Souls, Motorstorm, White Knight Chronicles, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, MAG, Modnation Racers, Yakuza, LittleBigPlanet and 3D Dot Game Heroes. That’s not counting the other huge games planned to launch over the next 12 months like The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and The Agent.

    It’s the 360’s entire void of exclusive games that is the sole reason many hardcore gamers purchased a PS3 in the first place, yet you say it’s the PS3’s amazing lineup that put’s you off? How strange.

    I have to say if, out of the plethora of AAA games I just gave you, there’s not that many you’d actually want to play I have to question whether or not you’re a “Real” gamer.

  22. someone says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I’m gonna try to be levelled headed here. I’m a PS3 gamer first and formost but I also own Wii, PC, and many past generation consoles that I can’t be bothered to list right now

    What I think most gamers fail to see here is this is an opinion piece, and you’re entitled to one! Is this title you’ve posted on N4G going to anger many who view it? Sure it is! You’ve got a job to do, and you need to attract attention somehow, that’s how advertising works!

    Like you I’ve planned to buy the other console (PS3 in your case, Xbox360 in mine) but it comes down to these following points:

    1) Money
    2) If I have a PS3 and PC, about 99% of the games fall into those categories so what’s the point of getting an xbox 360 for the other 1%?
    3) I seldom play online games on either PC or PS3, so paying for a online service like Live is wasted on me

    So if we go into the Nitty Gritty of it, I’d like to say I’m an unbiased gamer, but I’m not, we all have our favourite consoles, even though we like to pretend we don’t! My favourite console last generation was actually the GameCube believe it or not, and before that it was PS1 (really didnt enjoy N64).

    I’ve thought of buying an Xbox360 in the past on several occasions but I really don’t see the point now. I even considered buying a kinect bundle for my girlfriend for things like the kinect dancing game and the fitness games but even she said she’d rather work out or dance in real life so it’s wasted on her too! I thought about buying one at launch for Perfect Dark and Kameo, and I’m glad I didnt given the high failure rate the original models had before the Jasper chipset came out.

    Anyhow I’m not here to change your mind and tell you “you’re missing out on so many games by not getting a PS3!” you have your reasons for not getting one, and if those reasons are valid to you then that’s fine and noone should tell you otherwise. If for some reason you get sick of Xbox360 and want to try something new, then I believe PS3 is a good starting place, it may not be for you, but ultimately you’ll never know if you don’t try.

    Anyhow good luck with it all and I commend you for keeping your head together and replying sensibly and professionally to user comments, no matter how irrate some of them have been!

  23. B. says:

    I actually picked up a used ps3 recently. I wanted a solid blu-ray player to replace my “vintage” bluray player. The system plays movies beautifully, but so far I haven’t been amazed with the exclusives. Downloads seem slower than on XBL, and the required install AFTER downloading seems like an unnecessary extra step. Flower is brilliant…Killzone 3 is mediocre, Uncharted 2 is a must buy, but Uncharted 1 wasn’t anything fantastic by any means. Infamous is a blast. Having both systems, If you have a 360, stick with it. Price drops are approaching so holding off on a ps3 may be wise…(I would recommend picking up a 360s if you’re still rocking a launch model..its the device the 360 should have always been) They’re both solid devices, I can just understand where the author of the piece is coming from.

  24. Chris says:

    Now I don’t normally comment on stuff like this, but there’s one thing, ONE thing I’d like to know…

    Aside from PS3’s extensive list of exclusives, what games do you play on Xbox 360 that aren’t on PS3?

    • Off hand all I can think of is the Halo franchise, I’ve been a big fan of the series for the last 10 years or so. Although I’ll admit my interest in Bungie’s epic has started to wane lately. There we’re other titles, most are now available on the PS3 (Mass Effect 2 for example) but came out on the 360 first so they really aren’t worth mentioning.

      Actually, my interest in FPS games is starting to disappear as well. This could be why I’m not interested in Resistance or Killzone. When I played them they seemed like solid games, just not titles worth purchasing a system for. These days I seem to be playing anything that isn’t an FPS.

      Other than that there’s not much. My argument (it wasn’t even really an argument, I’m not trying to convince anyone) wasn’t based on exclusives though (I totally get that the PS3 has tons of exclusives most gamers want to play). The majority of the titles I’m interested in are multi-platform. If I already own a 360 why buy a new console just to play multi-platform titles?

  25. David says:

    Patrick, spending 5-10 minutes on each game does not give you the right to judge or compare to something you have spent years on. How could you possiblily be in a position to know the in and outs of the experience on PS3 / PSN ?

    I believe what your are trying to say is, the Xbox360 was the first next gen system I bought, I am happy with it and can’t be bothered to try something else ??

  26. yami9302 says:

    Well, I can for most part understand you, cause I’m not gonna buy a 360 anytime soon, because I feel having $10 of mine while paying for Live going straight to Activision for a game I don’t play much is a waste. I won’t change to a console that is missing things like Blu-Ray, Bluetooth, Freedom of what accessories and harddrives I can use, and the comfortability of my Playstation Controller. Also, there’s probably only 4 games the 360 has that interests me, being Gears of war 2, Ninja Blade, Virtual On Force and Shadow Complex, not to mention that Microsoft is now seeming to try and heavily focus on Kinect and its casual market.
    It’s a pretty good console, but not necessarily worth my money for the moment, maybe in the future.

    • I completely agree, If you flipped everything around to have it be about the PS3. We all have differing opinions. I didn’t take the controller into account, I think it would be pretty difficult for me to get used to using a PlayStation controller.

      I don’t think the monthly Xbox Live fee goes directly to Activision though…….. You can use external hard drives with the Xbox now if I’m not mistaken. The lack of bluetooth is pretty ridiculous, same goes for the lack of the 360’s wifi.

      Thanks for the comment.

  27. Hey Patrick, you’re entitled to your opinion—but I couldn’t imagine not playing games like Uncharted 2 and 3 when they come out. They’re worth the price of the console alone, then there are games like Infamous 2 coming this summer. The same could be said about the Xbox 360, it’s worth owning for Gears and Halo (and the Fable series and Kinect for me).

    Even if you barely play it, for me it’s about gaming without limits. I want to be able to own any game that comes to market. That’s why I game on “everything”. Sure, I might have wasted money on my 3DS, gaming PC, and Wii because I don’t play them as much as my PS3 & Xbox 360, but I like to keep my options open.

    Also, as someone who writes about video games too, I feel that it makes you a better writer if you experience everything. You’d have more things to talk about, or more ammunition. Anyways, it’s great to see that you’re handling all the trolls in a professional manner.


    • Hey thanks for the comment.

      I’d love to be able to own both systems. Uncharted looks like an amazing franchise and looking at the footage I’ve seen of Uncharted 3 it really depressed me that I won’t be able to play it.

      I completely agree that owning all systems (if your writing about games) makes you a better writer. Some of the comments I’ve read here today (the level headed and thought out ones) have made me really want to get a PS3. Maybe some day when I have some extra cash. Right now, it just doesn’t seem worth while.

      If a great bundle came out that included both Uncharted 2 and Little Big Planet 2 I’d definitely start considering it right now.

      Thanks, dealing with them is difficult sometimes. People take things far to personally at times, it’s just a gaming console and I’m not even insulting it.

  28. Kdawg says:

    Honestly, if you say a PS3 would be a large investment right now like you mentioned above, then obviously all these reasons in your article are just you reassuring yourself that you don’t need to buy a PS3.

    You can’t comment on PSN’s reliability when it goes down once for an extended period of time. Xbox did the same thing once a few years ago for a week. As for stealing “credit card information” that isn’t even confirmed by Sony so that’s not a valid argument like you put in one of your previous replies to a comment. And no one every said hacking Xbox Live wasn’t possible, it’s just that no one has tried hard enough or even really cares. People have it out for Sony right now, not Microsoft and this is obviously backlash.

    If you’ve spent 5 to 10 minutes on some of these AAA titles for PS3, I would argue that it is a very small amoutn of time to make a judgement on some of the exclusives since you can’t even get introduced to some of the characters or the storyline in that amount of time. You say you would possibly be interested in Heavy Rain? Try playing 5-10min of that game and tell me that it’s absolutely amazing… you wont even have finished drawing the architect photos in the house, you will still be completely alone and haven’t even met the main character’s wife and children yet.

    If you really spent time on PS3 games you must have had the opportunity to use the PSN as well, and if you haven’t, you should have done so instead of “researching”. You would find that the two services are quite similar in quality. Which one is better only depends on who you ask, and being an owner of both systems I can tell you that minus cross game chat there is practically no difference at all. Your comments on matchmaking are completely false as it is standard across the board for any online team-based game.

    Finally, although this may be an opinion based gaming site, “Why I’m Not Buying a PS3″ doesn’t sound like much of an opinion at all. It’s like writing an essay; you make a decision, and find facts to back up your argument (although yours are flawed and sometimes based on hearsay). If you really wanted it to be opinionated, the article should read “Why I Think You Should Not Buy A PS3″. In this article you’ve made a choice.

    Maybe if you put more effort into finding a better job, become a better writer, or do anything more productive than writing junk articles like this you would make a better salary or hourly wage to afford both systems.

    • I think if hacking Xbox Live was possible it would have happened already. There’s a lot of hate for M$ out there. I’ve never had Xbox Live go down for more than a few hours and I’ve subscribed for 5 years. It’s pretty widely accepted that personal info was stolen by hackers, credit card info is still being investigated by I wouldn’t be surprised if it was stolen.

      I agree that they are very similar services, I’m not disputing that at all. The features I mentioned in this article are features that I feel separate Xbox Live from PSN. I also agree that it completely depends on who you ask as to which service is better. I feel Xbox Live is better, you obviously feel PSN is better – differing opinion.

      I wouldn’t play the titles I mentioned in this article simply because I’m not interested in them. I didn’t feel like Resistance stood out from the slew of other shooters I’ve played, the same goes for Kill Zone. Infamous is a great game but like I said before, I didn’t think it was worth buying a console for.

      Heavy Rain interests me simply because of the concept. The game is unique and original and these days with my busy schedule it takes a lot to catch my eye. None of my friends own a PS3, that’s a huge factor for me. Playing games online alone doesn’t exactly sound like a good time to me.

      An article entitled “Why I think you should not buy a PS3″ would read exactly like the one I currently wrote. The difference is, I really don’t care if you buy one or not, a title change really doesn’t make an article more opinionated. The only ‘hearsay’ I’ve used is the fact that most PSN games don’t feature matchmaking. Other than that other than you disagreeing with my opinion I don’t see any flaws in it.

      I don’t see any reason to insult me like that. I’ve done over 200 articles on GameJudgment over the past year on different topics, mostly opinion based. I’m a recent University graduate with loans to pay down and I’m going to graduate school next year. I have a Journalism degree. I work a part-time job that pays a very low hourly rate, so no at this point in my life I can’t afford to make a substantial purchase that I know I won’t really use.

      I completely agree that this isn’t the greatest piece of work. It’s just a simple blog/opinion piece though, don’t take it for more than what it really is.

  29. Jake says:

    I remember when I bought my PS3 on launch day off Craigslist for $1000 JUST to have it on day 1. That’s how badly I wanted it. And to this day it’s still one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

    But honestly, working in retail the last year selling these systems, there really isn’t a reason to buy a 360 over a PS3…At all.

    You get Blu Ray, 3D, Web Browser, DVD Upscaler, FULL 1080p resolution, Free Internet access, Wifi included, a decent sized HDD (Amazing for an average user), I mean…What more do you want honestly?

    You talk about Cross-Game Chat like its a super important feature. Your obviously playing a different game than someone else for a reason, does it really make THAT much of a difference voice chatting someone to talk rather than sending a message?

    You also ramble on about how your comfortable with Xbox live because your used to it, making it seem like PSN is sooooo different that it would take months to get used to. So get rid of that excuse.

    But the thing that really bugged me the most is that you said you would only buy it for 2 games. That’s such bullshit, and if it really is 2 games, your just completely dumb by choice, or your just a seriously misinformed gamer.

    Demon Souls? Uncharted 1-2 & 3, Little Big Planet 1&2, MGS4, infamous 1 & 2, God of War 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Any Ratchet & Clank game, 3D Dot Game Heroes. These I consider MUST PLAYS for the system regardless of what genre you love. And that’s not including Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Agent and The fucking Last Guardian. Are you kidding me?

    It’s really not that hard at all to see why the PS3 is a better investment. The ONLY reason, and I do mean only, do people prefer the Xbox over the PS3 is because it’s the only system they have and it’s the only system their friends have. You are NOT getting any better service (minus the last 2 weeks) and your getting less inferior hardware out of it.

    You should see the look on some of my customers faces when I tell them they have to pay for XBL just to use Netflix. It’s a joke. Wanna upgrade your HDD? Sorry, it’s gotta be Microsofts. How about copying/transfering music & movies on a flash drive? Sorry can’t do that either.

    It’s just not a better system at all. Period. And I feel terrible for everyone buying one for Kinect. A gimmick (although a cool gimmick) that’s sole purpose is to give the 360 one more, maybe two max, years of longevity before they push out the next Xbox console.

    But you doooooooo get DLC early. Good to see Microsoft open their wallets for that instead some good first party titles. But have no fear! Halo Kinect and Gears Kinect I’m sure will be out sometime soon so you’ll have something to do with your Kinect other than saying “Xbox Play!”

    End of rant.

    • Sci says:

      “You get Blu Ray, 3D, Web Browser, DVD Upscaler, FULL 1080p resolution, Free Internet access, Wifi included, a decent sized HDD (Amazing for an average user), I mean…What more do you want honestly?”

      You are aware the 360 does 3d, Dvd upscale and 1080p, the Slim does wifi and Xbox live silver is free. the 360 also is avail with the 250GB hard drive just like the PS3

      Cross game chat is great when you are having a group of friends chatting with before you decide to play the same game.

      Video chat is also avail on the 360

    • It’s interesting that your the first pro-360 gamer to comment on this story. Sort of backs up my claim that N4G is really PS3 centric.

    • Jake says:

      “You are aware the 360 does 3d, Dvd upscale and 1080p, the Slim does wifi and Xbox live silver is free. the 360 also is avail with the 250GB hard drive just like the PS3

      Cross game chat is great when you are having a group of friends chatting with before you decide to play the same game.

      Video chat is also avail on the 360″

      By 3D I was focusing more on 3D movies rather than 3D games, which of course isn’t going to happen without Blu Ray. Again, you still can’t access Netflix on Silver. And while the Xbox NOW has most of those features, they weren’t ever standard, forcing people to waste money on Wifi Adaptors, and MS specific HDD’s. It’s bullshit for the consumer, it has nothing to do with Sony or fanboys or anything. I upgraded my PS3’s HDD to 500GB for $50. Again, I’m sure there are ways to get a bigger HDD, but Microsofts options are overpriced (it was worse until recently)

      I mean why at my work do we have 2-3 250GB consoles, 4-5 4GB consoles, and about 10-15 4GB Kinect bundles. It’s just shitty business that people overlook because they don’t do their homework. Just like this article, so I hope your paying attention.

      And what’s the fascination with Cross Game Voice/Video Chat? Again, we both take the same time setting it up, we both send the exact same messages, and I’m willing to bet it would take us the exact same time if we were timed. Is it a cool feature? Absolutely. Is it a reason to help justify paying for internet access or preferring a consoles interface? Not at all.

      So like I said, games aside, the 360 just doesn’t stack up against the PS3 at all on this front. If you’ve been playing Halo all your life, obviously your going to be bias to the console its on. It’s just a shame it’s blinded you to the point that it makes you NOT want a console. Then just adding fuel to the fire by saying “It’s because there’s 2 games I play”

      Pathetic, and done with this blog. Good luck though, hopefully you see the light one day.

    • Jake says:

      And Patrick O’Rourke, how about you think about what your headline says, then the actual blog post, and think about which fanbase you’d hear more from…If you can handle it.

      In fact, I bet if I write the exact same thing, word for word about the 360, posted it on N4G, I would get JUST AS MANY responses from 360 owners saying the exact same thing.

      You were looking for hits, you got them, don’t star crying about who they’re from now….Time to grow up if you wan’t your “opinion” posted publicly

  30. Hatefull Jim says:

    Guys seriously, enough of the trashtalk in the comments. Fair enough, the author wants to write an opinion piece where he backs up his opinions. Whereas all the trashy comments so far have been moreorless “go die in a fire, PS3 is awesome!11111!!!1!” which basically account to personally attacking the author because his opinions don’t align with your own.

    Respect his article by at least backing up your comments. I too have a PS3, which was the original 60GB (now upgraded with a 250GB). I do agree with the statement: “you get what you pay for” and that saying both goes for the build quality of the PS3, but also the fact PSN has been down for so long.

    Thanks for posting this article. I, as well as others no doubt enjoy reading various opinion pieces.

  31. Sahara says:

    So you decided to write an opinion piece on why you wouldn’t purchase a console in one huge essay, in which could have been addressed in a few sentences, and to top it off, you submitted the article which you created on knowing full well of the reaction that it would get, especially after I read you denouncing the site as “ps3-centric”. You obviously set out with a purpose.

    n4g simply needs to increase its standards so that such drivel is unacceptable to be given attention to unwanting viewers of the website. I go there for gaming news, previews, and to possibly get an inside scoop on whats coming for my console, but its websites like these who take advantage of the website with un-neceassary, irritating, and flamebaiting “opinion pieces” which no one truly really gives two shits about.

    Its so easy to write an essay that will garner negative attention and post it for hits. Controversy does stuff like that. If a person screams fuck everyone in public, compared to saying hello everyone, its obvious that he’s going to get more attention. Negativity brings viewers and it grabs people’s attention unfortunately.

    Oh and, I think you’re kinda cute.

    • N4G is very PS3 centric, there is no getting around that factor. If I changed the topic and title of the article to, ‘Why I’m not buying an Xbox360,’ I would receive praise from the community.

      I understand your point, this isn’t news. It’s a blog post and GameJudgment is an opinions based gaming blog. If N4G didn’t have a category for opinion based stories then I’d totally agree with you – but they do.

      I don’t think this is flame bait either (at least not intentionally). It’s just an opinion piece, one that’s thought out and is backed up. I’ve never gone to N4G for straight news. I usually go to it for opinion based stories. If you find my writing or my website annoying or irritating please don’t read it. I wouldn’t trust most of the sites that get ranked high on N4G for my news. I go to reliable sources like IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot or to a lesser extend Kotaku and Destructoid.

      Thanks for the compliment and thanks for commenting.

  32. jonnyvivid says:

    Patrick your your way too diplomatic to deal with us ps3 owners. One obvious and most recent reason to buy a ps3 is BLU – Ray. Disc swapping on the 360 is becoming commonplace , which wont get better (see LA Noire). And you say you’re comfortable with Xboxlive, most ps3 owners made the natural progression from ps2 because they were comfortable with the controller. I’m not going to lie dude, i played Halo on the pc and liked it, and i see the videos on youtube which look fun but one game does not and will never justify hardware purchase. Oh and in my opinion Infamous is one of the best and most solid gaming experiences Ive had this Gen. Xbox has 2 very strong franchises, Sony has 7 and counting. Just my opinion.

    • It’s great to see someone with a level head commenting. Good point about Blu-Ray, I didn’t factor that into my decision at all, that’s a definite selling point. I don’t really buy a lot of movies though, I’m more of Netflix user. I also torrent a lot of TV shows and movies I can’t find on Netflix.

      Disc swapping definitely does suck. I read that LA Noire won’t have disc swapping issues today somewhere though. I’m not sure if I believe it though, it though – it could become pretty annoying.

  33. Your Mom says:

    It’s “Gran Turismo”, not “Grand Tourismo”. And I’m not sure what you consider the “foreseeable future” to be, but Sony has said pretty clearly it expects PSN to be back online this week.

  34. asdasd says:

    dont play games you will feel much better

  35. Guro Lover says:

    Why are you dissing games like Resistance and inFamous without giving them an opportunity? And you don’t care about FFvsXIII, the Last Guardian, GOWIII, Valkyria Chronicles, etc. either? I mean, what the heck do you even play? I can understand the hate toward Killzone though… That franchise is garbage but it seems like you’re dissing the games just because they are on the PS3! Some of your excuses couldn’t be more weak. Weren’t you paying 60 bucks for LIVE when it went down for 2 weeks a couple of days after Christmas in 2007? Yes, WEAK.

    How do you even write for a gaming site with such a narrow taste and poor knowledge anyway? There are so many question that my only conclusion is that you’re a fanboy.

    You’ll miss too many features from the Xbox? Like what? Cross-game chat? LMAO
    So that’s the new excuse now that the X360 is in direct life support from 3rd party devs for the system to have some actual games. And let me tell you that matchmaking has nothing to do with you paying for LIVE. In fact, you’re paying to play online, not to have additional feature from game makers.

    • I’ve played inFamous. I thought it was great, but not great enough to warrant purchasing a console. I didn’t like GOW, I’m not a fan of hack and slash gameplay. I’ve also lost faith in the Final Fantasy franchise since 13, I even wrote a story about it when the game was released last year.

      I was actually paying $69 (that’s the Canadian price of live) but I don’t remember it going down at any point… In the 5 years that I’ve had Xbox Live I don’t remember it going down for more than a few hours.

      I’m not going to defend my self but I’m really not a fan boy at all.

      I don’t really understand your last point at all, I’ll respond to what I do understand though. Yes, I would miss cross game chat, I use it a lot and it’s one of my favorite features on the system. Same goes for Xbox Live’s party system.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • I’ve played inFamous. I thought it was great, but not great enough to warrant purchasing a console. I didn’t like GOW, I’m not a fan of hack and slash gameplay. I’ve also lost faith in the Final Fantasy franchise since 13, I even wrote a story about it when the game was released last year.

      I was actually paying $69 (that’s the Canadian price of live) but I don’t remember it going down at any point… In the 5 years that I’ve had Xbox Live I don’t remember it going down for more than a few hours.

      I’m not going to defend my self but I’m really not a fan boy at all.

      I don’t really understand your last point at all, I’ll respond to what I do understand though. Yes, I would miss cross game chat, I use it a lot and it’s one of my favorite features on the system. Same goes for Xbox Live’s party system.

      Thanks for commenting.

  36. Eddie2010 says:

    PSN did not lose peoples credit card information, they have saying since the beginning of the PSN outage that they do not believe the credit card information was stolen but if by chance that it was, the information was

    Don’t assume that people that defend Sony and PS3 are fanboys because have and play and like all the curent systems.

  37. gerryd says:

    Wow and you decided to tell us this because?????
    Who gives a fuck about why you won’t be buying a PS3 or do you want people to agree and join you lol.

    • We’re an opinions based gaming site, we write about our experience with video games and consoles. I don’t care if people agree with me, I also don’t want you to join me – I could care less. It’s just a short opinion piece explaining why I decided buying a PS3 really isn’t worth it for me right now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  38. Shut up says:

    Why I will never get an Xbox 360, By me

    Reason: It absolutely sucks.

    Love, me.

    • That’s cool, tell me why though? Do the titles not interest you? Do you not want to play to game online? Do you just hate M$?

      You have a valid opinion, the 360 sucks in many respects. But if your going to throw out a strong statement like that you could at least back it up with some rational thought.

    • Shut up says:

      The reasons are crystal clear you blind goof, You see Xbox 360 was CLEARLY designed for the lower class in mind and of course someone like me can’t be seen playing such a low class piece of equipment meant to be used by people with cobwebs in their heads, People who like to jump around like a bunch of idiots in front of a gimmick camera, people with no class and people with no damn taste.

      You think that you’re smart and that you’re hip and that you impress people…. JUST because you pay you’re own damn money just to use your own internet? In a laggy P2P COD match with a bunch of whiny little middle schoolers who’s voices change mid sentence while running their little mouths off on you’re girly looking ass talking trash on how much cock you suck at the game and making yo momma jokes?

      And I’m sure you’re planning to run your mouth off and talk trash on PSN just because it was down for a few days, well I’ll tell ya this. I would damn sure GLADLY have any online game I want to be playable online as soon as I get it and not have to worry about paying Microsoft to use my OWN internet and endure the occasional incident and spend a few days off PSN, then ever spend a few seconds playing my games with and among the lowest of the lower class of this country.

      And speaking of games, my my my how many exciting unique games you guys have coming up this year on the 360 don’t ya. Bunch of kinect shovel ware and Gears 3. Hell, At this point the damn Wii is a better system to buy than the 360. The thing has much more exclusives and much better exclusives even than the Xbrick 3 red lights. Modnation Racers was better than pretty much any game the 360 released last year and it wasn’t even the top game in 2010 for PS3.

      So you see, nobody really gives a moose’s ass what you plan on buying and what you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you refuse to buy a PS3, it doesn’t matter if you’ve refused to buy a bar of deodorant you’re entire life, it doesn’t matter that you bought a big black thick vibrator to stick up your butt last monday, NOBODY GIVES A CRAP what you buy or not.

      The ONLY thing that matters is the FACT and I’ll say it again FACT that the PS3 has the other 2 systems beat where it matters the most, Exclusives that rock the house, graphics that drop jaws, movies that blow those minds in 1080p HD Blu-RAY. Anybody with an ounce of common sense can see why the PS3 is without a shadow of a doubt, THE console of choice and if you don’t believe that, TRY proving me wrong.

    • I won’t even try…

      Your far to classsy for me to even bother.

  39. Voganlight says:

    Just seems like an article to gather hits. That together with the dozen flaws that are in a 500 word article doesn’t make anyone believe you’re doing this for anything but.

    Let me point out a few.
    Exclusives – Have a look at Flower and the upcoming Journey… Like the Xbox with Limbo, etc the PSN has some fantastic exclusives
    Grand Tourismo 5 – You mean Gran Turismo 5? Any good journalist knows that.
    PSN outages – Except for this huge one here and a couple of connection problems over the years due to the servers not being able to handle the capacity there hasn’t been much. Not as good as Live but still good.
    Matchmaking – What? Seriously, what? I’ve never had issues with online if that’s what you mean.

    So yea, you know. If you don’t want to have a PS3, fine nobody cares. But don’t go writing it up in an article to garner hits.

  40. Slobodan says:

    *slow clap*

  41. kurt says:

    I’m sorry but this entire “Opinion Piece” just reeks of an opinionated gameboy who is grasping at excuses to not buy a ps3… What made you buy an xbox360 back when they were $500 brand new and NONE of the games you had any clue about? It boggles my mind you would hide behind that excuse whenever you have no idea if you enjoy those games or not… If you had played all of those games previously and didnt enjoy them then I can understand.. But again you have this fanboy mentality that is inhibiting you from becoming interested in the games on ps3… Honestly there are no more good excuses for not trying ps3 games.. I’m sorry but when you spend $65 a year to play on xbox live the whole “$299.00 for a console is too much.” excuse is a tad hypocritical and ignorant… Stop making excuses and play the games you will change your mind, 45+ million users can’t be wrong…

    • I didn’t buy an Xbox 360 at launch, I waited a year and purchased one after the price drop. Most of the PS3 games I mentioned in this story I have actually played. Not extensively but I’ve sat down with each of them for 5 or 10 minutes at least.

      To me at least, there’s a big difference between $69 (that’s the Canadian yearly Xbox Live fee) and $299.00 for a PS3 plus the price of games and an extra controller. My understanding is that Xbox Live is substantially better than PSN, other than the fact that it’s free (like I said to another commenter) I really couldn’t find anything better about Sonys’ service.

      Plus, I realize this is sort of throwing salt on an old wound at this point, I don’t recall XBL ever being hacked or going down for this long. It may suck to pay $69 a year (I actually only pay $35 through a special renewal program) but I seem to get what I pay for. At least that’s been the case for the 5 years I’ve been an XBL subscriber.

    • I bought my 360 at launch because I owned an Xbox before it. The Xbox was my first console since the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) and as such I WAS a fanboy of the Xbox for quite some time. Now I own a PS3, a Wii, a 3DS, a PSP, an iPad, a gaming PC and I have a DSi somewhere in here. Fanboyishness, not a real word, is something that I’ve got over. I’m done. Everything has it’s own merits.

      Spreading a larger cost overall for something over a longer time period is a common technique used by a huge number of retailers ranging from Mobile Phone companies with contracts, to Sofa and Furniture companies here in the UK which let you buy now and essentially RENT a sofa for a couple of years while you pay off your debt. Xbox Live vs the Free PSN service is the same as this. I’d rather pay £40 a year than £200something up front. The same way people pay for the smallest priced subscription on magazines and MMOs when most offer a slight discount if you pay for 3 or 6 months up front. The smaller subscription figure is more appealing than the larger console figure. Especially once you’re used to the money going every month, 3 months, year, whatever. It becomes a part of your budget.

      When you get your money’s worth out of something, you can justify a purchase, be it reoccurring or not. Patrick clearly gets his money’s worth out of Xbox Live and wouldn’t get his money’s worth out of a PS3. If you have friends who you play with, games that you play and enjoy, why go and spend another £300 to not get the same stuff?

      My Xbox is still my favourite console, but that’s because all my close friends have one and I can always count on them and the Xbox Live service to play a game of Halo with them. If 45 Million+ people can’t be wrong, I doubt that the 30 Million+ Xbox Live users are either, or that the 12 Million+ World Of Warcraft subscribers are wrong. All three of these numbers, I am now a proud part of.

      Each to their own.

    • You explained my thought process in these three paragraphs better than I ever could.

  42. met321 says:

    Dude your loss psn was better before and it will be way better after.

    • I hear people say that all the time? Can you explain to me why and how it’s better. I understand the fact that it’s free but what else? I did research before writing this and I honestly couldn’t find a single thing (other than the price) that was better about the PSN.

      I also don’t remember the last time XBL lost my credit card information…..

  43. Robert says:

    What’s the point of this article. Why do you think anybody wants to know why you not buying PS3?

  44. Tony Rourke says:

    Gears of War…the only franchise (exclusive) I’ve tried and really enjoyed on 360. Utterly brilliant. But not reason enough to buy an Xbox. I’ll stick with my PS3 thanks.

    • I’ve never been a fan of Gears. I played the first one and enjoyed it I guess but I didn’t like the first one and I don’t think I’ll bother picking up the third game.

  45. pavlovic says:

    Mmmm OK, don’t buy it as I’m not paying for XBL (I got the X360 to play a couple of games: Alan Wake & Gears 3).

    I can tell you that you are missing a lot of AAA exclusive titles, that, if you call yourself gamer, you would enjoy.

    BTW Resistance 3 is not available yet.

    • Thanks for the heads up about Resistance 3. It was a typo, I meant to write Killzone 3. For some reason I often get those two titles confused.

      I’m not saying I won’t miss out on those titles. This things is, I really don’t want to play a lot of the PS3’s big name exclusives. They just aren’t my kind of games I guess.

  46. snakebite says:

    “Why I’m Not Buying A PlayStation 3″

    cuz you cant afford it

    • That is actually true, a PS3 would be a large investment right now. In reality I could afford if I really wanted to though. If you read the article you’d understand that that’s not why I decided not to buy one.

  47. 4tehlolz says:


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